Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Movies Worth Watching

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've built quite a video library over on my sidebar. All of these movies I can personally vouch for, but one or two stand out in terms of content, how easy they are to understand, and how interesting they are to watch from a visual point of view. Two are made by the same company, Avaiya, and of those two I would like to highlight one of them today.

Leap! Let Your Adventure Begin. I found this film to be interesting, amusing, and perfect for someone who is new to the whole consciousness field of understanding. From the movie jacket:

"Each of us is cast into this amazing Human Game. For many of us, we've created countless situations and storylines to hide our true power and limit our experiences while playing. Ike Allen and Chad Cameron have created Leap! to remind you that you're here to be the main character and hero in this amazing creation and ultimately, uncover your own meaning, totality and True Identity. The only question now is will you take the Leap! or stay asleep?"

Here is the trailer:

I have watched several more that did not make it to the sidebar. They may have been interesting, but not well-made, or vice-versa. In other words, not worth your money. But if you are a visual learner and would like to understand more about how science is on the cutting edge of some really fantastic leaps in understanding, I would highly recommend this film. I can guarantee it will make you feel good!

I'm also open to suggestions from you. Watch any good movies lately? 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Meeting Your Mate

I have an ongoing theory that I haven't been shy about sharing with my family and friends. (With varying enthusiasm on their part, I might add.) Anyhoo, since I consider you to be in this category, I thought it was time to share my "Meeting Your Mate Theory," just in case you're in the market.

I don't believe we can find the right person to share our lives by thinking about the type of person we would like to meet. In other words, finding your mate is not about left-brained analytical theory. You can't decide he needs to have brown hair, blue eyes, stand 6.2", and make a six figure salary. Or in the case of a man - you cannot conjure up the woman who is going to love you through illness, loss of hair, and libido, by deciding she needs to look or act a certain way. The man or woman that will bring you happiness and contentment does not live in your head. They live in your heart.

So I believe the way to find your mate is to concentrate on what it feels like when you are with this person.

You do this by taking time to sit or lie quietly, relaxing deeply. Just before falling asleep is the perfect time.

Then just play with it. Play with the images that come to mind.

What are you feeling when you are with this person? If you like to hike - concentrate on what it feels like to be hiking with this person. Are you laughing? Are you both enjoying the moment? Is the sun shining? Are you relaxed and feeling content to be hiking with this person?

Time time to color in the scene. You are the artist - make it beautiful.

Now, what are you feeling in the next scene? Maybe this time you are having a meal and you are dining outside on your patio. How are you feeling? Are you relaxed and happy to be with this person? Maybe you are talking about something serious and you feel relieved that you have such an understanding person in your life to share this problem. You feel sure that his advice is well-considered as he is the type of person that really cares about you and wants to see you succeed.

The key is to not put a body or face on this person! This is about how you feel, not what you see!

My "Meeting Your Mate Theory" is all about being able to recognize the person you are meant to be with by how you are feeling when you meet them. Does that make sense? Instead of looking at someone and automatically categorizing them into a maybe or a no, you go by what your heart says when you meet someone. You already know what it is like to be with this person because your heart automatically recognizes a maybe when your brain may have automatically said no!

If you try this - make sure you give time for the Universe to organize a meeting. Be honest with yourself about how you want to feel living your life with this person. That's key.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Dog

I will leave you this week with a dog smiling, and looking strangely like its owner. There is controversy whether or not this is an actual picture, or one that has been photoshopped. However, since our very own Lucy has been showing her teeth lately in toothy grins, I say - real. What do you think?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Way

This video spoke to that young girl from the 1960's that is trapped inside of me. She is really not happy with some of the things going on right now, and this was the perfect release. I found it on a new blog (to me), thewildpomegranate, and thought I would share it with you.

It was in the late 1980's that I first read about the wave of change that would hit humanity. It was said that it would build slowly, and when it reached a certain critical mass it would wash over us like a tsunami. I feel this change is taking place right now in many places and in many ways. This video speaks to a certain aspect of that tsunami.

