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Seth Speaks, Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine:

Death is what we make of it. Just as in life, we create our own scenes and stage settings, so death is also what we expect it to be. If you are deeply religious - then that is what you find on the other side of life. Your particular guides will look like angels. If you believe in Allah, then it will be that particular scenario that will greet you. If you are attached to physical life, well, then you may have a harder time separating yourself from life, and may find yourself clinging to your body. These hallucinations begin directly after death, but only last a certain amount of time. But in every case - the after-death experience is unique to the individual.

There is no separate, indivisible, specific point of death, instead, just as life is in a state of becoming, death is also part of the state of becoming. Just as the cells in our body die and are reborn on a daily basis, without our realizing this is happening, so, too, are we dying and being reborn. If our cells did not die and be replenished our physical image could not continue to exist. At the same time, consciousness, as stated previously, flickers and blinks on and off. In fact our bodies are completely replaced over periods of time. We do not have have the same body that we did ten years ago. Everything has been completely replaced over time. Every cell, every membrane. So we are alive - even while we are dying.

Our consciousness may withdraw from our bodies slowly or quickly depending on many variables. We are not left alone - there are guides and teachers to explain the conditions and circumstances. The after-death experience is anything but somber, on the contrary, they are generally far more intense and joyful than the reality we now know. We will be learning to operate in a new system with different laws. These laws are far less limiting than the ones we operate under now. We need to learn and understand these new freedoms, including the creative potency of thoughts and emotions. An individual may find themselves in ten different scenarios in a blink of an eye, not understanding they are doing it themselves.

You may, or may not, meet friends and relatives on the other side depending on personal preferences immediately following death. You may find yourself far more interested in people that you knew in past lives than those you were close to in this life. Your true feelings towards relatives that have already passed over are known to you and to them, by the way. There is no hypocrisy on that side of the veil. Your own motives will also be crystal clear. You will not be automatically wise if you were not so in life, neither will there be a way to hide from your own feelings, emotions, or motives.

You examine the fabric of the life you have left and you learn how your experiences were the result of your own thoughts and emotions and how these affected others. (Sounds like the "life review.") After you work through this life you begin to be aware of all of your other lives, and begin preparations to return to your next physical existence.

Your consciousness may leave your body before physical death. The simple consciousness of atoms, cells, and organs can continue to exist for some time after the main consciousness has left the body. There may, or may not, be disorientation according to our beliefs and developments upon death, but often there is immediate recognition of the situation. In fact it was stated that there are many deceased that attend their own funerals. Many of us are overjoyed to find we still have consciousness after death, and some are fully aware of their circumstances because of previous training and development and are ready, after a brief rest, to progress to other stages.

For those who are firmly fixed in illness there may be hospitals and rest homes, with the patient not yet realizing there is nothing wrong with them. There are also training centers, whereby the nature of reality is explained in accordance with the individual's ability to understand. These training centers contain certain classes in which instruction is given to those wishing to return to the physical environment. (Hmmm, classes, I think I'm going to like this place...)

There are those that are so thoroughly focused in this reality that they refuse to believe they are dead and may continue to focus their attention on those they knew in this life. There are those that are so engrossed in a particular project that they may try to complete it. Some who have hated their body are strangely drawn to it after death. You also may be able to become whatever age you imagine yourself for a certain period of time. An old woman may find herself young and vital, finding her form corresponding with an inner image she carries of herself. Others may take the form where they had a particular point of greatest mental or emotional height, regardless of age or beauty. You will feel comfortable in the form that you choose.

We react to a certain set of assumptions that we have all agreed upon in this reality. After death we merely divest ourselves of physical paraphernalia, tune into different fields, and react to a different set of assumptions.

