Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Topics of Interest

I know many of you know that I'm writing a book based on my blog. Recently I decided it needed to be re-written, and to go in another direction. There have been so many blog posts where I have only been able to touch on the subject. Blog posts, almost by definition, are posts, not chapters. It is really hard to fully explore a topic through a blog. Yet there have been some over the last few years that I feel would be worth researching a little further.

The problem is where to begin to find those posts that might be of further interest? I have written 594 posts so far. So with that thought in mind, I intend to start with the topics that have received the most "hits" through Sitemeter. Such as Dolphin vs Human Intelligence - which has received thousands of hits. What was so strange was that it was a post that directed the reader to another site, I didn't actually write anything on the subject. So I was thinking maybe it's time for me to really research this subject, maybe write this book based on those ideas that are actually drawing people to this blog in the first place.

Another interesting thing that has happened is that most of my readers do not comment, which leads me to believe many of you may not have blogs. So with that in mind, I'm going to shut off the comment filter on my blog for this post, (I use it to keep from being spammed,) and allow anonymous comments. So if you have a topic that you have found interesting, and would like to know more about, please let me know.

Now is the time to follow our dreams, help others to achieve theirs, and stay focused on our mission in life. I believe mine is to write in a way that brings my readers the information they need to navigate these interesting and difficult times. We are all evolving humans, and life as we know it will never be the same.


Leah J. Utas said...

So many of your topics have interested me I don't know where to begin so I'll just say good luck with your book.

Nancy said...

Leah - Thank you!

Brian Miller said...

hmm...let me think because your topics have fascinated me since i began following you (forever ago...ha)

Here Under the Rainbow said...

"Now is the time to follow our dreams, help others to achieve theirs, and stay focused on our mission in life."

This would be my own goal for the next six months and beyond.

Also - in a world of snark, I love the positiveness of your blog content and that of your commenters/followers.

Nancy said...

Brian - Thank you :-)

Here - I think there is so much negativity in the world right now that I don't need to talk about it on this blog. My book will be about navigating around the negative to find a path more in tuned to finding joy and good mental health. Thank you for noticing my intent...:-)

CrazyCris said...

I don't know... you write about so many interesting topics it's hard to whittle them down! I like how you write a lot about being positive.

I think we all have a vast majority of readers who don't comment... sadly.

Good luck with the book!!!


nancy, for me, i personally am totally smitten with the whole solar activity issue - i can't read enough! so anything at all there would be 150% up my solar alley! ;) your may 5 post a great example of this!

and as you say, the negativity issue, has to be foremost - because, as the mind moves, so does matter - according to radin -
i think about all the negativity regarding the year 2012 - the popular doomsday concepts/theories - and cannot help but wonder if, then, if fact, with enormous negativity directed at 2012, if it won't, in fact, then, be a self-fulfilling prophesy that "could" have been averted by a more positive perspective! much food for thought!

oh, and listen, i couldn't tell you how many many readers i have, as well, from all over the globe, who, according to sitemeter, come by, read and leave! all over the globe! so - who knows what's really going on with all that!

susan said...

Denise Herzing is a biologist with the Wild Dolphin Project in Jupiter, Florida. She has studied the animals for over twenty years. Her latest work involves creating a language that both dolphins and humans can understand.

I hope your book project goes well.

Whitney Lee said...

You do write about really interesting things, things that allow me to feel connected to the world's more positive news. That said, the posts I enjoy the most are the ones where you write them as opposed to the ones that direct me elsewhere, probably because I so enjoy your take on different subject matter. I also lean toward the ones that focus on more positive material and have information on actions I can take to help contribute to the positive energy (like NOT buy Round Up or meditate using only happy thoughts, etc.). I like the idea that very small actions can produce radical results and that my small actions do count, very much in fact.

I'm going to wait with much patience and gratitude for your book to become a reality. Happy writing!

May I also insert a bit of advice? Why not go back and reread some of your own posts and choose the ones that You find more interesting and would like to further explore? You are bound to write more easily (and successfully) about something that piques your own interest.

The Good Cook said...

I know I have been mostly silent on both your blog and mine in the past few weeks. I have entered an intense stage of introspections. Good or bad, for better or for worse.. it is where I am. I so need direction, meditation and solitude right now.. to find my way, my focus, my dreams (which you know have been interrupted).. any suggestions?


Hilary said...

I think that as long as you follow your instincts, you'll produce a book of great interest. It's not failed you so far.. your blog is proof of that. Best of luck to you, Nancy.

Cloudia said...

Hilary makes great points

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




Nancy said...

Chris - I'm just as bad these days - less time to read than I used to have...

Gypsy - I agree with you regarding energy. I do intend to do a chapter on living from the heart, which will include more information on solar flares and how they are related. It is fascinating stuff, isn't it?

Susan - Thank you for the link! I started collecting material for that topic today.

Whitney - Great advice - and very helpful information about what works for you. I do try to use this blog to focus on what is important, and how to stay focused on the positive. Plus, there is so much information out there! It would be impossible for most busy people to have any idea what is happening in science and consciousness. I'm really glad I can fill a need. It gives me purpose. Thank you!

Good Cook - I think we need to have another telephone conversation - I'll call...

Hilary - Thanks!

Cloudia - Thank you :-)

Trish said...

I'll send you photos of Megan's dolphin art exhibit. They'll inspire you! The book will find its own direction, Nancy. Trust the process. In some reality, it's already written and I'm already reading it.

Nancy said...

Trish - Thanks, that is great advice, and Megan's beautiful pictures are truly inspiring.