Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicken Hawks

I wonder how many of the above Senators, all of which have announced their support of an attack on Iran, were ever in the military? It is so easy for these paper tigers to spend our blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention the innocent lives lost in such an act, when it's not their children fighting the battle, not their money paying for it, and not their lives on the line. (Our good Senator Lieberman had an educational deferment from the Vietnam War.)

They can't come together to fix anything, but they can come together to start another war. It's time to vote every single one of them out of office.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paying Attention to Energy Flow

I have had the oddest experience over the last couple of weeks. It has brought home the notion that when we pay attention to the energy of an experience, we actually attune ourselves to the flow of life. It's probably the same thing as synchronicity. Meaningful coincidences, and all of that.

I have wanted nothing more than to move back to Portland, Oregon, to live near my family - especially my grandson. We are having a mutual love affair at the moment, and since I know these things never last, once he gets even slightly older, I haven't wanted to miss a moment. But the energy is simply not flowing.

The first realtor I called took all of my information and then never called me back! We had an extended conversation on what I was looking for, granted it changes with the wind, but that is normal for house hunting. Most Realtors are patient and helpful, guiding you to the homes that might meet your needs. Not this one - she just never called back. 

So, in the meantime, I have been working on ideas for a shared-living-resources plan that would include my family. (You have to start somewhere.) Since we actually live in Nevada, we would only be there part of the time, allowing for my family to live in the house until we retire in a few years. Well, it seems that doesn't work because we have very different ideas on the part of town we want to live in. My children only want to live in the urban, bicycle riding, walk to pubs and restaurants part of town, and we crave a more serene and nature-filled part of town. Very different lifestyles.

Okay, fine. Next, we decided to just look for a home for my husband and myself, and if the children want to live in it, then fine - but if not, no problem, we'll just use the home while we are in Portland during our many visits, moving into it permanently when we retire. So I talk with our new realtor about the change in plans, my daughter talks with the realtor about the change in plans, I send him some new listings I would like him to check out for me and....he just never answers my email about the new listings! Just a short note to say we need to find a duplex that would work for an extended family, and then nothing! Just a great big VOID. I think he has bonded with my daughter and son-in-law, and if we are not buying something with them in mind - he's not interested. (Realtors must be doing much better in Portland than here in Reno/Tahoe...)

Bottom line? There is simply no energy in this endeavor at this time. For some reason, now is not the time to find a home in Portland. I've decided to listen, and have procured a very large storage unit for our upcoming move from the home we are in, and will wait for what's in store for us. I may feel disappointed, but I'm also sure there is some reason this wasn't going the way I thought it should go.

I'm kind of excited. Something else may be just around the corner.

Have you ever experienced a lack of energy flow? Did you listen, or did you fight it? What was the outcome?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Strange Sounds Update

Linda Moulton Howe, intrepid reporter, gave a new report on all of the strange sounds that have been heard world-wide on Coast to Coast. I posted on this phenomenon here. What was interesting was that she has recorded interviews with people who have heard these sounds. These people do not sound crazy. They are ordinary folks who have experienced something that they cannot explain. She has a ton of email from people from all over the world hearing these strange sounds - BUT what is even more strange - not everyone hears them! Which may explain why it is not on the nightly news. One woman stated she and her husband heard these strange sounds but their dog did not!

In Gallatin, Tennessee, a retired real estate agent was packing her car for a trip when she reports hearing a sound she had never heard before at around 12:30 p.m., January 18th. She said her first thoughts were of the Trumpets of Revelation. Then she thought it must be a neighbor and ran outside only to find the neighbor was not home. She said the closest she has come to the sounds were the ones heard in Kiev, Ukraine.

In the same general vicinity, and around the same time, an ex-sound man said the sound came from all around him, in equal intensity. This happened in Olive Branch, Mississippi, on the morning of January 19, 2012. The starlings that were just moments ago noisily roosting in a tree went silent, and stayed that way for some time after the sound stopped. That might explain one comment about why none of the videos showed birds reacting to the sounds. He also noted a car that came to a complete stop in the street and rolled down its windows to hear better, so he knew he was not the only one hearing them. He said it sounded like trumpets and contained several frequencies, with mid-range frequencies the longest, and lasted about 3-5 minutes. When it ended there was an "electricity" in the air. Linda asked what he thought it might be, he said he didn't know, but thought it might be seismic, the thinning of the veils between dimensions, or possibly biblical in nature. He also states that he believes we are on the verge of a new version of humanity. I thought that statement interesting, because as most of you know, I believe the same thing, for a variety of reasons.

Another woman interviewed said she and her husband heard what sounded like muffled voices, which they thought were coming from a television on an upper floor outside Topeka, Kansas. She said it sounded like an old television set. But there were no televisions on inside their house. So she thought it might be a neighbor - but when she went outside she realized it was not a neighbor. She said she would love an explanation, as it was disturbing, to say the least. Her nephew, living in California, posted on his Facebook, strange sounds that he and his friends heard. This nephew was a new addition to her Facebook friends, and knew nothing about what she and her husband had experienced in Kansas when he posted on the sounds he heard in California.