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Seth Speaks, Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight:

This chapter begins by saying each individual needs varying amounts of sleep, and that no pill will ever replace sleep because too much work is accomplished in the sleep state. That being said, people vary in the amounts of sleep they need. But in all cases people would be better off with two periods of sleep rather than one long period. Ten hours of sleep, for example, is actually a disadvantage because it leaves the person sluggish, both in mind and body, simply because spirit has been away from the body too long, resulting in a loss of musculature flexibility. Two, rather than one long sleep period, is actually better for the mind and body. Two periods of three hours is usually enough for most people if the proper suggestions were given before sleep - suggestions that insure the body's complete recuperation. (I'm not sure what these suggestions actually are - I'm hoping this information will come in a later chapter.)

Animals sleep when they are tired and awaken in a much more natural fashion than we do. There are many variations to how you could design this new sleep system, with ideally having five hours at a time in the sleep mode would gain the maximum benefit. Those who require more sleep could take a two-hour nap, for others a four-hour block with two naps would be best. Six to eight hours of sleep would be sufficient with naps included and those that think they need more sleep would find that they did not. The entire system would benefit - physical, mental and psychic.

He goes on to say that many light snacks would also be more beneficial rather than stuffing ourselves three times a day and then starving for ten hours. The benefits of this new sleeping and eating schedule would include, but not limited to, physical and mental work being easier, creative abilities would be quickened, better understanding of the nature of self, the functions of hormones, chemicals and adrenal processes would function with far greater effectiveness, wear and tear on the body would be minimized, psychic centers would be activated more frequently, increased conscious concentration, and fatigue levels would always remain below danger points.

One of the more interesting points he made about being in the sleep state too long had to do with people who are extremely ill. Often they are given sleep medication in the hospital, meant to give them a good night's sleep, yet these sleep aids hinder certain necessary dream cycles that help the body recuperate and leaving their consciousness highly disoriented. On the other hand, too much wakefulness is also detrimental as chemicals build up in the blood that are discharged in the sleep state.

In some cases we literally force ourselves to go to bed when our consciousness is in a maximum state - which is in the pre-dawn hours, incidentally. A clear, uncluttered, consciousness that is powered up needs frequent rest periods if its efficiency is to be maintained. Otherwise it distorts the reality it perceives. (Anyone who has been dead tired can relate to this last sentence.)

In the spirit of being as brief in this posts as possible, I will stop here. For those of you reading this book I think the additional information on how consciousness operates outside the body is of significant importance.

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Seth Speaks, Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven:

Seth begins this chapter by assuring us that we have more than one form. That we have other forms that we do not perceive because we are so focused on our physical body and simply cannot imagine ourselves without it. Form is a result of concentrated energy - the pattern for it is caused by vividly directed emotional or psychic idea images. The intensity of this focus is the important part. In fact we can, without realizing it, project pseudophysical forms to other places - and they are identical to our physical forms. An intense desire to be somewhere else actually sends an imprint of our personality and image even though we do not realize we are doing it. It is usually not seen by others, yet future scientific instruments may be able to perceive it. These latent forms, or shadow images, would be considered very real if we could see them. But we are only able to see things in physical matter when they reach a certain "pitch" and they seem to coalesce into matter.

He goes on to say that our bodies are the result of intense emotional focus - that it only appears to be one continuous thing that is permanent while it lasts. It is actually in a constant state of pulsation and because of the nature of energy and its construction it is actually blinking off and on. Ours is not a system of reality formed by the most intense concentration of energy, it is simply the one we are turned into. Other portions of the self inhabit what we could call a supersystem of reality in which consciousness learns to handle and perceive much stronger concentrations of energy. Our idea of space is distorted because we see it as empty when it is actually teeming with phenomena.

When we talk about a stream of consciousness we are unaware that we are a part of a much larger stream of consciousness that we are able to tap into. It is our focus of attention that closes us off from this much larger stream of information, usually keeping us limited to the self we know, yet the self we know is far from our entire identity. Any creative work involves us in a cooperative process in which we learn to dip into these other streams of consciousness, making creativity multidimensional. It is in moments of solitude that we can become aware of these other streams, and we may actually hear words, or see images, that appear out of context with our own thoughts.

