Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time Well Spent

I woke up this morning feeling sick. My husband managed to pass along some kind of virus that seemed to only slow him down, but walloped me - as usual. My children always had that ability - a little runny nose and maybe a small cough for them, would grow horns for me. Since we are off to Hawaii tomorrow, I really needed to find a way to get better fast. Our flight is early and our house sitters would be coming by to get acclimated to the house and Lucy's schedule. (Yes, Lucy has babysitters - don't all Labs?)

So I found myself with time on my hands and needing something that would lift my spirits.

I found just the thing on Coast to Coast. For some of you that might be Coast to Coast listeners, the segment on Transformation and Life Purpose was one of the best segments I've listened to so far. I'm a member, so I can download any show and listen to it in my own time. Coast to Coast has plenty of negative and even some scary stories and guests on occasion, but the one on November 14th was truly delightful.

Jack Canfield, of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, has co-written a new book with William Gladstone that has just been released. The Golden Motorcycle Gang has gone on my Christmas gift list. Jack Canfield is an incredibly good speaker. He is very down to earth and easy to understand. His message is one of hope and joy, and I found myself feeling so much better after listening to them talk about what they believe is the true meaning of 2012 and what is currently going on with current events. They talked about how to use specific skills to manifest those things that we want to see in our lives, especially our life purpose. We are here right now for a reason, and we chose this time for a reason. Every single person on this planet is important to what is happening - and I believe we are birthing a new evolution of mankind. I think that is what the Mayans are saying - it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. And we are driving it home.

People actually called the show and were crying, they were so touched by the dialog.

Just from listening to these guys speak for a couple of hours I feel that I am doing what I came here to do. I think I came here to write this blog, for one thing -  maybe to be someone that points people in directions they may not have considered, giving them the ability to make up their own minds. Maybe to do the research that they may not have time to do. To possibly write a book, maybe on shared-resources living. To be of service - in whatever small way that I can.

So what do you think? Am I on the right track?

Have you found your life purpose? (Hint - it is whatever brings you the most joy.)

ADDENDUM:  My brother called during the writing of this post to say that the business he decided to start, after quitting a good-paying job in this job market, is taking off like wild fire. He said for the first time in many, many, years he is having FUN!


DJan said...

You have definitely made a difference in my life, pointing me in directions I would never have traveled before. And I am having fun here in retirement, so I must be doing what I was intended to do.

I found an amazing thing that helped with my sore throat, Nancy. It's an herbal tea made by Traditional Medicinals called "Throat Coat." Licorice and slippery elm with a mixture of some other stuff. It is amazing, if you can get your hands on some.

Brian Miller said...

i think you are fulfilling that purpose...you always make me think and help expand my mind...of that i am appreciative...

Grandmother said...

Nancy, I celebrate you and your thoughtful, insightful sharing. I show them to my Honey and we discuss them more than most blogs I follow which are mostly for me individually. You put the BIG life issues in front of us. Bless you, may you prosper.

Jen said...

It is very timely that you wrote this yesterday of all days when I have (I think) FINALLY come up with a business idea that (surprisingly) does not exist in the city I live in! I am so ready to start living up to my potential! ;) I'm off to listen to the C2C segment!

Linda Myers said...

I like the idea of each of us having a purpose.

I'm in training to become a certified mediator. Last weekend I volunteered to be a board member for our timeshare. And just this week we sent our book to the publisher.

I believe everyone has a gift. And I think we'll be more content if we are willing to use it.

T said...

One of the best lunches I ever had was the one in Hood River with you and your hub, nancy!
- Trish

Cloudia said...

I Envy your brother!

Feel better, friend

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Natalie said...

Of course you are, and you are awesome at it. xx

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I am enjoying your posts about the Big Issues. Meanwhile, the instant I read DJan's mention of Throat Coat, I clicked away and ordered some, because a sore throat always feels like a Big Issue to me! I hope you feel better and enjoy your travel!

T said...

Now that you're in Hawaii, can't wait to hear of your adventures.

Nancy said...

DJan - Thank you so much. And thank you for the recommendation for Throat Coat - trying to locate it here in Maui. I'll bet they have it at Whole Foods.

Brian - Thanks, Brian.

Grandmother - Thank you. I love that you can talk with your husband about all of these issues that off the beaten track.

Jen - You will enjoy that segment - i guarantee it.

Linda - Wow - that is very interesting. I think mediation is so important. People having someone help them work through problems is so much better than lawyers and the legal system if it can be avoided. Good luck with that.

T - I feel the same way, T!

Cloudia - He is doing so well, but most of all he is happy. Or, maybe he is doing so well because he is so happy?

Natalie - Thanks, Nat! Been missing you lately. Hope all is going well for you.

Blissed - I am looking for it, too. LOL! It is a big issue when your throat is sore!

T- Will come up with a Hawaii post soon. There is so much to say about Maui. I really love it here.

Amanda said...

i love your blog - i always enjoy learning new things about spirituality and mindfulness and you keep me up on the latest - so yes, i'd say you are on the right track!

have a great trip - nothing like going to hawaii to cure a cold ;-)