We are all evolving humans and life as we know it will never be the same.

Are you a Wayseer?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Medicine Cards

I decided to treat myself to a little gift of Medicine Cards. They arrived today with a beautiful hard-bound book of animal totems. It is suggested that each soul can find its personal pathway through the medicine of animals. The teachings vary from tribe to tribe, so the cards used certain aspects of each animal's medicine to relay life lessons coming from the elders of the Choctaw, Lakota, Seneca, Aztec, Yaqui, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Iroquois, and Mayan traditions.

The term "medicine" is anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery and to all life. Mind, body, spirit, personal power, strength, understanding, are all part of the medicine of living life in a way that brings healing to Mother Earth and to all our family, friends, associates, and other creatures. It is a way of life.

The idea is to be in complete harmony with the strength of that creature's essence when calling upon the power of an animal. It must be approached with humility and intuitiveness.

"Small native children know that if they are lost, they can call on the medicine of their parents - which brings to the child the strength of the parents even though they are not physically present. The parents will feel the pull of the child's need, and oftentimes will be able to see psychically through the eyes of their child and determine its location."

In this same way one can call on the power or medicine of an animal when one is in need of specific talents, which is based on the concept of unity - or the law of oneness. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to finding my nine power, or totem, animals. (I hope one of them is an elephant.) After all, they represent my abilities, talents, and challenges that I face in my Earth Walk.

Also, I really want to know why we hear and see so many coyotes!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cosmic Flow

We live in interesting times. Everything is hard and nothing is easy.

Or is that really true? 

We are definitely going through transformative times, a cultural revolution is on the way. Our old ways of seeing are no longer working. A new holistic world view is emerging from science and mysticism. It's  permeating every corner of society.

So maybe we are not paying attention when we are in the flow and things seem effortless, instead we concentrate on trying to force our way through - and not aligning with the creative forces of the cosmos.

Life is a gift. We have nothing to prove. We have no one to blame. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and it is impossible to make a mistake or do anything wrong. Even when life is messy - you are not doing anything wrong. We are not here to be perfect. Whenever we make mistakes it forces us to look within. It makes us ask bigger questions which always yields pearls of wisdom, if we let it. We become bigger people, more loving, compassionate, and certainly wiser.

So why not quit beating ourselves up for what we are not doing right and start concentrating on the things that we are doing right.

So how do we know when what we are doing is the right thing?

By the way we feel.

Take a nap! (It actually helps.) If it seems like hard work, or you feel trapped or stuck, then you are not aligned with the cosmic flow. If your actions feel joyful, if it makes you smile, if you breathe more easily then you are moving in the right direction. If your actions feel heavy, painful, difficult, then you are going against the flow. We live in a loving Universe. It's learning to think with our heart, and not necessarily with our head, that connects us with our feelings. Learning the value of paying attention when things feel good and right, then using the memory of those feelings to shift gears when times are tough may actually be the key to going with the cosmic flow.

Thank you to Hilary at Smitten Image for POTW!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Re-Write

I think have been spending too much time alone and on my computer.

Why do I think this, you ask?

Well, I'm starting to communicate better in writing than I am orally.

I noticed this a few weeks ago while we were with friends for the weekend. I found myself stumbling over words, unable to put sentences together in a witty or even interesting manner. I found it difficult to explain what I wanted to say without sounding like a seven-year old doing a book report in front of class. What I really wanted to do was whip out my computer and type it out...

That's when I started to wonder ... am I losing my ability to communicate in person?

I do spend an enormous amount of time reading, researching, surfing, blogging, emailing, texting my daughters who only communicate by text - all of which depends on writing. Easy enough - you can always re-write what you want to say until it comes across as it was intended. (Although I am not always successful in this endeavor.)