It is often in the dream state that we are much more aware of these other existences. In the very deep reaches of sleep we are in communication with other portions of our own identities and the realities in which they exist. In this state we are highly active and are involved with the real nitty-gritty of existence. Our consciousness often leaves our body in these sleep states, visiting with people on other levels of reality that we have known, gathering information, dwelling in entirely different realities.

Our ego often blocks these perceptions, but only because we have been taught that the purpose of the ego is restrictive, rather than expanding. Thinking that our egos are weaker, that we must defend other portions of the self from it, have trained it to wear blinders, making it go against its natural inclinations. When in fact, the ego wants us to survive within physical existence but it also wants us to not hamper its perception and native flexibility. It cannot relate to a reality that we will not allow it to perceive.

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Seth Speaks, Chapter Six

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Chapter Six:

It is with the background in previous chapters that Seth felt it was time to actually touch on the subject of the book which is the eternal validity of the soul. The soul is not something that we have. It is something that we are. The soul is alive, responsive, curious, forming the flesh and world that we know, yet is in a constant state of becoming. It is always in a state of flux and learning that has more to do with subjective experience than time and space. There is a game going on where the egotistical conscious self pretends not to know what the whole self knows, and it is in this intense focus of physical reality that pretense is used until it feels ready to utilize the information in physical terms. Channels always exist between the various levels of the self, and the ego accepts important information and data from inner portions of the personality. There is constant communication between the soul and the ego in order to keep us up and running, so to speak.

First and foremost the soul is creative. The soul is not diminished, but expanded, through reincarnation. The soul is the most highly motivated, most highly energized, and most potent consciousness-unit in any universe. We cannot understand the degree into which it's energy is concentrated, and it carries within it the burden of all being. It must work out it's own identity and form it's own worlds, and within it are personality potentials beyond our comprehension.

We are one manifestation of our own soul.

It is not something that is waiting for us at death, nor is it something that we must save or redeem because it is something that we cannot lose. It will not suddenly change methods of perception, nor will it change characteristics after physical death. Our own personality, the portions of us that we deem most precious, most uniquely who we are, will also not be destroyed at death. It is a portion of the soul, yet only one portion. Our individuality continues to exist on some level. Our personality that is manifest now, and the personalities that we have been and will be, are manifestations of our soul. In fact, our soul possess all the wisdom, information, knowledge and experiences of all these other personalities, and we have access to this information, but only if we realize the true nature of our reality. These personalities exist independently within and are a part of the soul, and each of them are free to create and develop.

There are no closed systems in reality, yet in our physical system limits are perceived because we have decided to focus within a given "locale." But in actuality, the soul is a powerhouse of creativity that shoots out in all directions, receiving all experience directly. It is a traveler. 

Understanding the nature of the soul and how our thoughts and feelings form physical reality is very important because they give us clues that enable us to change our environment and circumstances in a beneficial way. (Remember whatever you are thinking that causes intense emotion draws the subordinates that begins the creation process..) We continually create our soul, just as our soul continually creates us.

The soul can be considered an electromagnetic energy field, of which we are a part. A field of concentrated action - a powerhouse of probabilities or probable actions seeking to be expressed - yet knows itself as an identity.

And if we are asked, "Who are you?" We should answer, "I am I."

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Seth Speaks, Chapter Five

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Chapter Five:

Whew! This chapter is going to be a challenge. It is highly technical. Since technical and mathematical information is not my forte, I will do my best to explain the nature of how we manifest objects. This series is a mental exercise for me, and this chapter is going to one of the hardest.

He begins by using the analogy of words printed on a page not actually containing the information - it transmits the information. Physical objects are another kind of expression. We create them as we create words on a page. Objects are natural by-products of the evolution of our species, just as words are. The expression that the environment expresses a particular individual's personality is quite literal, in this sense.