Could this be a new military weapon similar to one which was designed to send microwave "silent audio" messages into enemy minds, but was later abandoned around 2001? Could it be sounds coming from solar flares and plasma emissions? Could it be earth changes - such as moving seismic plates? And what about all of the dolphins stranding themselves in Cape Cod - is this phenomenon related? 179 dolphins have stranded themselves, with 108 dying, since January 12th. What is most disconcerting, is that the tagged dolphins released back into deep water are restranding themselves.

I have no doubt that there are fake U-Tube videos on the Internet. But listening to these people tell their stories, I am convinced something strange is going on, and these people are not lying. They really are baffled, and want nothing more than an explanation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Good to Laugh

CMN posted this from Jim Self on the 4th Dimension and it is well worth your time. By the way, CMN has an interview coming up with Jim - probably the first of March. The first of the month is when they post their new interviews.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Only in Portland

I've just returned from a week in Portland, land of all things silly, absurd, and mostly harmless. It seems the Portland Bike Warriors had a smash and crash derby that ran three days starting on Sunday. Teams of young adults, riding bikes pulling chariots of junk parts, chased each other around a makeshift arena hitting each other with foam clubs. You can read more about it here.

Maybe that's what I like about Portland - it's just plain quirky. You can fit in no matter who you are - there are simply all types living in the rainy city. Both of our daughters live in the same apartment complex where they are friends with the inhabitants that come from all walks of life and are readily accepted no matter their job (one is a stripper), their sexual orientation, or what political party they associate with - although I would guess most are liberal. Most liberals are open to diversity, and in Portland you really have to be open to diversity.

So, now that I'm back in my own purple state, I'm once again looking at real estate in Portland. It's not just the rain, which I love, my family, which I love more, but it's the feeling that I'm okay in my skin. I can be my own quirky self. After all, if people with metal cages around their bikes are part of the landscape, how can one feel otherwise?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prison Nation

Now, here is something to chew on - the big Wall Street firm Corrections Corporation of America wants to privatize all of the prisons - offering cash-strapped states a one time pay out. The only caveat - prisons must remain 90% full. 

Corporate America became interested in privatizing prisons when the war on drugs was in full swing and we were incarcerating all of those nasty pot smokers. There is big money in the war on drugs - many a career is kept afloat on that boondoggle.

Lets see, bloggers are now abandoning their blogs in droves due to government monitoring - our email is fair game, there are cameras everywhere, but we're still the home of the free, right? I just love feeling safe.

They must be expecting another big jump in numbers, despite a recent dip in prison populations, as the letter to buy the prisons went out to all 48 states. Could that bill that Obama quietly signed over the holidays, giving the federal government the right to incarcerate Americans without a trial, have anything to do with it? No, of course not....not in America, where corporations are considered people.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Strange Sounds From All Over The World

What are these sounds that are being heard from all over the world? They seemed to have intensified after the first of the year. None are exactly the same, however.  Any ideas?

Update: Linda Moulton Howe has started a report on these sounds at Earthfiles. She said there are some that are fake, and gives examples. However, she has letters on her website from individuals, as well as some additional information on the sounds themselves. You can view the report here.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The House That Got Away

Do you have one house that remains in your memory as being "the perfect house?" Well, my perfect house has come back on the market in Portland, Oregon.  We sold it in 2006 when we moved to the Twin Cities for my husband's job. I was not a happy camper, believe me. However, we were fortunate enough to sell the home for more than we paid for it, and now I see it is on the market for much less than we sold it for. I would say that is karma. The buyers put us through the ringer before finally buying the house.

They must have searched high and low for an inspector with a nasty disposition because at one point they actually made us lift this house 1/2 inch! Yes, the whole house. 1/2 inch!

I was left behind to sell it as my husband moved on to his new job. It took about 75 days, and during that time it had to look like these pictures. (Not my furniture - these are new pictures.) By that I mean, I walked around with a bottle of windex. If you've ever sold a home, you know what I mean. It has to be perfect, or as perfect as you can make it. Even in 2006 the market was getting tight. Our realtor literally walked around with a little box of red tabs that he placed everywhere we needed to touch up. It irritated me at the time, but he did sell the house while others lingered on the market.

I really loved this house, although it is way too big for us now, at the time we still had children living with us on occasion, not to mention nieces. It felt like you were living in the trees. Across from the house was open space that ended in a ravine with a gurgling creek. After moving from the desert, where we have now weirdly returned, it felt like living in a rain forest.

I don't think I could talk my husband into buying it again. If, for no other reason, he had to literally push the garbage uphill to the street to be picked up. Not to mention - we don't live in Portland anymore.

So I hope the next owner loves it as much as I did.

Oh! And I hope they find a good inspector...