In other words, much of my communication allows for a re-write

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Looking For a Job

I think an important aspect of this new economy is the realization that we can no longer count on having a job beyond our fifties. Men and women over this age are one of the hardest hit in this new economy. They are less likely to lose their job, but once lost, less likely to find a new one. Companies are going long on lower pay and short on experience.

One of the saddest videos I've watched in some time was a man who felt his wife and children no longer loved him. Out of work for most of three years, he's lost his sense of pride, but more importantly he has lost his sense of what it means to be a man; the protector and support of his family.

I can't know what has gone on in this family to make him feel this way, I cannot say he didn't bring it on himself - has he spent too much time on the negative? Has he worn his family down with anger and self-pity?

But I think there is something important for men to know - they are so much more than their career or job! They are  husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, friends, the list goes on. They have so much worth that has nothing to do with money or what they do for a living.

Their family and friends need them to know that. This economy is not their fault. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Longest Lunar Eclipse

We are having the longest lunar eclipse in a century today and it will last 100 minutes. It will be completely visible from Africa and Central Asia, partly visible from other countries, but not North America. This week's full moon/lunar eclipse is the mid point of a three-point series beginning with the partial solar eclipse on June 1st and ending with another partial solar eclipse on July 1st.

So if you are feeling a little like howling at the moon - you are probably not alone!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

See Me!

I read an article yesterday on Rep. Weiner and why the writer believes he had the compulsion to send pictures of his nether regions to young women he had never met. In the article the writer talks about the invisibility people take on as they age. Women have always known they disappear, but men have a much harder time with no longer being considered attractive and sexually desirable.

I think this extends not just to the aged. I think it extends to people in general. Oh sure, we all see very attractive people when they walk into the room. I think that is instinctual. Beautiful people stand out.

But have you ever noticed how often you really don't look or really acknowledge the person behind the role? Do you make eye contact with the person behind the counter? Beyond just that simple hello to that person making your sandwich, taking your dry cleaning, slicing your cheese - do you really see the person behind the service they are performing for you? Could you even name five features of the person when you turn and walk away?

Maybe the writer of the article is right - Rep. Weiner was terrified of no longer being considered "a catch" as he once was in Cosmopolitan Magazine. It was his way of shouting out the words, see me! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Help

I just finished the novel The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The book recounts the lives of maids taking care of white families during the early part of the 1960's in Jackson, Mississippi. Without giving away the plot, and I do think you would enjoy this book, it left me pondering so many issues of race, not only in the South, but also here in the West, and all over the world for that matter. How things have changed so much since I was a small girl and my father went to my elementary school to insist I not play with the little black boy in my class. I guess it was expected that the teachers would just keep us apart during recess. The year was 1958. It feels as though it was another lifetime, another world.

I have often wondered if that little boy might have grown up to be my friend's brother - who himself turned out to be a well-respected judge, and also the class president of my high school. (I don't remember the name of the little boy on the playground.)

The shame I feel for my father's prejudice is coupled with understanding the fear people had during those early years of civil rights. Fear of the unknown. Fear of giving up an established stratification that exists to this day. It does not make it right, however. Not in any stretch of the imagination does it make it right.

My daughters were raised to not look at color, sexual preference, or socioeconomic strata - but what of  other prejudices? I cannot always say that I was equitable about everything and everyone. I've looked back and realized I carried many outdated and stupid ideas at differing times throughout my life. In some of those instances it was my daughters that set me straight. I love that they feel free to express those values, unlike the maids and early civil rights workers in Jackson all those years ago.

It's easy to hold negative ideas about people that are different from ourselves. It is only when we see people as absolute equals - sparks of the same divine energy - that all of it disappears.

We're just role playing here in Earth School, helping each other to evolve.

The movie comes out in August:

Friday, June 10, 2011

What Do They Want?

They want what you do.

They want jobs!

They want peace, prosperity, simple pleasures. They want safety for their children, extended families, friends. They want education and purpose. They want enough.