"There are main coordinate points, pure mathematically, sources of fantastic energy and subordinate coordinate points vast in number. There are four absolute coordinate points that intersect all realities. These coordinate points also act as channels through which energy flows, and as warps or invisible paths from one reality to another. They also act as transformers, and provide much of the generating energy that makes creation continuous in your terms."

I sort of envision these points as looking like Indra's Net:

The subordinate points are important in allowing us to transform thoughts and emotions into physical matter. "When a thought or emotion contains a certain intensity, it automatically attracts the power of one of these subordinate points, and is therefore highly charged, and in one way magnified, though not in size." 

There are three types of coordinate points - absolute, main, or subordinate, which represent accumulations or traces of pure energy. They are small in size - smaller than any particle, but composed of pure energy. This energy is activated by emotional intensities, and these points are like invisible power plants. The subjective experience of any consciousness is automatically expressed as electromagnetic energy units - which are natural emanations from all kinds of consciousness - and under certain conditions coagulate into matter. He goes on to say how small these units are - molecules would appear as large planets to these units.

Each thought or emotion exists as an electromagnetic energy unit, and with the help of coordinate points emerge into the building blocks of physical matter. He wants it to be known that thoughts and emotions are formed into physical matter by very definite methods and laws, although our science may not understand it quite yet. And there are certain places where the coordinates are stronger than others. In the US they are the West Coast, places on the East Coast, Minneapolis, parts of the Southwest, Utah, the Great Lakes, and the Chicago area, although he didn't give specific places. Materialization will appear quicker, and therefore potentials for both constructive and destructive elements are high - so if you live in these areas be cognizant of your thought processes. He says if your frame of mind is highly intense and you think in vivid mental emotional images, or highly pessimistic in nature, given to thoughts and feelings of potential disaster, then these thoughts will be reproduced in experience much quicker if you live in these areas. 

So there you have it - a highly simplified version of a highly simplified version, (he said he could write a book on just this chapter), of how material objects are manifested in our reality.

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Seth Speaks, Chapter Four

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Chapter Four:

There were some very interesting thoughts to come from chapter four, not the least of which was the utilization of inner senses. However, in order to keep this post to a reasonable length I will focus on one aspect, which is reincarnation.

We can look at our present environment as an actor in a play. In this play we have designed the storyline, the sets, the props, the themes. Not only are we an actor in this play, but everyone else that is a part of it is also designing a storyline, sets, props and themes. We get so focused in our roles that we often forget we are the creators of the play itself. But more importantly - there are other plays going on simultaneously in which we also have a part. They also have their own sets, props, scenes and themes but take place in different periods of time. One play might be Life In The Fifteenth Century, or one might be Life In Roman Times.

It is very difficult for us to imagine being in two places at one time because we are looking through our third dimensional glasses. It's hard to understand multi dimensions, yet many physicists believe in the multiverse theory. Our particular play requires us to agree on certain assumptions - one of which is that time is linear. One moment follows another moment. Another assumption is that an objective world exists quite independently of our own creation and perception of it, that we are bound within physical bodies, and that we are limited by time and space. These various plays, complete with our agreed upon assumptions, are what we could call reincarnational lives, and they exist basically at one time.

Each of these plays have different problems to be solved and great advances have been made in certain periods. The actors may actually be working on minute portions of a larger problem that the play itself is designed to resolve. In these plays there is a basic 'free for all'. As long as we follow the agreed upon assumptions we are free to create spontaneously with no rehearsals. Not only that, but we all choose the time and place of every "life" in our reincarnational cycle. Progress has more to do with psychic and spiritual focus than time, with each play being different, therefore it is not correct that we bring baggage from other plays and "lifetimes."

