Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The New York Times has a new article regarding the proliferation of anti psychotic drugs being prescribed by doctors to the tune of over 54 MILLION in 2011. These drugs, Abilify and Seroquel, treat bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and severe depression. This, despite the fact that the rates of these disorders have been stable in the population for years!

Seriously? We need to spend $18.2 BILLION on disorders that could not possibly be that mainstream?

On a sad note - my neighbor committed suicide yesterday. The police carried garbage-sized bags of medications out of his home. 

Another neighbor that came to tell me about it said the school had recommended his son go on meds for ADHD. A perfectly normal little boy who had a father in Afghanistan for a year.

What is going on here?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tinkering With Drugs

Dr. Peter Dregen, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist did two hours on Coast to Coast the other night about the doping of our nation by the pharmaceutical companies. His new book, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawl, is a must read for anyone who is currently taking psychotropic drugs and especially for anyone who is considering putting their child on one.

I loved that Dr. Dregen didn't mince words - he totally blasted doctors prescribing these drugs to millions and millions of people and keeping them on them for much too long - sometimes for a lifetime. None of these drugs were designed for long term use. And when the pharmaceutical companies get sued - they just pay it - the money they are paying out is minute compared to the billions being made. In one case, after paying out  three billion in a settlement, the stock actually went up - everyone knew what the impact was going to be and it wasn't that bad - business as usual.

Once on a drug of this type for too long, the next step is another drug to counter the effects of the first drug, and on and on it goes. The drugging of children in foster care is especially grievous. People are not finding solutions to their problems, they are just masking the symptoms of their pain. And in the case of children, we're drugging normal children to make them easier to control. The small percentage of people that actually have a chemistry imbalance in their brain has turned into treating millions that don't have the imbalance, but may have depression that is situational based on past events, or current difficulties. One caller said that he found out his son's school was actually getting kick-backs from the drug companies for children they recommended go on drugs for ADD. (I can't verify that, by the way.) Teachers are not trained psychotherapists - they cannot tell you your child is ADD or ADHD. You need a trained professional to give those types of diagnoses. All too often even trained professionals take the easy way out and suggest mood-altering drugs, especially if the patient is asking for one. So be very careful if a drug is suggested for your child. Get another opinion. Be especially careful if you are on more than one - the long term consequences on your brain could be far reaching. Coming off of these drugs takes time, and should never be done all at once.

This is a bugaboo subject with me, as most of you know. Dr. Dregen believes that people need to feel their pain so they can work through it and go on with their lives, which is exactly what I believe. We feel pain for a reason - to help spur us on to fix whatever it is that needs fixing. Just as we feel pain when we touch something hot - our psyche needs to feel pain if we are doing something, (or someone is doing something to us), that needs to be avoided. Finding life purpose, following our dreams, getting involved in life, are all ways to feel well.  Good nutrition and exercise also play a part in good mental health. A good mental-health practitioner should give you their time and their empathy, which is what Dr. Dregen feels is most important in helping someone get through life's trials and tribulations. We are not machines. A good friend, supportive family, spirituality, finding your passion, all help people deal with life. (And let's not forget blogging!)

So if you have some time, listen to him on Coast to Coast and buy his book if you feel you might need it, or know someone that does. I think this is a very important subject. We are reeling from the impact of these drugs on our society.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bug Out Bag

As most of you know, last year I started putting a few things away in case of emergency. It was something that I have thought about doing forever! I just never got around to it. But after Katrina, I began to take the thought seriously. No one wants to be part of the problem in an emergency. Over about a year and a half I stocked up on food, water, water filtration, a solar oven, etc. Now it's time for the Bug Out Bag. This bag should keep you for about 72 hours in case of an emergency, and is highly recommended by the Red Cross, FEMA, even NASA.

I kept putting it off because I just didn't know what to put in it. You can buy bags fully loaded, and if you are short of time, that might be the way to go. But for me, I thought I should pack personally for our family. Our daughters are often struggling to makes ends meet, so we took on the task to make sure they have everything they need. We do it mostly for ourselves. Who can relax if they know their children might be in need during a crises?

This bag needs to be extremely light weight because if you can only take one thing, chances are you are walking, so the weight of each item was taken into careful consideration. Some people have one of these bags in their car and one at home.

