Thursday, May 26, 2011

Focused Prayer

I have read in more than one place lately - that prayers, when combined with others praying at the same time for the same thing - turn to a kind of "music" in the cosmos. In Whitley Streiber's book "The Key" the mysterious visitor who visited him in his hotel room in Canada during the 1990's stated that human beings could pray together to help change their world.

There are many places that have popped up on the Internet that bring people together to pray for a certain outcome - usually having to do with world catastrophic events. I was invited to join one the other day through James Redfield - the author of The Twelfth Insight.

In a world of more and more extreme phenomenon, it makes sense to band together - if for no other reason than we feel a communion with fellow world inhabitants. This is the premise behind most of Lynn McTaggart's work with intention and the zero-point field.

Event Temples and James's work takes all of this a step further and attempts to help people learn to develop the ability to see the world differently by utilizing what he terms the "Six Heart Virtues." They are as follows:
  1. Appreciation
  2. Compassion
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Humility
  5. Understanding
  6. Valor
Here is an excerpt from the website:

JAMES: "A new psychology is emerging on the planet, referred to as positive psychology, which focuses on the study of human resilience and emotional strength. Psychologists are beginning to realize, for example, that it is more important to understand how some people have naturally overcome depression, than it is to study the psychopathology of depression itself.

"Reservoirs of resilience and emotional strength are byproducts of emotional self-mastery, the ability to express the six heart virtues and live within a 
virtuous instead of a vicious cycle. The ability to sustain a virtuous cycle through the energetic and behavioral expression of the six heart virtues is tantamount to empowerment.

"My vision for is for it to help individuals achieve a new level of empowerment, and from this base, enable them to collectively and individually support people across the globe through energetic transfers from an expanding set of quantum communities."

Of course, all of this is not necessarily easy for us humans to understand and learn. It requires some real effort on our part. Most of the time we are just responding to outside influences. We are a product of our subconscious, our ego, our upbringing, our educations, the media. But if we are going to move forward, if we are going to evolve, we need to learn the tools that help us to focus, to learn, and to transmit with intent.

Learning to think through our heart is a step in the right direction. We can look around us and see the impact of living only within a mechanistic worldview.


Amanda said...

excellent post, nancy. brings to mind the teaching of don miguel ruiz, who says we need to get beyond the domestication of our upbringing and understand our emotions so we can use them to our advantage instead of letting them control us. i believe in the power of collective prayer. and we humans have no idea of the power of our emotional energy if we were to harness it.

as always, a pleasure to visit your site~

Brian Miller said...

i as well believe in collective thought and prayer and its ability to bring about positive or negative events...

Reya Mellicker said...

I love praying. I do it every day.

One thing that Rabbi Manewith taught us in prayer class is that the only thing one needs in order to pray is sincerity. That rings so true!

Pat said...

I believe in the power of prayer and it can only help if so many people are praying for the same thing.

T said...
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T said...

That mechanistic worldview is collapsing fairly quickly now. Living through the heart perhaps our most hopeful path to something new.

Rob-bear said...

"More things are wrought by prayer than this word dreams of." Thus Tennyson, in his "Morte D'Arthur."

If prayer has an energy, the more who participate in that prayer, the more energy it has. I think we all misunderstand the power of ideas, thought, and prayers on our world.

So, it seems, we should be praying together.

ellen abbott said...

I would say more, could say more, but I think just 'yes' will do.

Wenny said...

i believe in the law of attraction and a group prayer can certainly deliver a stronger positive vibes into the universe to attract the changes we're praying for.

Deborah said...

There's a lot to this. It'll be most interesting to see how far this is explored and where, in say twenty years, it will lead us. It makes a lot of sense.

susan said...

I believe whenever we pray or meditate with intention we enhance the prayers of others. It's much like an ongoing concert of the heart.

Marguerite said...

Such a thought provoking post, as always! I definitely believe in the power of prayer and this brings to mind the teachings of Jesus and one of my favorite scriptures. Matthew 18: 19-20, which addresses "focused prayer".