These plays have purpose. We are learning through our own actions. We try out endless scenarios, behavior patterns, attitudes and poses, resulting in changes in ourselves and others. We are learning the art of actualization. And we seemingly do it with much joy and abandon. We're having fun! (This concept certainly gives a new view of adversity, doesn't it?) We are learning all the while. We are learning the art of co-creation, the responsibility of creation, and learning to handle the energy that is ourselves for creative purposes. There are some that appear within these plays fully aware. These "lead actors" see beyond the selves and settings they have created in order to lead others toward necessary realizations and development.

Seth goes on to say that we are not under a sentence of original sin, nor by childhood events, or past-life experience. Time is not closed, it is open. Our lives in our plays are happening at once but our consciousness forgets all this so when tragedy, adversity, or challenges appear in the scripts the conscious self looks for someone or something to blame. But the reality is that we choose and create our own settings, environments, parents and childhood incidents.

We wrote the script.

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Seth Speaks, Chapter Three

This series begins here.

Chapter Three:

I've decided that these posts are too long. I think I'm going to have to pick one or two ideas and develop them for you, leaving the summarizing of the chapters out of the equation. This material is simply too dense and complex to reduce to a blog post. So with that in mind, let's look at our reality as Seth sees it:

Let's begin with us. When we are born we are not a blank slate. On the contrary, we enter this world with a data bank full of information. Our very first day on the planet has us with built-in skills and abilities, not directly linked to genetics as we have supposed. Seth likens us to magnificent, divinely inspired, computers that can program it's own existences and lifetimes. This "computer" can not only program itself, it's programs can spring into consciousness and in turn create realities that may have been undreamed of by the computer itself.

Each of these personalities comes with a built-in idea of the reality in which it will operate - literally tailored to meet very specialized environments. It has full freedom within that particular "program." When we are born we are already conditioned to perceive reality in a particular manner. Our idea of the soul is limited by our three-dimensional concepts. The soul however, is not consciousness. Instead, the soul uses consciousness much as we use our eyes. Therefore, consciousness is a tool, so to speak. A way that the soul experiences different states of being.

Physical reality is one form (Seth's emphasis) that reality takes. Three-dimensional reality is an invaluable place of training and our personality as we know it will persevere after death, but it is only a part of our identity. Seth uses the analogy of our childhood being a part of us, yet it is not us. Physical reality is an illusion with purpose and meaning. The mind creates and forms matter, just as it creates and forms our bodies. The inner self literally sends out tentacles of psychic energy that coalesces into form. When we do this en masse it creates a shared creative process, i.e., our world. (Science has actually caught up with this concept - check out the experiments related to photons that are waves until they are focused upon at which point they then become particles, better known as the Double Slit Experiment.)

He says three-dimensional objects are formed much as the images we see on a television screen, and that if we are not tuned into that particular frequency, we will not perceive the physical objects at all! We unconsciously act as transformers turning sophisticated electromagnetic units into objects. We are inside a "matter-concentrated system." (I think this goes back to the theory that empty space is not empty at all - instead it is a data field of possibilities.)

I think I will leave off at this point, although this chapter had so much more information that I wish I could write about.

I hope I don't hear you snoring out there! :-)

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Seth Speaks, Chapter Two (Contd)

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Chapter Two (Contd):

Seth and others like him do not know death as we know death. They follow the rules of form in their varying environments. He states that consciousness is not dependent on form, yet it always seeks to create form.

Time is also not the same for him as it is to us, but he must take into account how time works where he is teaching or his lessons could not be understood. Everything for him takes place in what he terms as the moment point. It is in this moment point that the smallest thought is made manifest, the tinest possibility is explored, all probabilities are probed, and the least or most forceful feeling is feted. They can actually follow the consciousness of others through all of their experiences in a blink of an eye, yet he cautions that it was possible to get lost and forget who they were without much study, development, and experience. (So does that mean they can get lost in our personality?)

There is no end to their environment in which to operate, and they are aware of other various kinds of consciousness that are not in physical form, yet dwell in their own camouflage systems. He says they all have an inner knowledge of the reality that exists within their own camouflage systems, however. There are many more in conscious form than there are in physical form.

