Sunday, May 30, 2010

Soul Groups, Contd.

Okay, so if we entertain the idea of soul groups, wouldn't that completely change how one sees others and the world? I mean, if large groups of souls are incarnating to learn and to grow, providing scenarios to facilitate each other's soul development, then we have no enemies - only teachers. All the world's a stage. 

If we look at the people who irritate us the most as being loving friends, kindly holding a mirror for us to see ourselves, how can we hate anyone? That guy that just cut you off in his car - not an !@$#, but someone providing the opportunity for you to learn patience and control over your anger. The boyfriend who keeps cheating on you - maybe he's trying to help you to learn to honor yourself. He only looks and acts like a jerk. Maybe you mutually decided on a plan long before you ever met. It is said that the best teachers in life are the ones who hold the mirror for us to see ourselves.

Doesn't that lead directly back to all the great teachings - to love thy neighbor as thy self? Once this concept was understood wouldn't that end hate, bigotry, racism, corruption, greed, etc.? People would realize the profound truth - that they are totally responsible for how they think and act. Free choice gives us the ability to move forward, or move backwards, and all the people we want to blame for all of our troubles are actually here playing a role for our benefit.

I think this concept could changes things. What do you think?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Soul Groups

After yesterday's post, I thought I would do some research on soul groups. Whether or not you believe in such things, the thought of "soul groups" or groups of souls that come together is rather interesting to contemplate. This from Crystalinks:

Do you feel that there is a group of souls on the planet, that you are supposed to meet, and do some spiritual work with?

The group could be you, and one other person, or several people, who are all on your frequency. You sense each other's presence. They may be other aspects of your soul wanting to come together.

The Internet has been instrumental in bringing soul groups together.

But this feeling goes beyond the Internet. It is a feeling in your soul, you sense these people, often living in areas not near your home.

The people who share our journeys vary as we learn and move on.

If you feel that is time to meet them, and they too are in readiness, synchronicities will reunite you. You must feel this tugging in your soul.

Many people want to have metaphysical adventures, but they have no free time - work, school, family, or other obligations fill up their time. When you are ready, you will make time, and it will be amazing.

You need amazing in your life.

There is nothing more fun that meeting someone on the same speak the same language...often the written word is not needed. You realize that you are going through something together that will make you more aware when you are taking a voyage.

If you sense these souls....just relax your mind and body...clear your thoughts....see yourself as a beacon of light....send out a message...they will hear you.

They may come in to help with healing and clearing, or for something beyond.

You will recognize each other and move forward.

You never know who may show up.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last LOST Episode

Okay, so I've been trying to catch up on all of the LOST episodes and just got to the finale last night. I know I'm lame as this has been discussed everywhere since last week. But bear with me, as I haven't read any of your blogs, nor anything on the internet.

Here is my take: All of the cast of LOST were souls who incarnated together to work out karmic issues. They created a scenario in which to do that. Thus the plane crash. All sorts of karmic events took place that included good, evil, anger, patience, etc. (I've read that souls incarnate in groups usually between 25 and 250 people. )

The last episode is the gathering of all the souls that had incarnated together. Jack's father saying some had died before Jack, and some many years later. Desmond was gathering everyone, as the last had died and it was time to reunite and "go into the light." The light being eternal consciousness.

Most everyone was happy. At some point during the show they each had made a choice between good and evil, anger, patience, etc. They had each one put another before themselves or otherwise made an altruistic choice.

Linus didn't join the group because he felt he had failed (joining the black smoke to kill Whidmore and his assistant), or because he still needed more time to assimilate the incarnation. Everyone else was happy with their progress, and were excited to see the other souls that they love dearly, and are part of their soul group.

How'd I do? Fill me in, Lost lovers.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My New Home

I'm moving into my new home. Next Tuesday our things should arrive from Minnesota.

It isn't exactly what I was expecting for my next home. No, not at all what I pictured in my mind.

Two years ago, almost to the month, we put our "home" in storage, after selling our house in Minnesota, and moved to Tahoe, into our very small vacation home. Thinking everything would be a short time in storage, certainly not two years, we stored almost everything except for a few clothes. After all, the place at the Lake had all the other things we would need for our short stay. What we couldn't have anticipated, of course, was the economic meltdown our country would experience.

