Friday, February 25, 2011

The Evil Empire

It is time for America to wake up to what this corporation is doing in the world. They manufacture genetically-engineered food, plus they strip the seed's ability to reproduce in order to require farmers to buy only seed from Monsanto, raise the price of seed so that developing countries cannot eat the food they raise, because they must sell their crops to buy more seed. It is also the frog in the pot that is slowly being boiled. By the time we realize what the ramifications are for what they are doing, it may already be too late.

If you care about what you and your family are eating, you'll watch the videos produced by a leading physicist.  Found on the blog IET, I felt it important to pass along. (Go here to watch.) These genetically-engineerd products are now being linked to animal miscarriages.  Can you imagine what it must be doing to us - to our DNA, to our children?

All of life may very well be in the balance. The Middle East is fighting for freedom from corrupt governments, but America is under the thumb of corrupt corporations, determined to have everything in the end. Including our ability to save seeds and grow our own food.

Next time you are buying something for your yard, think about all of the other life forms being affected  - including the disappearing honeybee that is detrimental to our food supply. It is time for all of us to shop responsibly - before it's too late.

Avoiding their products is a start, such as the dangerous Roundup, aspartame (Nutri Sweet, Equal), and Ambien, the sleep aid. Unfortunately, the last one will be missed by this writer...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Special Children

Taking off from my post on educating the children of today, I thought I would let you hear what some of them had to say. You may not agree, or understand what they are communicating, but the ages of these children are striking in contrast to what they are doing:

I have no doubt that education is going to need to change in this new age. We need to quit medicating our children, help all children to find their special gifts, and quit trying to make them conform to a linear-sequential education when they obviously see the world in a unique way. These children are special and we need to see the world through their eyes. They are our future.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Are Truly One!

I couldn't resist this photo and the words expressed by a fellow human being in Cairo. We are witnessing the greatest event in mankind's history - the beginnings of a new age where all people are One people. It cuts across politics, religion, and racial lines to unite us in our humanity. In the words of Muhammad from Cairo:

"If a human being doesn't feel the pain of his fellow human beings, then everything we've created and established since the very beginning of existence is in great danger," Muhammad wrote. "We shouldn't let borders and differences separate us. We were made different to complete each other, to integrate and live together. One world, one pain, one humanity, one hope." From the trenches of Madison's State Capitol Building, hope--and solidarity--are alive and well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hope For Humanity

This new movie from David Sereda through Voice Entertainment has introduced me to some new concepts regarding education. There is no doubt that the children entering our world now are different from past generations. Grandparents can tell you that they are different, in many ways, than their children who are having them. They learn at screaming speeds. They are interested in concepts that seem beyond their years. They are busy, curious, and full of energy. They are also being diagnosed in astonishing numbers to have ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder, etc., and put on more and more drugs to control them.  So what is happening?

We know that each generation "inherits" certain knowledge passed on from previous generations. The Empty Slate philosophy, whereby children know nothing when born, has long been pushed aside in Human Development fields. In fact babies are very aware little beings the moment they enter this world. They just don't realize they are separate from their parents or their environment. Which may be more intuned with what is in fact reality, but that is another discussion.

I see an educational crises in our country, and I would bet the same thing is happening in many other countries. Our children have evolved past linear-sequential learning, which is the basis of how we teach in our school systems. We know that people learn differently - some are auditory learners, some visual, and some kinetic (touch.) Yet when these children (kinetic) go into an alpha state, which is a learning state, they are staring down and to the right - which is exactly when most teachers reprimand them for not paying attention.

Our children are learning in 3-D, especially through video games. They learn to assess situations as a "whole" not in the parts that are the basis of linear-sequential learning. This can be a big problem at the high school level. These young adults are simply bored. Their worlds are huge through the Internet, games, instant communication, the ability to follow up on anything of interest simply by using Google. They are getting information from all directions. They see the world differently. What could they learn about math, science, history, art, if given the opportunity to learn through mind-expanding techniques? Video games that teach, instead of brain wash them for war and violence? What if we taught our high-schoolers to meditate? To pay attention to their connections to Universal Consciousness. How could that change how and what they learn? Would they be able to teach as well?

Tomorrow we will look at some extraordinary children. Let's listen to what they have to say.

ADDENDUM - "Tomorrow" will actually be Thursday - I couldn't resist the Cairo post.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Worm Has Turned

Well, it seems as though the youth of America is joining in the fun.  University of Wisconsin students are coming together with the teacher's union being 'busted' by Republican governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Democratic leaders have left the state in order to hold off a vote on legislation that would gut the last remaining vestige of American worker-bee power. Our jobs are oversees, our homes are being foreclosed, our savings and our pensions have been gutted, we are in two wars that are wreaking horrifying havoc on the peoples of those nations, not to mention the treasure being spent on the madness, and Wisconsin wants to break the teacher's union.