Vacations are usually visiting simple existences. One might spend a century as a tree, or create an entire forest for pure enjoyment and R&R. They usually focus their energies on their work, however. (Who does that sound like?)

The parts of ourselves reading this is only one portion of our entity, and is developing toward the same kind of existence as Seth. In our childhood and when we are dreaming our personality knows on some level the freedom that exists in our inner consciousness. These abilities are inherent characteristics of consciousness as a whole. In fact, we often use the dream state to exercise potentials.

He says it is not our imagination when a room, for example, suddenly feels small and cramped. Not only do we take for granted that this change of dimension is not possible, we rationalize it away. "Our physical senses confine us, as best the can, to the perception of a highly formalized reality". The fact is the room very well could have changed in very major ways, not the least of which will be the psychological effect it has on us. It also affects others that enter it, and will attract certain kinds of events because of it. Although throughout this process the room will not seem to change in actual inches and feet. (I found this astounding.) He used this as an example of how we can actually change our environment. The reason it would not seem to change in inches and feet is because the instruments used to measure would also be changed. (I'm still processing this information...)

Evidently, we can actually learn to change our physical environment by learning to change and manipulate our dream environment. We can suggest specific dreams that have the outcome that we wish to experience and under certain conditions these changes will appear in our physical reality. He says this happens without us realizing it.

As stated, some personalities have never been physical, however, he says all consciousness must show itself. In some systems the consciousness may manifest as mathematical or musical patterns that are stimuli for other universal systems. The senses that we use actually creates the environment that we perceive - which is a three-dimensional reality. Using inner senses we become conscious creators and co-creators whether we realize it or not. (I actually believe our three-dimensional "suits" are helping us to learn this concept in a very slow manner, much as we would teach our children. There is a time lapse between what we think and what materializes so that we have time to learn and understand this concept. Otherwise everything we think would materialize immediately - and I'm not sure we're quite ready for that yet.)

I'll quit here, although there is much more in Chapter Two. I again suggest to anyone reading this that if you find this material interesting that you pick up a copy of the book and read it for yourself. While I can summarize the information - Seth is actually a much better teacher.

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Seth Speaks, Chapter Two

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Chapter Two:

Chapter two is a dense chapter in that I have highlighted most of the information. The Seth books are not an easy read, nor are they always easy to understand. In chapter two Seth talks about his own environment and what his purpose is at this time. If this post becomes too long I will divide it between two days.

He begins by saying his environment is quite different than ours and is just as "vivid, varied, and vital," yet varies in one aspect - it is more pleasurable. He does state that his idea of pleasure has actually changed since he was a physical being, yet his current existence offers more opportunities for creative achievement, which he finds pleasurable. It is the most challenging, however, and he has had many physical and nonphysical existences. This plane of existence will not be where we go when we die - in fact he uses humor when stating we have to die many times before we enter where he resides. He says that birth is much more of a shock than death. Sometimes when we die we don't realize, it but birth always comes with a shock of recognition. He reminds us not to fear death, that he has died many times, and it is not something to fear.

His home does not use permanent structures and it is not a city or town. They form whatever particular images they want to surround themselves, and it represents the manifestation of their development. Mental patterns create the environment, just as they do for us, yet we would find it lacking coherency as they use much creativity and abandon and each entity does his own thing. He states that his associates are not bothered by each other's environments because they indicate moods, feelings, and ideas.

He is a teacher and an educator. In that service, he travels to many other levels of existence in order to fulfill his duties, utilizing whatever works within those systems, including different aspects of his personalities. The male persona would not be used in an existence that does not have sex, for instance.

In the home environment he can take whatever shapes he chooses, and it varies with his thoughts. We also create our bodies with our thoughts, but we just don't realize it. Important chemical and electromagnetic changes take place with our thoughts and our conception of ourselves. This ability is manifest in any consciousness and a slowed down version would be our evolutionary history. He can take several forms at one time and says we can also do this. Our body can be lying in bed while our consciousness travels in dream form to far off places. Or we can create a "thought form" of ourselves, which is identical to us in every respect, and project it to another place.

