Monday, April 16, 2012

Seth Speaks

As I mentioned in my last post, I am in the middle of a move. And while I am curtailing much of my research, I have decided to read one book and post on the chapters of that book as I'm reading it. The book that I'll be posting on is Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul, by Jane Roberts. The book is a channeled book by the entity known as Seth, and the only book that was actually written by him. In other words, it is actually written word for word by "him" and not by the person who is channeling the information, i.e., Jane Roberts.

Now, many of you will be rolling your eyes because it is a channeled book. I, too, have many doubts about channeled information. But keep an open mind. Many physicists now agree that we may actually live in many dimensions at the same time. The theory of the Multiverse. And if this is true - why couldn't entities from other dimensions be trying to get information through to us - through people who have the ability to "hear" or channel these voices? In the introduction to the book Seth states that he does not have a physical body, yet he will be writing a book, and the first chapter will explain how and why.

I first read this book many years ago in the late 1980's, but the information was actually channeled in the early 1970's. There are seven books of channeled material before Seth disappeared, but only one book written by him in his own words, which is Seth Speaks. In the next few weeks I hope to synthesize the material into blog posts for each chapter, but I highly recommend reading the book yourself. It is full of information that relates to us as human beings and to the times we are living. In fact, he states that there have been many "Speakers" (his term) throughout the ages that speak to mankind, reminding us of our inner knowledge so that it is never forgotten.

I look forward to reconnecting with this material. It's been a long time. I also look forward to sharing it in small doses with all of you. So stay tuned, we're about to embark on a wild ride. Tomorrow will be chapter one.

Jane Roberts


kate i said...

Nancy, this was the first channelled book that I ever read (in the late 70's) and I almost wept with relief when I read it. There really wasn't much like it, available at the time. It felt like 'coming home' to me and as I read it I kept saying to myself 'I knew that" but didn't know that I knew it until I read it!

As you've probably gathered, I've never had any doubts about the idea of channelled material but have had to learn discernment with what is being channelled, just as we do with any information. I look forward to your review of the book. (I do remember that at times it felt like 'hard slogging' with all the footnotes but they did add a lot of perspective to how it was being channelled and what was going on their lives.)

Nancy said...

Kate i - I absolutely know what you mean about feeling relief with this book. I felt exactly the same way. There was nothing else like it at the time and I knew I had "come home" while reading it. I hope people decide to read it for themselves after reading my posts. It's worth their time, in my opinion.

luksky said...

I have heard about this book periodically throughout different websites and have always thought one of these days I would like to read it.

Ironically, at the moment I am looking for a new book to read and your post reminded me of Seth Speaks. I call it synchronicity. I think I will go add this one to my Ipad now.

ellen abbott said...

I read it and several other of the Seth books. It had a profound effect on me. It's been many years, nearly half my life since I read them but I still rely on that material for the foundation of my beliefs. It all made such perfect sense and rang so true within me. I'll have to read it again.

Nancy said...

luksky - I can see you really enjoying this book. I highly recommend it. We can read it together! :-)

Ellen - Same for me. It was as though it was information I had somehow forgotten and I felt as though he was speaking to me. I have ordered the rest of the books that was channeled by him and hope to get through them in the next year or so.

Cloudia said...

the proof is in the material, which is often thought provoking & enlightening wherever it originates.

Warm Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

One of my favorites! Seth "wrote" more than 20 books. There are also half a dozen books that contain the "deleted" material, information Seth gave to Jane and her husband on their personal lives and her health issues.

Hilary said...

It was so popular in the 70s yet I never read any of the Seth books. I'll look forward to your reports and quite likely reading it after all these years.

Rob-bear said...

I've never heard of the book, or of Seth.

I'm looking forward to the information you share.

Nancy said...

Cloudia - Agreed. If you relate to it, then it is valuable.

T&R - There was a bunch of material and then he just disappeared. He was finished, I guess.

Rob-bear - It is dense material and I think you have to have some kind of desire to learn this stuff for it to have meaning.