So after sifting through all the survival websites, all of the blogs, here is the best that I've come up with:
  • A comfortable backpack - This is individual for each family member. I haven't bought one yet, but here is the one our daughter picked. It's waterproof as she lives in a rainy climate.
  • Keeping warm with a poncho for rain, an emergency sleeping bag, thermal blanket, and tube tent. 
  • Water consists of 6 Aqua Blox, and one of these, which you can get for around $24 at Amazon.
  • Food starts with (8) self-warming MREs, high calorie granola bars, and jerky. Beef for my husband, salmon for me, and soy for my veggie daughter. You might want knife, fork, and spoon for each person.
  • You should have a compass, a whistle, and a map of your area. We have this little survival kit that has everything but the map. It also has fishing line, lures, duck tape, and lots of other things I'll bet you haven't thought of.
  • First aid is very important, so we went with a soft-sided kit that has sleeves for each possible injury. I liked that. No hunting around. If someone is bleeding - chances are, I'm flustered!
  • Sunscreen protection is important. As is a hat, sunglasses, a change of clothes, light jacket or windbreaker, rugged gloves, socks, and shoes, if possible. Several days of your medications are a must. Just rotate them often.
  • Wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper. Small bar of soap, toothbrush & small toothpaste. Eye drops.
  • Other things that came up in my search is paracord, fire starter, water-proof matches, hand-crank radio and flashlight, survival knife (husband's job to pick), and multi-tool. Glow sticks are also light weight.
  • Money. Quarters and ones in case you come across a vending machine.
  • Weapon. This came up on every single website. I don't know how I feel about this, so I will leave that up to each of you.
If we are walking, and we need to get through the next 72 hours - we will just grab this bag. If we are driving or walking with someone without a backpack, we will grab another bag that has a small cook stove, dehydrated foods (many of which I made), more water, possibly a bigger water filter, sleeping bags and a tent.

We all have dogs, so they have to pack their own food and water. We are looking at these dog packs. Nothing has been decided, because each dog is different. One of them gets hot spots quite easily, so good packs for the dogs is a must. You may want to add a spare leash, and crushable bowl. We will pack their food in airtight bags, rotating them about every six months or so.

So there you have it. Our 72-hour bug-out bag. Hope this is helpful to anyone thinking about putting one together. 

I feel much better now that I've covered all the bases I could think of without getting crazy. I hope we will never need these things. But if we do, I'll be glad I went to the trouble.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter 12

This series begins here, and picks up here.

Chapter Twelve - Reincarnational Relationships

Our reincarnational experiences are designed for us to expand our consciousness, ideas, perceptions and values. The idea is to break away from self-adopted restrictions. This depends entirely upon ourselves. Ideology that is dogmatic and rigid, especially about good and evil, will only keep us tethered to experiences and people with the same concerns. All events work toward creativity, whether we can perceive of this or not. If we hate, then we draw this to ourselves through lifetime after lifetime, engaging others that have the same qualities. Like attracts like.

Consciousness does expand, however, it will create. Therefore, if one does not take advantage of opportunities to learn in this life, then the next lifetime will mirror the very same issues. We are always setting the stage for the next lifetime in this lifetime through our thoughts and emotions. We can tell what kind of person we are by the people we are drawn to and who are drawn to us - through very basic inner similarities.

Families have subconscious purposes and we are born into our families for many reasons. These groups are set up ahead of time and often have various members playing different parts. The inner self is always aware of the plan and people with close emotional ties often stay together through many lifetimes, although not always. (This reminds me of a very lucid dream I had not long after my mother died. I was six years old and I had had a particularly difficult evening that resulted in my crying myself to sleep. I was literally inconsolable and panicked. In the dream, my mother was walking on the opposite side of the street. I ran over to her with a mixture of pure relief and incredible anger that she had left me. She leaned down and said something about a plan, that I was aware of said plan and that it was for a reason. This is all I can remember of what she said, but I woke up much calmer.)

What you love will be a part of your life in this lifetime and others, as will anything that you hate. No one forces you to experience any particular lifetime, it is formed by your own emotions and beliefs. A rigid concept of good and evil can only be avoided by having true compassion, and quite simply, if you believe in the concept of evil then you will find it manifested. Regardless of whether or not you hate life, you have obligations to others that were agreed upon before you were born and many of your current friends were close to you long before you met them in this life. The same goes for towns and villages as groups merge to try new experiments.