They communicate telepathically, which he says is the basis for our language as well. Instead of mental words they see thermal and electromagnetic images that are much more meaningful than words. They also have emotion but lack the love, hate, or anger that we experience. Their emotions are much more free to experience because they are not afraid of being swept away by the feeling, nor do they feel threatened by the strong emotions of another. They have the ability to travel through emotions. (Which is something I have been working on.) Nor do they try to conceal emotions, since they know it is impossible to do so.

This post is getting too long so I will continue chapter two tomorrow.

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Seth Speaks, Chapter One

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Chapter One:

Seth states that he does not approve of the term "ghost" for himself. Nor does he like the term "spirit." However, if that term implies a personality without a body, then he would agree that the description fits him. He also states that he addresses an unseen audience, and therefore asks that he be granted the same privilege.

In this chapter he goes into the nature of who we are. He suggests that the readers believe themselves to be physical creatures - bound by physical bodies. And if one believes themselves to be dependent on this image of oneself then they will always feel in danger of extinction because no body, however beautiful and healthy, stays the same in old age. He wants to assure us that this in not the case, and that we are no more physical than he is, moreover, he has "donned and discarded" more bodies than he cared to tell. He is older than we are, at least in terms of how we view age. He is an "energy personality essence, no longer focused in physical matter," and therefore has access to some truths that most of us have forgotten.

Consciousness creates form - not the other way around. In fact he states that it is due to the distractions of daily life that we are not aware that there is a portion of our being who knows that it is a very powerful entity. We have lived other existences and that knowledge resides within us even though we are not consciously aware of it. We cannot trust our physical senses to give us a true picture of reality. It is in our dreams that we are the most wise, creative, and knowledgeable.

We create the world that we know by being given the most awesome gift of all - the ability to project our thoughts outward into physical form, creating our reality. It is en masse that this gift creates all of the "gifts and glories" of our earthly experience and until we realize that we are the creators of our existence we will not accept responsibility.

It is through consciousness that we can perceive the various dimensions of reality - including the three dimensional world we live in. He states that we are not a bag of bones and flesh that came into existence by some fiery accident, but are aware at a deeply unconscious level of each minute cell that compose our bodies. It is this unconscious portion of our selves that is far more knowledgeable than our conscious television watching selves. And it is this portion of our self that our physical existence depends. He calls this unconscious part of our selves the "inner ego." It correlates and directs information and is perceived through inner channels. It carries the memory of all other lifetimes and is the portion of our identity that is clairvoyant and telepathic, warning us of disasters before they occur. This communication takes place long before we hear anything.

He places the subconscious as a meeting place between the outer and inner egos. The self that we know is but one fragment of our entire identity which is more akin to the layers of an onion, with each fragment of the personality starting from within and working outward. Our personality is a gestalt of ever-changing perception, and each of us has hidden potentials.

He also states that there is consciousness even within non-animate objects. He uses the example of a nail. The atoms and molecules within the nail posses their own kind of consciousness, as do the pages of the book, and all other manner of rock, mineral, animal, including air. Everything that exists has a consciousness of it's own kind. In fact we stand within a "constant vital commotion, a gestalt of aware energy" which is composed of conscious cells that are aware of their own identity, cooperating willingly to form the corporeal structure of our bodies. There is no such thing as dead matter. Every object was formed by consciousness and rejoices in it's own way in sensation and creativity.

He ends the chapter by trying to explain how he is able to communicate in our reality, which is through a psychological warp in our space and time, relative to Jane Roberts.

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Seth Speaks

As I mentioned in my last post, I am in the middle of a move. And while I am curtailing much of my research, I have decided to read one book and post on the chapters of that book as I'm reading it. The book that I'll be posting on is Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul, by Jane Roberts. The book is a channeled book by the entity known as Seth, and the only book that was actually written by him. In other words, it is actually written word for word by "him" and not by the person who is channeling the information, i.e., Jane Roberts.