They want to be free of dictators - all kinds.

They want choice. They want clean water, a roof over their head, food in the pot. They want to be able to travel and experience other cultures. They want stability.

They want what you want.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Angel Speak

I'm always happy when I look up and see 11:11 or 2:22 on the clock. But what about when we see number sequences on license plates, or billboards, or when we glance up and notice them on the top our computer screens? Is there meaning in the timing?

Well, Dr. Doreen Virtue believes it is the way our angels speak to us.

The angels say: "We can't write our messages to you in the sky. You've got to pay attention and believe when you see any patterns forming in your life especially in response to any questions or prayers you've posed. When you hear the same song repeatedly or see the same number sequence, who do you think is behind this? Your angels, of course!" 
An example would be:

111 - Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don't want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts).
For a complete breakdown on Dr. Virtue's numbers go here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dolphins/The Non-Human Human

At the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi, Kelly the dolphin has built up quite a reputation. All the dolphins at the institute are trained to hold on to any litter that falls into their pools until they see a trainer, when they can trade the litter for fish. In this way, the dolphins help to keep their pools clean.

Kelly has taken this task one step further. When people drop paper into the water she hides it under a rock at the bottom of the pool. The next time a trainer passes, she goes down to the rock and tears off a piece of  the paper to give to the trainer. After a fish reward, she goes back down, tears off another piece of paper, gets another fish, and so on. This behavior is interesting because it shows that Kelly has a sense of the future and delays gratification. She has realized that a big piece of paper gets the same reward as a small piece and so delivers only small pieces to keep the extra food coming. She has, in effect, trained the humans.

Her cunning has not stopped there. One day, when a gull flew into her pool, she grabbed it, waited for the trainers and then gave it to them. It was a large bird so the trainers gave her lots of fish. This seemed to give Kelly a new idea. The next time she was fed, instead of eating the last fish, she took it to the bottom of the pool and hid it under the rock where she had been hiding the paper. When no trainers were present, she brought the fish to the surface and used it to lure the gulls, which she would catch and get even more fish. After mastering this lucrative strategy, she taught her calf, who taught other calves, and so gull-baiting has become a hot game among the dolphins.

Dolphins have brains five times larger for their body size, when compared to another animal of similar size, which is a more important indicator of intelligence than size alone. This is second only to the human being, which has a brain seven times larger for their body size, on average. Dolphin brains are intricate, with a neocortex more highly convoluted than our own. Folds increase volume in the cortex and aid in the ability of brain cells to interconnect with each other - strongly linked to human intelligence, and structured to allow for self-awareness and the processing of complex emotions.

Behavioral studies have suggested dolphins, especially Bottlenose dolphins have distinct personalities, a strong sense of self, and can think about the future. They are able to recognize themselves in a mirror and use it to inspect various parts of their bodies - an ability thought only to great apes and humans.

They are cultural animals in that they learn very quickly from each other. Dolphins living off the coast of Western Australia learned to hold sponges over their snouts to protect themselves when searching for spiny fish on the ocean floor.

These are amazingly intelligent creatures worthy of our protection. In fact some scientists are calling for them to be classified as non-human humans. They believe not only should they not be kept in amusement parks or killed for food, but should be afforded extreme protection from fishing - where some 300,000 are killed per year.

And I won't even go into the some of the spiritual beliefs in this post. Suffice it to say these animals may very well be something more than mere humans.

Don't forget to visit Chris to see many other incredible posts - and please, do not miss this one. Also,  leave a comment if you have joined in the celebration so we can visit you, too. Thanks, everyone!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

World's Oceans Day is Tomorrow

Chris, our favorite marine biologist from Spain, has reminded me that tomorrow is World's Oceans Day. Please leave a comment here, and on Chris's blog, if you decide to celebrate our magnificient oceans and their inhabitants.

I think I know exactly what I want to post about...