Thursday, December 20, 2012


The infamous date is upon us. Time for reflection. Reflection of who we are, why we are here, and where we are headed. I thought I would share some of my ideas as we head into the future.

We started this journey many, many years ago. Before we were born, in fact. We've always known we were different. We had an interest from a very young age with the future. We watched the Jetsons on Saturday mornings as children. We enjoyed James Bond and Star Trek. All because we were fascinated  with the future.

In other words, we've been waiting for this time. Whether we knew it or not.

Some of us continued with books. Reading everything we could find. We've felt that something is not quite right. Almost as if information had been lost somehow. We went to school to find it, but was mostly disappointed as the information seemed timeworn, out of date. We felt there were other ways of doing things, of understanding things, of feeling about things. So we read, we watched, and we waited...

Then came the Internet, and the whole world changed. All of a sudden we were able to communicate with people all over the planet. There was a connection that hadn't been there before. Information screaming through wires, changing lives forever. We were no longer totally reliant on a few news agencies - we could read and listen to information from the participants themselves in real time! The opinion of the news anchor suddenly seemed less important. This is a very important step because we are realizing that much of what we have taken for granted coming from the media may not be the truth, or even the whole story, or just plain propaganda. We feel differently about events when we have a personal connection to the people involved. Our judgements change. We are starting to realize that humanity is interdependent in so many ways.

Globalization has taught us one thing - we are in this together. The massive tons of waste that China spits out each day as it manufactures mass quantities of consumable goods for us, as an example, has an effect on not just China - but the whole world. We all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and eat from the same earth. Having all of our stuff manufactured in a country that has few environmental controls is not going to save us. We are responsible regardless of where we live.

Which brings me to what I think 2012 is all about.
  • It is not the end of the world. It is the end of a 26,000 year cycle. But it is also the gestation of the human race. We are going through an evolution.
  • The tearing of the veil between worlds begins in 2012. We will begin to see things and experience things that have been hidden for millenia. 
  • A great change in thinking will start in the United States and will spread throughout the world. This has to do with learning to think not with the brain but with the heart.
  • We may go through earth changes that seem catastrophic and will change how we do things.
  • We will learn to do many things the old way - growing food, living in groups that share their resources, caring for one another, and not depending on a centralized government to take care of us. 
  • We will have an explosion of new ideas, clean energy, and advanced technologies that respect the earth and all of its inhabitants, including the animals, fish, plants, and non-sentient life forms.
  • We will share our personal gifts with humanity. We will be cognizant of our life purpose. We will live authentically.
  • No more war, no more starvation. We, as a community of souls, will care for each other and our planet.
  • Some will choose to leave because they are not ready for these changes in frequency, which is okay. Not everyone is in the same place at the same time. We are, after all, eternal beings.
  • We'll learn to use intention and group thought to change our physical environment.
So will all of this happen at once? I highly doubt it. I think we are on a bell-curve in this process, with 2012 being the top of the bell. But the process has begun and there is no turning back. We will not all go at the same pace, and some will not go at all, but the earth has its own cycle and will do what it needs to do.

So have a wonderful winter solstice and holiday season. Love each other and be kind to all that crosses your path. 

Take this moment in time to visualize your perfect world. Light a candle and send this wish out into the Universe. There has never been a time in history where it has been more powerful. 

Love to you all,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Serious Questions

I think it's time to take a look at what is happening to our children while we've been distracted by 9-11, war, health care, and the economy.

Something is really wrong. This article on Huffington Post is a must read and should be read out loud to the American people by the President himself. We have an explosion of mental health issues that are being swept under the table as we try and use pharmaceuticals and prisons to contain the problem. But what is deeply concerning is what is happening to our children. Bright, very bright, children are turning into disturbed and violent beings. They terrorize their families, their teachers, their friends, and fellow students. They are often mainstreamed into regular classrooms because most of the time they are good, kind children who are struggling to deal with life and learning with both hands tied behind their back.

The Reagan administration gutted the mental health care system and closed the doors to mental health hospitals. He literally sent these poor people to live in the streets or with families ill-equipped to handle their issues. We can thank him for that. In the aftermath of his destructive policies our prisons filled with the mentally ill. We now house our most vulnerable in an environment of violence and fear. They are left to survive on their own. These same prisons are now for-profit institutions. 