Now, many of you will be rolling your eyes because it is a channeled book. I, too, have many doubts about channeled information. But keep an open mind. Many physicists now agree that we may actually live in many dimensions at the same time. The theory of the Multiverse. And if this is true - why couldn't entities from other dimensions be trying to get information through to us - through people who have the ability to "hear" or channel these voices? In the introduction to the book Seth states that he does not have a physical body, yet he will be writing a book, and the first chapter will explain how and why.

I first read this book many years ago in the late 1980's, but the information was actually channeled in the early 1970's. There are seven books of channeled material before Seth disappeared, but only one book written by him in his own words, which is Seth Speaks. In the next few weeks I hope to synthesize the material into blog posts for each chapter, but I highly recommend reading the book yourself. It is full of information that relates to us as human beings and to the times we are living. In fact, he states that there have been many "Speakers" (his term) throughout the ages that speak to mankind, reminding us of our inner knowledge so that it is never forgotten.

I look forward to reconnecting with this material. It's been a long time. I also look forward to sharing it in small doses with all of you. So stay tuned, we're about to embark on a wild ride. Tomorrow will be chapter one.

Jane Roberts

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Note to Blogging Friends

Dear Blogging Friends,

I have been a bad blogger. I haven't visited your sites as much as I used to, and I thought an explanation was in order.

A few months ago I realized I was sitting way too much. Between doing my own research on what I thought might be going on in our crazy world, reading your blog posts, watching news sites, reading copious amounts of books and material, I found myself sitting all day. It was not only bad for my body - it was unhealthy for my mind as well.

I decided I could do one of two things - I could be a good blogger and enjoy visiting all of you each day, or I could try to bring information to you - and let you decipher things for yourself. I knew full well that a successful blog is a give and take experience. The more you read and comment, the larger your readership. But I had to make a choice for my health. I simply could not read everything as it required sitting in one place all. day. long!

The choice I made was to be a place where people could go to get ideas and resources so that they could make their own informed decisions. I hope I have prevailed in that endeavor. Through Sitemeter I know many readers continue to stop by and I hope you will stay with me as we work on our new website.

Please know that I value your writing as much as my own. I have learned much from my blogging friends over the last couple of years. You are an inspired and creative group of people, and I fully expect to have time to visit you once again in the future. That is the beauty of a shared writing space - it will not be just my responsibility to keep relevant.

In the meantime, I am working on some interesting threads for our new website. It now has a launch date of June 11, 2012 at 1:30 PM, EDT. (I hope to find a countdown widget for the sidebar.) Trish, who is an Astrologist, did a chart to find the best time for launching, with all the planets aligned for a great outcome. In the meantime, I will continue to post here on occasion and hope you will all forgive me for not visiting you over the next couple of months as I'm also in the process of moving. (sigh)

Thank you all for stopping by and being a part of my life. You have enriched it immeasurably, and if you decide to move on I wish you only the very best in the future.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Medo Needs Your Help

I have posted about my elephants here and here. Now I need your help to try to save them from governmental raids on the Elephant Nature Park. They are threatening to kill several of the older elephants. Please, please, follow this link to read about what is happening now in Thailand. Then go here to sign the petition. Lec needs our help!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thrive Free On Internet

You can now watch the incredible documentary/movie, THRIVE, free of charge! If interested go here.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something New!

I have been working with writers Trish and Rob MacGregor and others to produce a new website on issues of evolving consciousness and much more. We hope to utilize a young perspective with twenty-something mom and career woman, Jen, and possibly other younger writers sharing their perspective on life and what these changing times mean to them. We will have podcasts with interviews of interesting people! There will be a space for guest writers, and we hope you will join us and share your perspective on these crazy and energetic times.

Launch date coming soon!!