Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Comet Ison

Comet Ison is heading our way. It will be passing Mars on or near October 1st, and will be visible in the sky sometime in November.

Should we be keeping an eye on Ison?

Sweeper effects happen with large objects passing through our solar system. This effect simply means asteroids, meteors, or comets that have big dust clouds push things out of their way as they come through. These objects could include space junk, which is an unbelievable problem, believe it or not.

This comet was only discovered in September of 2012, yet it is very bright, probably because it is spewing gas and dust from a fairly large nucleus. (The nucleus on this comet is also rather strange.)

NASA states that it will fly by the sun on November 28, 2013, and if it survives, it could be visible during daylight hours and shine as brightly as the moon.

Could this look like two suns?

The reason I ask this question is because of the work of the late Zacharia Stitchin and others that believe we are on an elongated, elliptical, orbit with a 12th planet called Nibiru. It comes around about every 3,600 years. He bases these claims on ancient Sumerian text. I won't go into the pros and cons of his work other than to say he believed when Nibiru returned it would look as though we have two suns.

Now, here is the interesting part. People are seeing colored balls of light all over the world. Many report balls of fire, or balls of red or pink lights, some have a green trail - some are moving fast like meteors and some are moving slow like UFOs. Many people are reporting increased military helicopters near these sightings. In fact, a law was passed that prohibits anyone from picking up pieces of meteors or other space debris that hits on federal land. In some instances it can be worth millions of dollars. Could this be why military helicopters are being seen in these areas?

There is a planned drill of our electrical grid in November. 

There is also talk of increased FEMA activity on the East Coast - all the way to Puerto Rico. Additional supplies have been ordered to be shipped no later than October 1st. Of course, this might not be related at all - maybe just a coincidence. But the fact the Air Force has shut down its program to monitor objects in our orbit seems rather coincidental as well. They say it is because of sequestration. Maybe so, but what about the person who was trying to come forward on the Clyde Lewis show who states all of her electronics were destroyed when she tried to call into his program as a whistleblower? She sounded terrified on last night's program. 

She stated Puerto Rico is seeing increased troop activity, strange skies - almost like a filter over half of the sky, strange weather, she said FEMA has extended rumor control in the area, and information to the US mainland is being filtered. People on the island are having very strange dreams about fire - catastrophic fire - hundreds of them, including soldiers. One little boy, who is autistic, drew a picture of the island being bombarded with balls of fire. She said people there are expecting some kind of extraterrestrial event, possibly the tip of the comet hitting the island or the ocean, causing a tsunami. One caller stated he lived on the island his entire life and had never seen such activity.

A doctor came on the program to back up what she was saying, and also discussed strange viruses and bacteria that have been found recently on the island. This immediately brought to mind Linda Moulton Howe's update on Dreamland regarding strange elk and deer die-offs in Montana and New Mexico.

And then there is Amauri Rivera who states he was abducted in 1988, and his story seems to dovetail with this story.

Her final advice?  Don't panic, but be prepared for emergencies. I think that is sound advice whether or not anything comes of this particular scenario.

One has to wonder - are we already beginning to see the effects of Comet Ison? And is it a comet, or something more?

Friday, September 20, 2013


I know I've mentioned Gaiam TV in past posts, namely because Regina Meridith moved her site to Gaiam over a year ago. At first I was not sure I wanted to pay $9.95 per month for a website, but Regina's Conscious Media Network moved my membership over to Gaiam, so I thought I might as well check it out. I have never been sorry. I admit to paying for several sites - mostly interviews with interesting people - Veritas, Red Ice, Coast to Coast, Dreamland, etc., but if I'm looking to find something that is cutting edge and forward-thinking - I go to Gaiam.

Three new programs will added next week - one with Daniel Pinchbeck - "focusing on the future of civilization, technology, spirituality and the emerging new paradigm for humanity." The other two programs are also timely - one with Regina Meridith having to do with strange phenomena, of which we have plenty of at the moment. The other has to do with maintaining our health, which should be at the top of everyone's list.

David Wilcock teaches "Law of One" and other interesting topics on his Wisdom Teachings which airs every Monday. George Noory of Coast to Coast also has a program; Beyond Belief.

The site also features Yoga, movies, and much more.

It's not always easy to find places that are forward thinking and uplifting at the same time. Gaiam TV does a good job of both.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sacred Symbols

Some time ago I found a website that creates sacred symbol jewelry. Since that time I have acquired several pieces that represent my feelings about life and the universe. One necklace that I wear often is the Vesica Pisces. In short its meaning is "I am becoming what I am becoming." In other words, we are in a constant state of evolution, which is a basic tenet of my understanding of the universe.

I also have The Flower of Life pendant which consists of 13 spheres which holds many mathematical and geometric laws. These laws represent the whole universe and people often report physical and psychological changes while wearing this shape.

I wear the Light Pendant when I'm feeling the world is overwhelming me in negativity. It represents unity, wisdom, giving, and love.

When my daughter and her friend graduated college and started applying for teaching positions during a time of unprecedented teacher layoffs, I gave them the Abundance Pendent. Both have jobs teaching. My daughter landed a full-time position teaching in a city that was her first choice. She is teaching in a school that has given her full-time support and a small special education class load for her first year of teaching! She couldn't be happier. The website states "Its not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance."

Ka Gold Jewelry (not all gold, of course) recently sent me an email with their latest design based on Buckminster Fuller, one of my all-time heroes. It is going on my wish list. The Sphere of Consciousness "is intended to increase our sense of connectedness and unity. Awake our consciousness to the universe and our role in it."

