Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Age Skills

I've decided it's time to create some new skill sets. I think that as evolution continues on its path, we are in need of some new ways of navigating our world. Thus, I've decided to take a remote-viewing class. Yep, right up there with The Men Who Stare at Goats, I will learn to take a peek at targets in the future, in the past, or just where my car keys were mislaid. We know the military still uses remote viewing, and if it's good enough for the military, it's good enough for me.

It is a skill, nothing more.

I'll let you know how it goes.

What about you? Have any skills you would like to learn that are out of the norm? 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Old Paradigms, New Paradigms

Synchrosecrets has written an excellent post on the changes in paradigms currently being experienced around the world, and how it is related to Neptune in Pisces. I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are You Buzzing?

Are you buzzing, feeling like you are vibrating in your body? Do you wake up often during the night? Do you feel hot? How about anxious? Do you feel as though your heart is pounding, and you don't know why?

Well, according to Penney Pierce, you may be experiencing a change in your home frequency. That place inside you that puts yourself into a state of feeling good about yourself. A sense of deep pleasure. For everyone it is different, and you have your own trigger. For me, it is a feeling of being very grateful. I move myself into this state when I start to deteriorate into negativity, anger, self righteousness, self pity, etc. For you, it might be movement, such as dance, or running. For some it might be music, or gardening, or cooking. Your trigger moves you into your home frequency, and the trick is to try and remember this feeling so you can plug back into it when you need to. It helps you to stay in the present moment - which is key to everything.

She believes, as do many others, that the earth is experiencing a quickening of time and space - literally moving to a higher frequency. The body is also going through this quickening and experiencing some very interesting, and sometimes alarming, changes. I can honestly say I started experiencing these "vibrations" around 2007-2008. At the time I thought I was having health issues. It was terrifying to wake up and find my whole body was "buzzing." I thought it might be a sleep disorder, or maybe I was dying in my sleep, and waking up at the last second. I knew nothing about frequency changes at that time.

Penney says attitude is everything. If you resist - it becomes like a buzz saw, especially if you have high anxiety and don't give permission for your feelings - the "buzz" exaggerates those feelings. She says the key is to let it move through you, and as it moves through you to allow it to give expression to creativity and movement. It is the holding back that creates the difficulty and feelings of being unnerved. She says to trust it, allowing it to flow through you and around you, and it will then turn into something great. In other words, you're not dying - let go of the fear. Try to control your thoughts and not go into tape loops, which are all those conversations that get you all worked up inside your own mind. Speech is important, both inner speech and also what you express verbally.

I started reading Penney's book Frequency, the Power of Personal Vibration, about a year ago. I read about halfway through and was distracted by other books, (there is so much information out there that it's hard to finish one book before starting another), but was reminded to go back and finish it after watching an interview with her on CMN this month.

So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, and you know it is not health related, you might want to watch the entire interview. It has actually given me peace of mind. I'm not sick, I'm just moving to a new home frequency.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Weekend With Gregg

I've spent a great deal of time with Gregg Braden this past week. First, I listened to a great Coast to Coast segment that he shared with HearthMath's Howard Martin, attended a two-hour lecture on Friday night with my husband, followed by an all-day workshop on Saturday. It was fun and enlightening. I enjoy Gregg because most of what he talks about is based in peer-reviewed science and information from indigenous cultures in which he has spent a great deal of time. I also enjoyed being around like-minded people. It was such a success that people were waiting in the hallway for tickets, since it was completely sold out.

As most of you know, I believe humans are evolving. I believe we will eventually learn to "think" through our heart. I know this sounds crazy, but if you understand how the science of the heart works, you might not think this idea so out there. As I mentioned before, the heart has a much stronger electromagnetic field than does the brain.

There are satellites that circle the earth that measure the electromagnetic field. (These are separate from the EGGs that are part of the Global Consciousness Project.) This field spiked about fifteen minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center in New York on 9-11. It is thought that it took about that long for images to go all around the world. The following graph from The Institute of HearthMath indicates that the heart-felt feelings being generated by millions of people actually affected the electromagnetic field of the earth!