We cannot have this discussion without taking a look at vaccinations. When my grandson was born they wanted to literally give him twice the amount of vaccinations that his mother had when she was born. TWICE THE AMOUNT. I ran a travel immunization program for our local hospital at one point, so I know something about vaccinations, and many of them were not needed for a newborn. The Hep B vaccine they wanted to give him was not given to his mother until she was in junior high school. The Hep A vaccine they wanted to give him AS A NEWBORN is not generally used unless you travel outside of the United States. Our daughters had it when we went to Mexico and they were in high school. I told my daughter to tell them no, he would have them later in life. But they still gave him many more vaccines than they should have, in my opinion. I no longer trust those studies that say all vaccines are safe for newborns.

And then we have to look at the burgeoning business of video games. Violence is epidemic in these games that developing brains are playing over and over and over and over. Like anything we do routinely - it becomes habit. But in developing brains this can have effects that are dangerous. I think we are seeing this now as many shooters are young males - the target audience for these violent, blood-soaked, video games that often involve shooting mass amounts of people.

And what about movies? We've made vampires sexy and super heroes dark, dangerous, and deadly. Graphic violence is the norm for theses movies. On top of that they are fiddling with the frames per second - speeding them up. The new Hobbit movie is making people sick.

We have gutted programs that help families and give passes to bankers that ruin our economy. We put assault weapons in the hands of anyone that can buy them and then we cry when one is used to kill a classroom of kindergartners. We overburden our classrooms and teachers and then blame them for not keeping our country number one in the world. We give tax breaks to multi-billionaires and let our infrastructure crumble. We close our mental health facilities and then step over the mentally ill on our way to work.

It's time to get mad. It's time to take our country back. It's time to hold our politicians accountable to We The People. It's time for our tax dollars to go to us, not black budget military projects that enrich the producers of murder and mayhem all over the world.

ADDENDUM: Fellow blogger Jayne Martin sent a link to this article. It is a must-read if you are trying to understand this most-recent mass murder.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Psychic Attack?

Are we under some kind of psychic attack? Are we experiencing the End Times prophesied by the Bible? Are we being controlled through a matrix-type system that could be extraterrestrial in nature?

There are plenty of theories out there. But after ANOTHER school shooting today, I'm convinced evil is having its way with us. SOMETHING is very organized and extremely powerful. There has just been too many stories of family and friends being totally shocked that the person they knew could become a shooter in a mall in Portland, a face-eating monster in Miami, a mass-murdering student in Colorado, an unhinged nanny in New York, etc. They apparently showed no outward signs of this kind of evil. What happened to these people?

I'm convinced that something otherworldly is going on here.

Be very aware of your thoughts, actions, reactions and "mind loops." It is very easy to go into fear, hate, and anger with all that is happening in the world. But what if that is exactly what is hoped for?

Every great spiritual leader preaches love, kindness, empathy. From Mohammad to Buddha to Jesus, love is the answer. Maybe loving thoughts, kind deeds, gratitude, respecting Mother Earth, is the way we combat this terrible energy. We're in a war of good and evil - it's time to pick a side and get to work.

I think I'll work on envisioning a future full of love, respect, compassion, and caring. I'll write down the things I want to see cemented in the world, I'll go to sleep envisioning people sharing resources, helping each other in all the ways we need help. I'll be precise in my imaging. Keeping my mind occupied with  positive thinking is my armament. My way of starving the negative energy. My way of feeding the vortex love and light.

What are you thinking?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A 99 Cent APP

We've been enjoying our family on vacation this week. Our grandson turned five, and we were able to spend our first birthday with him in four years. Most of the time that pleasure is for his other grandparents who live close by.

This year just happened to have several things that came together at the last minute and we were able to spend time together as a family.

We spent part of the time on the big island of Hawaii and went to a special resort so that he could meet and pet dolphins for his actual birthday on December 4th. We think he enjoyed the experience, and we hope he will remember his fifth birthday.

But it wasn't until we were back in Maui that I received a heart-felt thank you, complete with love pat and him telling me how much he loved me. It was right after I downloaded a 99 cent APP on my I-Pad, and he could make and decorate virtual cookies.

Little people are easy to please, and most of their problems are easily solved. A 99 cent APP, a bit of your time, and life is good.

If only it was that easy for the adults in his life.