Two years later my husband has accepted a job right back where we started six years ago - my home town. Time to think about a place for our stuff things. The only problem? We have changed. No longer needed is the big home and all the trappings. We can be happy in a downsized environment. But we need a place to do that. A home big enough to hold all the stuff things until we can go through them to sift the gems from the chaff, such as the tiny silver container that holds my children's first teeth, or the gold-sprayed noodle "jewelry box,"made by my youngest in Brownies.  Or what about that Christmas decoration my daughter made in first grade of dough that looks exactly like she did at that age? No, I need time. Time to go through everything we've accumulated over thirty years of marriage, time to decipher what's important and what can move on.

Enter our new home: Looking for a home to lease has become rather easy in this economy. Who knew really nice homes would be available for less than our mortgage payment on our last house, without gambling the down payment, and being tethered to a mortgage? Who knew that we would be in a home much nicer than what we would have looked to buy, if we had decided to do that? Craigslist has many homes I was thrilled to look at, and contemplate renting. The only problem was getting the owners to take them off the market for 2+ years. (Our lease is for two, and a third at our request. By then, my husband hopes to permanently retire and we will move to the Portland area, probably buying our "forever" home.)

So this new environment of leasing one's home is new for both lessors and lessees. When we finally made a decision between three, all of which would have worked for us, the owner asked to meet us and Lucy, our lab. Obviously she was concerned about a big dog on her property and in her beautiful home. They had only cats.

Lucy passed the muster, and we were seated at her dining room table when we started to talk about each other and how we came to be at this place in time.

She said they had thriving business when they decided to take on a partner. This partner ran their business into the ground, severing long-forged relationships and basically ruining everything they had worked their lives to build. They had been in litigation and the result was that they could not work within 50 miles of the mutually owned business for five years. The severe downturn in the economy also hadn't helped.  They had decided to move to California and pursue other avenues until the five years was over, traveling back to the area for nine days every six weeks to keep an eye on the business.

Unfortunately the economy had not only wreaked havoc on their business, but had also left them unable to sell their beautiful home. They were stuck. At this point I asked what kind of business they owned,  and she said a hair salon and medical spa. A light bulb goes off and I ask her if it's @#$%$ Salon? She says yes, and I tell her it was the salon I frequented when I lived there six years ago, but had noticed it had completely changed since I had returned. And it had. It was almost completely empty when I made an appointment. It used to have about 25 hairdressers, often a six week lead time for my hairdresser, a full upscale spa, etc. Now it had about three people working. No one in the waiting area or spa. I thought it had been the economy. At that point I told her who my hairdresser had been and she was shocked! It was her husband! My hairdresser was now renting me his lovely home! He enters from the bedroom area and remembers me with a hug, telling the realtor that he needed to know no more financial background from us because he trusted me.

We feel so fortunate to have sold our home in Minnesota, just as the downturn was gaining momentum, that our intention was to help someone else out, if at all possible. A symbiotic relationship, mutually beneficial, was the goal. We have that and more. I have offered to let them show the house the last month or two that we are living there. Houses usually show better with furniture, and I've learned how to sell a house. Three houses in five years - I know all the tricks. (Washing machines are great places to put stuff from the counter when the realtor calls and wants to show in the next 30 minutes.)

We will live in a lovely environment with a view of the city, something I had always wanted. They, in turn, found a brand new condo on the ocean that was willing to lease, completely furnished. They will only move their beds and the rest will go into storage, until the next chapter. Which, by the way, she says will entail downsizing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My New(est) Addiction

Our friends helped to addict us to this game while in Hawaii. And I am thrilled to report my game just came in the mail. It is so addicting that as we were flying home, I kept peeking at the hand of the ladies in front of me that played all the way across the ocean.

We have unsuspecting friends coming to town this weekend. (Heh heh)

It's super easy to learn and doesn't require much thought, which makes it perfect for me. You can play two to seven players but the game isn't over until the king's go wild!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Time Had By All

It was a fabulous wedding. Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, funny speeches, and really nice people (especially at my table). The dinner was delish and the wine flowed. I had a wonderful time - maybe a little too much of a good time, actually. After finally getting to bed around 2:00 a.m., I sported a bit of a headache the next day. Which may explain the reason that I did not get one good picture! I snapped away, taking 56 pictures and not one good picture of the bride and groom! And only a couple of pictures that turned out at all. Geesh

That's what I get for taking the camera that fit in my evening bag. Oh, and chasing down the waiter taking that bottle of white wine off the table...