Fury is now spreading to Ohio. Tennessee and Indiana has already curbed the power of the unions in their states to be able to bargain for wages and benefits. And we all know how big business worries about our wages and healthcare benefits, when left to their own devices. Most workers have been hired at wage levels a decade old, as we watch the prices of basic goods go through the roof. All the while the banks, bailed out by us, give huge bonuses, refuse to lend to small businesses or provide housing loans, for that matter. Most businesses are laying people off, hiring temp personnel so they don't have to pay benefits, and now they don't want to pay teachers their paltry $35,000 a year to teach - usually with Master Degrees!

I'm not saying all unions are good. There has been plenty of serious issues related to unions. But what are people to do? There really is no other alternative to being treated fairly in the workforce. Unions have set standards for non-union employees as well. Without the unions, workers will have zero bargaining power. And it seems the GOP in this country is determined to see that happen. A concerted effort is underway to cut the budget for all expenditures (especially for the people), yet military spending seems to be high and dry.

I think the American worm is about to turn, just as it has in other nations around the world. Led by youth that cannot see a future for themselves, or their families, they are taking matters into their own hands. If the US thinks major demonstrations cannot happen here, then they need to think again. The parents and grandparents of this youth are also angry. Very angry. Just look back at the 1960's to see what can happen when enough people hit the streets.

There is great power in the young. In America, once they turn off the distractions, they have a vested interest in making sure they have a future. It is time to give power back to the people, all over the world.

Addendum: Here is a great article regarding the incestuous power of a ruling elite in Wisconsin .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Solar Winds

Have you noticed a change in your emotions over the last couple of days? Do you feel like you're about to go over the deep end? Maybe you are battling with others? Sad, feeling depressed? Or maybe you've had a burst of positive well being or energy?

Well, blame it on the solar winds! The sun had a major flare on the 15th, and the effects most certainly have an effect on our bodies and emotions. After all, we are electromagnetic beings. From Reuters:

Solar flares are intense, short-lived releases of energy. They show up as bright areas on the sun, producing high levels of radiation and charged particles that can intensify solar winds -- electrically charged particles continuously spewing outward from the sun. The Earth's magnetic field largely protects the planet from space weather. But massive solar flares can disrupt power grids, interfere with high-frequency airline and military communications, disrupt Global Positioning System signals and interrupt civilian communications, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which tracks solar flares.

So why wouldn't they effect us? We know the electromagnetic fields that protect earth are weakening. So doesn't it stand to reason that they just might have an affect on a human being?

P.S. A good example of this? I have absolutely no idea why part of this post is in tiny font! What's more? I cannot fix it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The King's Speech

On a lighter note, have you had a chance to see The King's Speech? Already nominated for a load of Oscars, I can certainly understand why. I won't give the story away, but I will say we were totally enthralled for the two hour movie. After leaving the theater complex my husband said he couldn't believe how fast it went. The period set is as wonderful as the story, and the actors deserve the Oscars they will surely win.

And he wanted to see Green Hornet!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Egypt a New Paradigm?

Could the Egyptians be setting the example of how to bring power back to the people in a peaceful manner? Is the young of this world finally waking up to their strength?

What I find amazing is how evolved the leaders of this movement seem to be in their vision of the future. Basic human rights for all. Wow, what a concept - and what an example for the rest of the world. It only stands to reason that the oldest known civilizations would be the ones to show the way for the new paradigms of the future. I hope they know how much is resting on the decisions they now make.

The old structures are coming down - it's a new day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Conscious Evolution

I just love Barbara Marx Hubbard, who is a true futurist and a superb communicator. This is an interview done by Lilou on her Juicy Living Tour. If you have questions about what might be happening to humanity, this is worth your time. She believes the people of this world are co-creating something very different then anything we have ever known before. After watching Egypt this last week - I have no doubt that she is right. Grab a cup of tea, a soft chair, and prepare to be entranced:

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Heart, Contd.

In relation to my newest learning curve, how the heart may actually have a mind of its own, I've learned a few things I thought I would pass along. But first let me say - I have been finding more and more references to the heart and how it will play a very different role in the future then it does now. Most of us see the heart as an organ, nothing more. It pumps blood throughout our system and keeps us alive - without it, we die. That is certainly true.

But for years we've heard stories of people with heart transplants having the memories of the donor through Cellular Memory. This theory postulates that the brain is not the only organ that stores memories or personality traits. In fact there are documented cases where transplant recipients awaken with mild personality changes, cravings, opinions, and tastes, that they didn't have before the surgery. One classic example of this is Claire Sylvia, who after a heart and lung transplant in the 1970's wrote the book A Change of Heart.

So if we entertain the idea that the heart may also be more than just an organ that pumps blood and keeps us alive, what else might that mean? Here are a few things to consider:

  • A new discipline of neurocardiology has confirmed that the heart is a sensory organ, and can actually learn, remember, and make independent functional decisions that does not involve the cerebral cortex. 
  • Emotions that we once thought only originated in the brain are now known to be a product of both the brain and the body acting together.
  • Feelings of appreciation are good for your heart. 
  • Our nervous system acts as an antenna and responds to the magnetic fields produced by the hearts of others.
  • Data has shown that it is possible for the magnetic signals of the heart to influence the brain rhythms of others at conversational distances.
  • We can learn techniques that can help us stabilize internally in order to be less vulnerable to being affected negatively by the fields coming from others.
  • Your heart can synchronize with your loved one in your sleep.