This is huge! We have suspected for some time that the electromagnetic field of the earth has an effect on the body, which makes sense since we are electromagnetic in nature. (Some believe that the brain is electric and heart is magnetic.) But we have not had scientific data to prove that we have an impact on the field. If human emotion can affect the fields surrounding the earth - does that mean our thoughts and emotions have other effects?

The Global Coherence Initiative, of which I have been a member for some time, is gathering data on just this thing. In fact it is hypothesized that coherent heart felt intentions can have an effected outcome. Gregg Braden tells the story of a man at one of his seminars that was extremely upset about something and was being asked to leave. Although he didn't know what the man was so angry about at the time, he asked the organizers to just ask the man to leave the room and go out into the hallway for a few minutes. He then asked the audience to send calming heart-felt emotions to the man in the hallway for about three minutes. He then asked the man to return and asked him what he was angry about. The man said he knew intellectually what he was mad about, (someone had taken his seat), but he no longer felt the anger, however he couldn't explain why.

What does this mean? It might mean we are incredibly powerful when we band together in a coherent state of heart felt directed intention. In fact, researchers agree that people are most in coherence when thinking thoughts of appreciation, gratitude, or care.

Many other ideas were discussed over the weekend - earth changes, global warming, the economy, the looming war in Iran. He ended the workshop by asking people to make a decision about how we are going to treat each other as we go through these difficult times. Are we going to go forward in fear? Or are we going to go forward in love? It begs the question - what have I contributed to the earth's magnetic field today? Have I contributed feelings of love or fear?

It's our choice.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jim Self & Fourth Dimensional Consciousness

Wow, CMN has a wonderful interview with Jim Self on fourth dimensional consciousness this month. If you have ever wondered why you are forgetting things, such as common names of common items, it may be because you are losing memories as we continue into this shift. The baggage that we carry of other people's opinions, or times of shame, or limitation of self, is beginning to loosen and fall away. And with it are our memories. (No, it's not Alzheimer's.) Most of the thoughts that you think, and most of the thoughts that you believe are not even yours. (Which goes along with the notion that much of our thinking comes from other people, mostly our parents, until the age of about seven.)

He goes on to explain the differences between dimensions, frequency, and density, which has always confused me. What that heck is a fourth dimension? Well, what it is not is form. Form is the chair, table, rock, etc. Those things do not change, if I have this right, it is the way we think that is going to change. Feeling the need for safety and trust will no longer be part of this new paradigm because everything will be safe and everyone will be trustworthy. Thought will manifest instantly. So if you are thinking negative, hateful thoughts, you will experience the outcome instantly. In this third dimension we have a lag time. We think negative thoughts, and in time we experience them, but we are not able to connect the dots. In the fourth and fifth dimensions it will be instantaneous. Don't worry if this doesn't make total sense to you. If you listen to Carl Sagan's explanation of dimensions you can see why brains that are fitted to third dimensional reality find it difficult, or even impossible, to understand fourth and fifth dimensional reality.

One of the interesting aspects of this interview is when he talks about the people inhabiting the earth right now. He said there have always been "big beings" that have incarnated with the idea of being of service and helping humanity. But starting in 1945 a very large group of them starting incarnating with the idea of bringing this shift to humanity, which had failed in the past. This group brought about many changes in the 1960's. Women's rights, civil rights, etc. But things began to change in the late 1970's and by the 1990's money was the engine driving humanity. This is beginning to change once again. These same people are working to bring an understanding of a new way of living - one that is sustainable and inclusive of all of humanity. They are the teachers, healers, and guides.

They are being helped by beings that started incarnating around 1987, after the Harmonic Convergence. These groups are coming from a different perspective and are already grounded in their knowing. The little children and babies are even more aware. Have you noticed how lightening-fast these babies learn? He also talks about the many children being born at this time with "disabilities", that may actually be something completely different from our current understanding.

Jim is a very good speaker. He gives management tools and ideas on how to manage your thoughts. If you are interested in this subject, his interview on CMN is not to be missed.