We are creating a crises in the ecology of our world in order to learn before we embark on journeys to other physical realities. As a species we have only been concerned with our own survival, without the conception of the great sacredness of all consciousness which includes all of nature. We have lost track of the great truth which is the value of the individual man and its dependence upon other species in the whole framework of reality. There are individuals being reborn at this time to help us understand by forcing the issue, forcing the crises, in order for us to change our ways. We will not be destroying the planet, the birds, the flowers, the grain or the animals - we will simply not be worthy of them, and they will destroy us. The outer is a reflection of the inner.

Abilities cannot be developed without changing sexes. Some prefer several lifetimes of a male before switching to female, and vice versa, but the reincarnational framework must involve both. You learn from being a mother and you learn from being a father. Both are needed for you to evolve. If in one lifetime you hated women - then the next lifetime you will probably be one. When we finally get to the point where we realize we are forming our own day-to-day experiences, we can begin to alter our own psychic and mental patterns. Our entire existence begins to change and there is an acceleration of spiritual growth.

The perfectly happy life may be a wonderful way to rest and relax, but it probably does little to develop the personality. The truly happy existence, however, would include spontaneous wisdom and spiritual joy. Nor does spiritual development always require illness or hardship. In fact, most illness is a result of ignorance and lazy mental habits. You also do not travel through various lives with the same cast of characters. Groups come together for certain purposes, separate, and may not come together again. Deep relationships will find a way to come together, while others will serve their purpose and drift away. Each generation has its own purpose - to perfect inner knowledge and to project it outward as faithfully as possible.

Examining your own life right now in a careful and thoughtful manner will illuminate the challenges you have set for yourself in this lifetime. While not easy, it is within the grasp of each individual. Releasing yourself from hatred, for example, will release yourself from hatred in relationships in the future. Reincarnation is a tool used by personalities, and the laws are adapted by the individual to suit themselves.

Up Next: Reincarnation, Dreams and the Hidden Male and Female Within the Self

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Planning a cruise?

You may want to listen to this segment on Binnall of America with Mr. Kendall Carver of International Cruise Victims. Mr Carver had a daughter disappear from a cruise between Seattle and Alaska in 2005. The cruise line would never have even reported her missing if Mr. Carver and his family had not hired outside investigative help to the tune of thousands of dollars. Mr. Carver found that his daughter's things had literally been given away! The cruise line told them that all video was erased, and that they had no idea what happened to his daughter. It was not reported to the police at all! In fact it has been found that this industry does everything in its power to block any legislation of their industry or to keep track and report crimes at sea.

This story is not an isolated case. You can find hundreds of cases of missing people, rapes, murders, and all manner of crime on his website for victims of crimes on the high seas. We went on one, and only one, cruise. Not only did my husband not like cruising on a big ship, we found out they dump their refuse into the oceans, and we are not supporting any industry that adds to that continent-size garbage dump floating around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The information shared on this program should be of interest to anyone who likes to cruise, however. One thing that stood out is that cruise ships do not have an independent police force despite having thousands of people on board. Many of these people are minimum-wage workers from the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and other countries. These workers are often on these ships for months at a time. Not to mention the thousands of vacationers - from all walks of life. Statistics alone say that not EVERYONE is going to be on the up and up with those numbers, yet there is no independent service to keep track of crime and protect passengers and crew. The cruise lines literally stonewall all attempts to get information, often taking crew members off the ship as soon as they are in port to hinder investigations. They put out a press release stating that the FBI found crime to be less than 1% on cruises, which is a complete fabrication - the FBI said no such thing, but they have recently blocked a bill requiring the cruise industry to report crimes of rape and sexual assaults.

In one case a young woman on Facebook was told that she won a free vacation on a cruise. Naturally, she was very excited and wanted to go. Her mother decided to do a little more research and contacted the cruise line - who informed her to NOT let her daughter take that cruise. Let's remember that Facebook has numerous pictures online, and her daughter was very pretty. Now the question would be - who would pay for a free cruise for this young woman? What is their motive? Not to mention there are women disappearing from these ships in record numbers. Which begs the question - are they possibly disappearing to become part of human trafficking?