    So I will continue my study, but I hope I've piqued your interest. There are several websites out there that talk about this subject. My favorite so far, mostly because it is scientifically based, is the Institute of HeartMath, which had been referenced in other reading I've been doing lately. I bought their book on Transforming Anxiety for someone else, and I downloaded The Energetic Heart for myself. Most of the above information comes from that e-book. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to understand more about the heart and its effect on your overall health, and the health of others.

    All of this reinforces my belief that we are so much more than we ever could have imagined. We only use 10% of our brains,  so maybe the other 90% actually comes from our heart...

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Living From the Heart

    Did you know that there is a whole science behind the heart/mind connection? Did you know that the heart has a larger electromagnetic field than the brain? That certain types of music affects the heart? I find all of these facts fascinating, and also important.

    The human being begins as a heart, not a brain. Think about that. What is the first thing you see when you get that first sonogram picture? A little flickering heart! The body grows out of the heart.

    We have bioelectromagnetic interactions between and within people, and our physiological systems are interacting in subtle ways. The electromagnetic signal produced by your heart can be measured in the brain waves of people around you.

    We have been living in a state where everything we deem important comes from our brains. This has had devastating effects on our planet, people, other sentient beings. We've been told in all religions that love is the answer, yet most of us have no idea what that means. Our first instinct is for ourselves, protecting our ego, which is mind-based. And, I believe that's how it was meant to be - that by living in a dualistic world we have been able to learn the lessons we were meant to learn. Living from the brain/ego has allowed us to make all the mistakes we were meant to make.

    But things are changing rapidly. For those of you who are reading this and resonating with what I am saying, let me say that I believe finding a way to live from the heart is our most important challenge. So if you've noticed me away from this space, or not commenting on yours, it's because this has become my focus for now.

    For more information on this subject, go to Institute of HearthMath. For meditations on the heart go here.

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Graduate School

    We have spent the last few days in Portland, Oregon visiting our family. There is nothing better than having my small grandson light up when he sees us. I remember when his mother did the same thing many years ago. He will only be goofy about his grandparents for a short time, and before we know it, he will be too cool to show excitement when we come to visit.

    We had great news while we there - our youngest received acceptance to the graduate program and school that she sincerely wanted to attend! Not an easy school to get into, we hope that the education she will receive will help her to be a great teacher someday. It's what she has always wanted to do, and I know from watching her on the soccer field she is tough enough to handle high school students. I was inspired by Obama's call to the nation to encourage our children to be teachers, something our country needs, in his State of the Union address.

    I will admit that I've tried to sway her in other directions, simply because we do not take education seriously in this country. Not to mention the difficult social issues our teachers are supposed to deal with on top of teaching. Add the violence in our schools, the shootings, and there is no wonder parents are not encouraging their kids to teach. Many have master degrees, yet earn a paltry salary compared to other professions. There is no doubt they must really want to teach, to go against those odds.

    So our lives will change over the next couple of years. Everyone has to make sacrifices in hopes she can start her life without massive college debt. Is there anything worse than that? Other nations don't require their kids to start their lives that way. Unless we find a way to help our young people get an education without crippling debt, the United States will continue to fall behind other countries in education. We need to stop pumping our treasure into the black hole of the Military Industrial Complex and start taking care of our citizens. 

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011


    I noted in a previous post that I'm in the middle of putting together an emergency plan for my family. Who knew how extensive it would be? How involved? There are sites out there for every imaginable calamity. I try to avoid the survivalist sites as they are often doomsday, and political in nature.

    Of course there is absolutely no guarantee all of my hard work will be there for us in the event of an actual emergency. The fact that we sit right on a fault line reminds me that in the best case scenario I will be prepared, and my family will not need immediate emergency services, leaving more resources for those that do. In the worst case scenario I won't be in need of any type of services, and someone else will be able to use all my hard work.

    My dehydrator is working perfectly, and I'm having fun dehydrating broccoli, corn, peas, mushrooms, etc. My plan is to have some in mason jars in my pantry to use as backup to fresh. After doing enough for my pantry, I will create my own special soups, with everything complete in the package - just like what you buy in specialty shops - only I can use organic veggies. I can't wait for the farmers markets this summer, and I hope to have a small potted garden of my own. But it's just as easy to spread out frozen veggies and dehydrate them that way. Frozen is often picked at the height of freshness and already blanched for you - keeping the pretty color when you dehydrate.

    With the huge storm passing through much of our country today, it reminded me that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature - always, no matter where we live. Just ask Australia and Pakistan. They have been dealt catastrophic blows. Egypt is now having transportation issues, and their ATM's are out of cash. It behooves all of us, that have the ability and wherewithal, to put something away for a rainy day.

    That being said - a word to the wise - do not dehydrate five trays of chopped onions in your house! Even our bath towels are odorous!