Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm starting to emerge from the wall of boxes! We've moved from a big house back to our small house at Lake Tahoe and we couldn't be happier. A friend once said that your home should fit like your clothes - not too big and not too small. So now we know 5,000 sq ft is too big and our condo at 1,400 sq ft is a bit tight, but workable. So until we find the right fit in the place we want to retire, we will stay here in the mountains.

It has been a busy time with moving, graduations, and all of the details that go along with life in 2012. I'm off to Portland tomorrow to care for my grandson for several days while his parents take a little vacation, and then I can begin to think about the new website. We've changed the launch date from June 11th to June 27th. I'll spend some time with my daughter this week learning the new technology.

Hope all is well with you regarding all of the new energy swirling and moving, twisting and turning. We live in interesting times, don't you think?

Special thanks to all of you that continue to stop by and check out this blog. I'm always amazed when I look at the site statistics and see that many of you are still with me - thank you so much.

More info to follow soon.