Friday, November 25, 2011

We're Making A Difference!

I've been getting updates on the petitions I've been signing. There is no doubt we're making a difference! Sometimes we look at these things and think - there is no way I, personally, can make any difference in this world. And maybe one person cannot make a difference with all of the atrocities - such as the dolphin massacre in Japan - but together, we can.

People are joining organizations all over the world. We are starting to organize in ways that is getting the attention of the powers that be. When hundreds of thousands, or millions, of signatures - complete with personal notes, show up on the desk of someone making the decision of whether or not to allow those boats out into the cove to kill dolphins - they know that what they are doing is getting world-wide attention. It is no longer a secret. 

Random acts of caring is how we will change the world. By banding together and sending a message to the people who think they are acting in vacuum - we know who you are and we want this activity to stop. We are from all nations from around the world, and we are unified.

That is our message.

Care2 Petion Site - 17,000,000 and growing! - 10,000,000 and growing!

Do you have one to add? Send me the link and I'll add it here!


Brian Miller said... is great to see people coming together for the good of all..

Nancy said...

Brian - Finally! A global perspective.

Umā said...


Star said...

Great stuff Nancy.

DJan said...

You indeed make a difference. Certainly you do in my life, awakening me to things I would otherwise have overlooked, or missed. And those actions ripple outwards to the rest of the world. You are a treasure.

Gemel said...

Happy to hear, finally the world is starting to feel for the precious beings that share our world.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

A global perspective is exactly what's needed. Off to sign these petitions!
- Trish

Jen said... and are also good ones to subscribe to!