I'm hoping her mom, who pulled off a flawless evening for 250 guests, gets to put her feet up this week.  For all of you mothers and mothers-in-law who are doing weddings in the next couple of months - all I can say is be sure to eat your Wheaties. I have to admit, it's far easier to be a guest. My daughter's wedding was small and intimate and I felt like doing nothing more than lying on the beach for a week after.

But they are always worth it. What's better than watching two young people start their lives together amid fun, laughter, wine and roses, surrounded by those that care the most for them? So congratulations to Nick and Lindz - may you have many, many happy years.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lindz is getting married!

I'm currently in Portland to attend my daughter's friend Lindz's wedding. She is marrying the most adorable man tomorrow night and to say we are excited for her is an understatement. We've enjoyed following along with her and her lovely mother through all of the planning, and now the day is almost here.

My older daughter will be a bridesmaid in the wedding, and my youngest is actually having her hair done in celebration. If you knew my youngest, you'd understand the importance of that event. As for me, I'm celebrating with a manicure and pedicure.

So hopefully I will have a picture or two to post on Sunday... stay tuned, and have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boycotting News

I am trying to balance the news. On one hand, I want to be informed. On the other hand, I am trying to be a positive force in the world. The two do not go together. Therefore from now on, I will only read or listen to news broadcasts when the day is over, i.e. early evening. That way I won't go through the day fuming and taking the chance of spreading bad energy. (Because seriously, does anyone in their right mind really think we shouldn't hold BP or the banks accountable? It appears so - just look at what is going on in Washington, as we speak. Lobbyist's money at work...)

Until then I will read only your blogs, and information sites that focus on the solutions to issues, rather than hyperbole.

Sound like a plan? Care to direct me to a favorite site?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Drawbacks

There are definitely some drawbacks to my husband returning to work. Spoiled, I know, but I am quite used to having my coffee delivered to me in my chair by the window each morning.  I miss having my breakfast cooked and delivered to same chair by the window as I check my blogs. I have a humidifier that is constantly out of water, and I haven't had to vacuum in two years. Now I'm expected to remember the dry cleaning and to pick up the mail. Not to mention cooking. My husband now wants dinner. (Can you imagine?) Gone is the don't bother with dinner dear, I've been snacking all afternoon.

But the worst part about him returning to work? I have to do dog duty. Yep, without even my morning coffee to sustain me, I have to follow my dog around with a little pink bag at 7:00 a.m. after slipping and sliding down a damp incline and crossing a creek. That is so not right.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pot Debate

I got caught up in the comments on Land of Shimp's post on medical marijuana, and thought I would expand on the topic over here.

There are certainly pros and cons regarding legalizing marijuana for recreational use, but to have marijuana legal for pain control should be a no-brainer. We have such a problem in this country with addiction to pain medication, that it only makes sense to use something that is non addictive. That does not mean that a person cannot become dependent on it, however. What it means is that if denied the drug, the person does not go into physical withdrawal, as one does when addicted to alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, or prescription medications.

One of my abnormal psychology courses in college discussed, in great detail, the effects of different drugs on the brain. The professor was stymied as to why marijuana was illegal and alcohol was legal, when you look at the corresponding effects.

I'm curious to know what you think. Do you think marijuana should be legal for pain?

** For a real-life story go to DJan's post on her experience with pain meds after a serious accident.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Paying Attention

So many of us ask for answers to our questions, but how often do we listen for the answers?

My younger daughter has been struggling with what she wants to do for post-graduate studies. She is leaning toward nursing school, and has started the process to begin the pre-requisites to apply. But she isn't totally sure that she doesn't want to go into Naturopathic Medicine, of which there is a really good school in Portland. It is exactly like entering medical school, in terms of curriculum and cost. Not a decision to make unless one is fully engaged.

Yesterday she was buying some veggies from a fruit and vegetable stand when the man behind the counter said he was a clairvoyant/psychic and was picking up on her "frequencies." He said he saw her doing something with healing, children, and plants. He saw plant starts, but didn't know what kind. He also said her father's father was around her.