This is must-have information if you are planning a cruise.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For those of you that are Coast to Coast members, Rich Martini discusses his research into past-life regressions. It is based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton who regressed over 7,000 people, all of which had similar stories. It was fascinating to learn that much of what he discusses regarding death, reincarnation, and between-life scenarios seem to match the Seth Speaks material. He has a new documentary on the subject if you are interested. You can rent or buy the film on Amazon. Here is the trailer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Yangtze Turns Red

Anyone else get the chills looking at this picture? Didn't the Bible mention a time when rivers would run red? Yipes. 

You can read more about it here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter 11

This series begins here.

And picks up here.

Chapter Eleven:

The experiences available to each person after death are unlimited, however, some are more probable than others depending on the individuals development. For the most part there are three roads available. The person can decide to reincarnate and start from scratch with a whole new set of aspirations. Or one can choose the past life as a template, but create variations of past events in order to make corrections. And the last system of probability does not have time as a component.

People who prefer things to go in a linear way usually choose reincarnation with its past, present and future. "Others naively prefer to experience events in an extraordinarily intuitive manner, with the organization being provided by the associative processes." I took this to mean those individuals like flying by the seat of their pants, as it were. Others do not care for the physical system and prefer to move on. They are not allowed to do this until their reincarnational cycle is complete. It is the last choice for those who have developed their abilities as far as they can go in their cycle. Some return as teachers and are recognized in some way as having a higher identity.

Before the time to choose, there is time to self-examine and our full history is presented. Seth states that higher aspects of the self are there to advise and all personalities are available from other lives. We have a meet and greet with people from past lives, as well as, people from the immediate past life. Sometimes we are more interested in people from previous past lives than we are from the one we just left. Explanations are given, if one is disoriented, and this is when one is told they have passed on. This is a time of rest and refreshing one's spirit, and it is during this time some people have those "dreams" and try to return to the physical environment.

When another physical existence is chosen, great care is taken in the planning stage. Council is provided the individual and advice given. Some choose to isolate specific characteristics such as intelligence, or emotional development. Often these are taken as far as they can go to the detriment of other characteristics in that lifetime. (The absent-minded professor?) Some come back too soon against council - often before the necessary planning. Not to worry - even "errors" produce great lessons. It is unusual for anyone to wait over three centuries before the next reincarnation as it makes the tie to earth weak and orientation very difficult. In fact, some return again and again, often living short but intense lives. These are often the entities that help shape history. Many incarnate with groups. These groups could be families, with everyone switching roles, or even larger groups where some come back and others stay behind.

We do not all have the same backgrounds when we enter the reincarnational cycle. In some ways we are all travelers before we even begin, with some having extraordinary talents along specific lines. There will be definite lines of continuity for some, i.e., they are teachers, healers, priests, even though they change occupations along the way. All personalities are not at the same level of development and there are teachers at all levels. 

The in-between time is as important as the personality that is chosen. You can make friends and acquaintances in these rest periods and meet up with them again and again. Sometimes only during the in-between times. The time of choosing is dependent on the condition of the individual following transition from physical life, with some taking longer than others to understand what has just happened. Those believing in heaven and hell may have a hard time understanding that further work may need to be done. If the belief in hell is strong enough, and the individual has done things that they feel warrant it, they may actually encounter such conditions. However, there are always teachers available to help move them along. Their state does not last as long as the heaven state as their need to get out of there opens up the inner doorways of knowledge much quicker. In any case, the individual creates his experience. That is a fundamental fact of all consciousness and existence. There are no special places set apart for punishment. Even in the case of suicide. Problems not faced in this lifetime will have to be faced in another, however. Those that understand that reality is self-created will have the least difficulty in transitioning.

Believing in evils allows one to perceive them. This is an important point - both in life and after, and is perhaps the most detrimental element in what we experience. 

"The experiment that would transform your world would operate upon the basic idea that you create your own reality according to the nature of your beliefs, and all existence was blessed, and that evil did not exist in it. If these ideas were followed individually and collectively, then the evidence of your physical senses would find no contradiction. They would perceive the world and existence as good."

I'll end this chapter here, although I could write much more. Seth leaves you with the thought that this book is meant to release your own intuition and abilities. To use your dreams for added information that relates directly to you.

Up Next: Reincarnational Relationships

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter 10

This series begins here, and runs consecutively through chapter nine. They can be found in April of this year.

Last post about this series was here.