I have found this site to be safe and secure and the people that run it to be professional and honest. So next time you feel like looking for something meaningful check out Ka Gold Jewelry. It takes a few weeks to get your design, as David often makes the piece when he receives the order. It ships from Israel, so plan ahead.


Saturday, September 14, 2013


We have had a devastating fire season this year. The West has burned as never before. The fire in Yosemite created so much smoke in Lake Tahoe, that it was literally hard to see the mountains.

We lost 19 firefighters in Colorado. The Yosemite fire burned over 200,000 acres.

Unbelievable loss.

Nightline did a segment on planes that are used for fighting these fires. Did you know that they are so old they were used in the Korean War? Did you know they often crash - two last year, and one that literally lost its wings before crashing this year? The fleet has actually shrunk from 45 to just 11 planes. At one point this summer we had over 250 forest fires burning out of control.

The drought over the last ten years has created millions of acres burned, thousands of homes destroyed, and 200 dead firefighters.

A Forest Service report discussing the replacement of this aging fleet was first discussed in 2002! This is 2013 and absolutely nothing as been done.

Six air tankers were ordered the day the 19 firefighters died. None showed up. Not one. They were literally left on their own. It is unknown if they would have survived with air support, but one thing is for sure - we will never know.

I live at Lake Tahoe. Some argue that we get what we deserve if we live in the forest - after all, it's good for the forest to burn on occasion. I don't disagree. But the clarity of Lake Tahoe is seriously threatened with every fire that has run off. This lake is a national treasure. I hope the next generation and many more after that will have the pleasure of looking at  its clear blue water.

So while we watch our natural resources burn, our politicians in Washington continue to debate yet another war. Estimates range in the trillions to maintain the 1,000 military bases the United States has around the world. Yet we have only 11 Korean War-era bombers equipped to fight fires in the United States.

There is something really wrong with this picture. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stop Whining and Get To Work!

My daughter sent me this piece on Generation Y and why they are so unhappy. I thought it quite accurate and found myself taking full responsibility for encouraging our two girls to follow their dreams. (And maybe of convincing them they are special.) Of course, this was before the banking cartel tanked our economy and the Supreme Court decided to declare corporations people, thus allowing the tidal wave of money lobbyists use to buy support for their clients. This was before unions were busted in order to lower the wages for all workers by people like the Koch brothers.

No, in those days we Baby Boomers had great hope for the future. We followed the rules, worked hard, and saved for our children's educations. We believed in our government and our military to do the right thing for everyone involved. (This was before we realized the CIA and all of the other alphabet agencies had actually been tanking whole countries to ensure their corporate handlers had free access to said countries natural resources - but that is another post.)

The part that got my goat, actually, was all of the comments following the article that wanted to blame Boomers for their bleak economic outlook. Many of the comments actually told us to move on - quit working - retire, already! They need our jobs and believe us to be selfish in holding on when it is clear to them we are to blame for all of their troubles.

So here is my response to them -

Boomers are not working to irritate your generation. We are working because we have to work! Many have lost their homes, their savings, and any hope of being able to pass anything on to the next generation.

Boomers are working because they need health care and can not afford to pay out-of-pocket. One major illness and many of us are on the street.

Boomers are working to help their children, grandchildren, and other family members.

Boomers are working so they don't have to move in with their children!

While my generation has to take responsibility for voting in Clinton, who was the first to ship our jobs overseas and to do away with Glass-Steagall, which opened the door to the banking debacle, we truly believed in the load of garbage they sold us. We may have been perplexed how sending our jobs out of the country could actually help us -  but we still believed in our elected officials knowing more than we did about the world.

Same with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al. We bought all of their lies, even though we were uneasy. Two wars later, we are bankrupt, in debt, and starting to smell a rat...

Not so with Obama. We can now see that the NSA spying on everything we do, warmongering in the Middle East, the NDAA, and the Monsanto Protection Act cannot be considered in our best interest. To say I am disappointed in a president, that I voted for twice, is an understatement. But he hasn't done this alone - Congress has passed every single one of those policies.

This last week made one thing clear, however - nothing will change unless we change it. And quite frankly, it's time for the X and Y generation to turn off their cell phones, take a break from Facebook and Twitter and get involved in the process. The future is in your hands. Call your representatives in Washington, email your President, email your Secretary of State. Start petitions and sign ones that come your way that try to reign in the evil doers that are in control. Boomers can't do it without you. And there is one thing Congress understands - voters willing to make a change in the next election cycle.

All of their numbers are right here.

So, stop whining and get to work!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Well, after a sabbatical to spend time reading and researching, I think it's time to hone my writing skills and say hello. Thanks to all of you that left messages for me. I appreciate the thought that there are people who read what I have to say and value the information I try to pass along.

The world is changing so fast, and there is so much going on that it's hard to know what is right, what is wrong, what is real, and what is not. This blog attempts to bring things to light. My hope is that together we can begin to see patterns in our environment that will bring us closer to understanding our mercurial world events.

This last week has been a busy one for me. I've manned the phone calling all of my representatives in Washington, the Secretary of State, and even emailed the President. And while everything seems to be spinning faster and faster, there is one thing I know for sure; we are WAKING UP. We are waking up on a global scale. No longer are we sitting in our rocking chairs feeling we have no power to change things. We were game changers this week. We said NO to war. We said NO to killing more innocent people in Syria in trying to right a wrong. We sent a clear message to our elected officials that we would no longer sit on the side lines while they made life and death decisions for us. The whole world said NO. That is huge. That is really huge. We gave diplomacy a chance.

Congrats world. Whatever your belief, you voiced it.