Now for someone to say these things out of the blue is odd, but what is even more odd is that her grandfather passed away a year ago and was a doctor who, while being an Internist, believed in preventative care to the extreme. This daughter is very interested in plants and sustainable gardening, asking to attend the Master Gardner program as a recent graduation gift. She took this as a possible answer to her question - nursing school or naturopathic medicine.

My point is that we often ask questions to difficult questions, but don't always pay attention when the answers come our way. We expect them to come verbally, or in some way definitive. I think we need to pay attention to subtle cues and gentle reminders that often come to us in obscure ways. Whether or not you believe this man to be a psychic, he gave her information that she needed. Her desire to heal and her love of plants can be combined in a naturopathic way, which is something I see for the future as more and more people become aware of the inherent risks of a pharma-based medical system.

Which makes me wonder how many of my own questions could be answered if only I were paying attention?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Living Alone

My younger daughter is living in an untenable roommate situation. She is exploring options, including striking out on her own.

I think there comes a time in every woman's life when she is unable to share living arrangements. It may only last for a while, but I think women, maybe more than men, need their space. Is it because we are nesting? Or is it because we are at last mature enough to not need friends 24/7? One thing's for sure - it revolves around the kitchen. More battles ensue over dishes and refrigerators than vacuuming.

From a human development point of view, I would lean toward the nesting. I have noticed that most women first want/need their own space when they become involved in a relationship. Let's face it - that's when privacy becomes all-important.

I have always encouraged my daughters to spend some time living alone before they get married. I think it's so important to know that you don't have to depend on others to be happy. That it is possible to live alone and thrive. In fact, I believe it is necessary to find that space inside yourself that feels safe, protected, and nurtured while living singly.

The time may come when you will be alone, maybe when you least expect it, or when nature takes its course.  My mother-in-law is 97 and living alone for the first time in over 65 years. It happens. Life throws us curve balls, and we need to know we will be okay. I can remember my stint of living alone. I would create nice meals, complete with a beautiful table setting, on a lonely Friday night. I made sure that I celebrated my life, not just when it had someone else in it.

So I'm encouraging her to take the big step. She's ready, I think, since it was her idea. Part of me is nervous for her, as only a mother can be when her child takes big steps. But part of me is proud of her. My most attached daughter is now grown up and ready to find her place in the world. Ready to be alone without always feeling lonely. How great is that?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Foot Loose and Fancy Free

My grandson survived the ten day vacation his parents took, and his grandparents survived little sleep and being crazy busy with a toddler. I'm heading home tomorrow to six inches of new snow. Yes, you can still ski at Tahoe, if you so desire. I look forward to catching up with you, as it's been hit and miss on the computer lately.

I'm also relishing the fact that I'm foot loose and fancy free. No more thinking about what a small person might be up to whenever it gets quiet and you can't see them. Only one mishap, where he tried to ride his toy down the steps outside. Of course the neighbors heard the cry and were concerned. I'm thinking, after assessing he's fine, just scared, why did this have to happen the night before they came home? He was totally unmarred for nine days...

I wonder how many hours it will take before I start missing him?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Three more sleeps!

This week with our grandson has been a true blessing. He is beyond adorable. Grandparents reading this know exactly what I mean. But he's only two, and two year olds sleep at odd angles and sometimes upside down. With that comes feet and kicking legs. These kicking legs and middle of the night waking has creating a very sleepy Gammie, who is filling in for parental units this week in the familial bed. We are now both counting down the return of vacationing parents - three more sleeps! Or not, as the case may be.

Off to the Portland Children's Museum - yawning but happy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spiritual Partnership

A couple of months ago I was approached by the publishers of Gary Zukav's new book, Spiritual Partnership, to do a review on this blog. They assured me that it was just to be an honest opinion of the book, no strings attached. I said I would, as he is one of my favorite authors. I've mentioned him more than once on this blog, and some time ago I posted his Spiritual Partnership Guidelines. I can honestly say, his book, The Seat of the Soul, changed my life. I read it back in 1990, at a particularly difficult time, and it quite literally changed my worldview and launched me on a spiritual path of over 20 years. So I probably would have given a review on this book anyway, following my belief in sharing books that might be of value to some of you. Having them send me an advance copy for free was icing on the cake. That being said, here is my take on the book:

Zukav believes we are on the precipice of the greatest change possible or imaginable. The evolution of mankind from five-sensory to multi-sensory. He believes that we have crossed a threshold and there is no turning back. The entire human experience is being reshaped with new values, goals and intentions. The old kind of power, used throughout history to manipulate and control, which now only produces violence and destruction, is being replaced by authentic power. Authentic power is an expanded awareness and includes the five senses, but also a second system. The second system detects intelligence, compassion, and wisdom. It manifests in a knowing that cannot be explained through the five senses. Such as knowing someone is going to call you before they do, or that there has been an accident involving a family member, an intuition to begin your life's purpose, if you haven't already.

This evolution in human experience has two parts. Process A involves expanded awareness and is happening without input on our part. Process B involves choice, and is what this book is all about. How to choose to heal frightened parts of ourselves and not react in unconscious ways that only incur more drama and pain. Thus the Spiritual Guidelines. I call this concept "disciplined thinking." Learning how to connect with your intentions, utilizing your body's language, to help steer your thinking in a healthy and karma-free direction.

This book would appeal to those individuals who are looking for a mechanism to connect and heal parts of themselves that keep surfacing. Especially those parts involving addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, over-eating, etc. It would appeal to those individuals who would like to live a life moving toward authentic lifestyles based on a value system aligned with their soul purpose. While many of the concepts have been explained in previous books by this author, it was nice to hear how he overcame issues related to his own experience.

Below is a trailer for the book:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Battle of Wills

My husband and I are engaged in a battle of wills. The will of our two year old grandson, and our will to have him eat breakfast, wear a jacket, get his diaper changed, step back from the television, get his teeth brushed, get his hair combed, get in his stroller, not color on the table, wear clothes, ... well you get the picture. (No wonder his parents were exhausted all the time.)

He cut and run in the store yesterday while he was trying on some new shoes. I literally could not catch him! If it hadn't been for a much younger, and faster, store clerk, he could be in the neighboring county by now. Wow, a few years and I am much slower than I remember being. When did that happen?

And this is only day 3.

Good thing he is utterly charming and adorable...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finding a Hero

The world is in desperate need of a hero. Someone for us to look up to and feel awed by their strength of character and decent intentions. While we wait, my daughter found one in Thailand.

Lek (Sangduen Chailert) came from an impoverished family in the remote mountains of Northern Thailand. The granddaughter of a tribal Shaman, she managed to obtain a university degree, something  uncommon for someone from her part of the world. In the 1990's she obtained her greatest wish - to have an elephant reserve for those that had outlived their usefulness in logging or trekking. Many of the elephants were badly treated and living out their lives in her reserve gives them the first kindness they have every known. One elephant had been blinded by her mahout for nothing more than grieving after her baby had rolled off a cliff and could not be saved. When she entered the reserve, no one knew what to expect. Elephants are socially complex. But as soon as she entered, another elephant came running toward her and immediately welcomed her into the herd. They are inseparable to this day.

Elephant Nature Park in Chaing Mai, Thailand has had many awards and accolades from National Geographic, Smithsonian, Humane Society, Time Magazine, and many more. But what is so amazing about the woman is her relationship with the animals. Lek treks many miles over very difficult terrain to treat sick elephants, often entering into complex and expensive negotiations to buy the animals for her reserve, which now totals 30. She uses money from the family business, and her educational program, which includes hands-on care, to fund the reserve and tree planting. Her desire is to maintain the forests and often uses sacred saffron cloths to tie around the trees in order to save them.

My daughter says she sings the baby elephants to sleep at night. They literally lay down and go to sleep! The adult elephants, when they see her, come running and wrap her in their trunks. My daughter said she didn't even feel she could talk to her, she was in such awe of the woman. She said she could feel her incredible energy. Of course Lek is humble and kind, probably totally unconscious of her affect on a young woman from an entirely different place in the world.

The world is full of these heroes. We forget how many are really out there, working to make things better for all sentient beings.

So, for today, I sing the praises of a woman a world away. Bless you, Lek. May all of our blessings and well-wishes come rushing your way, aiding you in your endeavors. They do not go unnoticed.

What about you - do you have a favorite unsung hero?