Chapter ten:

In sleep and dream states we are involved in the same dimensions that exist after we die and this state is a normal part of our lives. In fact, there is a continuity between our daily life and our sleeping life. Seth states that "You are the dreamer it sends on its way. Your daily experiences are the dreams that it dreams, so when you look at your dreaming self or consider it, you do so with a highly prejudiced eye, taking it for granted your "reality" is real, and its reality is illusion. Its reality is far more native to your being, however."

It is natural for us to be more focused in daily life than in our dreams, however. Our daily life is our challenge to grow and develop and to extend the limits of our consciousness. But the reality is that our dreams are also reality. In fact, when we dream we are flying - we are often actually flying.  Many of our experiences in the dream state are the exact ones we meet in death. We visit with family, friends, revisit the past, are met by guides, take instruction, perform meaningful work and solve problems. The difference is in physical life there is a lag between the conception of an idea and its physical construction, and this is not so in dream reality which is closer to what it is like after death. If you want to know more about how it will be after you are dead then pay more attention to your dream state. Seth says in many ways we are a fleshy projection of our dreaming selves. (Maybe that's why I am always thinner in my dreams?)

One of the things we learn in the dream state is how to construct our own physical reality day by day - just as we learn to construct our next incarnation in the death state. We set our goals in sleep, just as after death we set our goals for the next lifetime.

In physical life we see what we want to see. In other words, if you hate people and see evil in everyone then you will be unable to experience the goodness of people. You literally send telepathic messages to make sure that others dislike you, just as you project your dislike onto them. Your experience in this world is a direct result of your expectations. This is also true in the dream state and in after-death experiences. You meet whatever bugaboos that obsess you. You create thought forms. 

There are molecular structures in every inch of empty space but we have taught ourselves not to perceive them, just as there are other voices that we have conditioned ourselves not to hear. We use our inner senses in the dream state and these senses are not deceived by the images that we project into the 3-D world, in other words, our inner reality will not be alien to us when we die. In fact we are, in many ways, dead now. As dead as we will ever be. We will not be focused in the physical but we will retain our memories. After death we may find we want to change some things, tweak a response to something we are not happy with - all of which is possible because we can manipulate time and events. In fact, some choose this rather than reincarnating. Events can be changed and objects are not absolute. "If you want to know what death is like, then become aware of your own consciousness as it is divorced from physical activities."

Ghosts, or apparitions, are often as alert, or unalert to their situation as we are. They often portray the same compulsive-type behavior as someone who constantly washes their hands, returning time and again to the same place. The personality shows signs of being disturbed, or having a nightmare. The only difference is that the whole consciousness is not present, and they are mostly harmless. In fact, ghosts and apparitions are usually not aware of their effect on you - just as you are not aware of your effect on others that you appear to in worlds that would be very strange to you.

"(The combination of) thought, emotion, and desire creates form, possesses energy, (and) is made of energy.)"

We appear in astral form in places that are often more advanced than our own and we can be recognized because of our disorientation. We are not able to manipulate in quite the same way. Seth states that it is a combination of thought and emotion that creates form. Thought forms are all around us and we often dismiss temperature variations and stirrings of air as imagination. Dead friends and relatives do visit us and how long they have been gone has little to do with the visitation, much more important was the intensity of the relationship. We are often guided in the sleep state by strangers through various periods of our lives. The main objective of this chapter is to make the point that we are all very much familiar with the conditions we will meet after death.

Up Next: After-Death Choices And The Mechanics of Transition

Monday, September 3, 2012

Seth & Yale University

I just discovered that the original Seth Material is housed at Yale University and people from all over the world trek there to read the original manuscripts. Tomorrow, I will continue with the Seth Speaks posts for all of those out there that might be interested. I need the information for material that I'm writing, so why not pass along my reductionist version?

As an aside, I was listening to Dr. Courtney Brown on Veritas radio, when he mentioned that there are few channelers that he pays much attention. Mostly because from a scientific point of view they are hard to pin down with controls. However, he does pay attention to a few and the first one out of his mouth was Jane Roberts and the Seth books. He is a university professor that also works in remote viewing. His information on the planetary changes his remote viewers stumbled upon is fascinating and a bit scary for the first part of 2013. He also states that his remote viewers found that the Seth material matches exactly what they have found, despite the fact it was channeled in the early 1970's.

The series begins here, and runs consecutively for several posts.