Wednesday, May 25, 2011

James the WingMaker

(James's artwork)

As many of you know, I have been studying the heart as the next stage of human evolution. From this post, and this post, consecutively, you may know that we evolve from a heart - not a brain. It has a much more dense electromagnetic field than does the brain. This information has come from a variety of sources, but none more mysterious than from James the WingMaker. He is a man of European (Spanish) decent who claims to be from an ancient line of beings who incarnate on earth to help lift our understanding during challenging times. He chooses to remain anonymous so that personality does not interfere with the message.

The message, put simply, is that the human family is a single organism that connects through the heart. This single organism is the savior we have sought; the intermediary we have been told is required to advance spiritually. He believes looking outside of ourselves is the wrong direction, that the heart's wisdom is the gateway to enlightenment, not only for the individual, but for humanity at large. He believes true wisdom does not come until the person is ready, and truth will find them when the time is right.

I've learned over a course of years to listen to messages from a variety of sources, suspending my judgment as to where they come from, and focusing on whether or not they resonate with my innate sense of right and wrong. Let me say, for the most part I tend to be somewhat suspicious by nature. But I've read hundreds of pages of his writings and cannot find anything that would send my spidey sense into  overload. The information is free - the only things sold are ancillary musical Cd's and artwork. He has three separate websites - all different in their teaching styles - but all are consistent with his fundamental message - that the heart of empowerment is the point of consciousness written in the individual by the Creator; and is the vibration of equality. It is here that the interface between individuality and Oneness occurs.

In typical Nancy fashion, I started with his latest website, Event Temples, and worked my way backwards. I did the same thing in college - upper division courses first (as many as I could get into) and followed by the lower division courses in order to fulfill requirements. I did this because the latest writings, or courses, usually gives me a perspective of whether or not it is worth my time to pursue. I'm not sure this is how these websites are constructed, however. I think one can visit any of the three to ascertain whether or not they are interested in what James has to say. We all learn differently, and are attracted to differing styles of teaching. I have not read much on the WingMaker's site, having spent most of my time reading the material on the Event Temple and the Lyricus sites.

Tomorrow I'll talk about behavioral intelligence, the cornerstone of James's teachings, and why it is easy to understand intellectually, but harder to practice behaviorally.

Here are his websites in order:
Event Temples


Brian Miller said...

nice...i will echo his thoughts on the heart...and the connection with family...

T said...

Can't wait to follow these links! You unearth such treasures.

DJan said...

I'll go look at the first one and find out whether it resonates for me as it did for you... I always appreciate any seeker who sends me on my own spiritual journey. Thank you.

gypsywoman said...

his artwork so reminds me of my own - in terms of painting from my heart - his colors and figures very much like what i do - and i love this image you share with us - can't wait to visit his websites - and T is right, you always unearth such treasures! thanks so much and have a great day!