Sunday, April 5, 2009

Small World

I was thinking about how when I was a child, I thought the world to be an immense space. So large that the mind had a hard time grasping the idea of so many people, lands, cultures. Now, because of technology, we realize it is a very small globe, actually. That we are connected to the world, and it's peoples, in a very intimate way. We can communicate with individuals, not just second-hand through newspapers or journalists. We can, through blogging, reach out and touch real people.

In the US, it has changed politics forever. Between the election in 2000 and the election in 2008, the blogging world exploded. For the first time, our politicians could not lie to us, and then just keep repeating the lie, until we had no choice but to accept it. Ditto for our business leaders. The world of blogging has changed all that. U-Tube has changed all that. The truth is already out there, and you can bet someone has it on tape somewhere.  All we have to do is link to each other, share information, and the ability to pull the wool over our eyes decreases exponentially. The power goes back to the people.

In that light, I would like to ask you a few questions. I have never had the honor to be able to do such a thing, with so many people. You are reading this blog from all over the world, by the thousands! Absolutely incredible! So here goes:

Where you live, what is it like right now?

How/would you like to see change?

Thanks, and have a great day, night, whatever! 


Guillaume said...

Dépannage informatique Lyon
beautiful and very intersting blog...

Mags said...

Deep post...just disagree a little...i still feel through even with technology..the world is such a large place...well where i live right now in New happy to see more people are uniting and looking past things such as race, gender and religion...on the other hand sad to see that there will alwyas be evil among us...i would like to see things change by first seeing people change...i would like to see people be more understanding of others...and more caring for others.

Ayca C said...

Hi Lover of Love. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I'd love to see peace in the world, not only in some places of it. And no suffer from hunger in some countries..

Lover of Life said...

Mags - I totally agree. We will have to change on an individual level before we can ever change on a macro level.

Lover of Life said...

Ayca - I want the same. I am becoming so much more aware.

boylerpf said...

It is amazing that we can travel all over the world instantly and read other peoples thoughts and comments. My problem however, is the news media that impose their beliefs to be the true final say so. For me...I wish the world would go back to a more moral foundation which is one of the reasons I feel that so many issues have gone awry. Great post!

Bogey said...

I live in Ontario, Canada and like yourselves in the United States, we are facing a bit of a crunch. People are losing jobs in every area of industry. Governments all over the place constantly try to keep us in the dark. But, as you say, if we share the truth amongst ourselves we can only continue to educate ourselves to the world's realities.

What I would like to see in my lifetime is a government that will not only listen to the needs of the people but also to give them what they need. Here is a quote from Colin Powell which which may apply here;

"The day soldiers (citizens)stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership."

Herrad said...


In the last years people have been targeted heavily.

Consume consume has been the constant message.

The real message should be give and receive love.

That is what keeps us alive iy is the co-operation between us all.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

I currently live in Quebec, Canada. I guess living here, I'd like to see people change too. The French vs. English attitude causes unnecessary hatred and violence. This is the main reason why I'm leaving this province to move to an English province in the fall. I've had it, I hate to say I've given up on humanity, that would be too dramatic, but I think I've given up on Quebec. After the last referendum to separate Quebec from Canada, the head of our province said "What do you expect? We lost the vote to Big Business and the Ethnics" i.e. English people and immigrants. This is a direct reflection on the view of most of the French population here, I can say this after living here my entire life. It's a disgrace. Sorry for the soapbox, it's an issue that is very close to me since I've been shown by many French Quebecers that I am not welcome in my own province of birth.

Andrea said...

Again, great entry today. And thanks for the award - I do appreciate it.

I live in a small community tucked between DC and Baltimore. Rolling hills, really nice. Today is absolutely gorgeous - sunny and warm and people out everywhere. It's the urban sprawl I can't stand and these two cities are practically one now. I know that's why so many folks move out of the area!

mo_inoh said...

Have you ever gone to place were you were far from were you lived. And lets say your in a store shopping. Then bam, you bump into a old friend who you have seen in years. Thus ITS A SAMLL SMALL WORLD.


Find your sites quite interesting. Welcome you to view some of the sites I have created: and

South Africa is a great destination. We are building our community, our nation and community. Our past of apartheid hmust never be repeated anywhere in the world. learn from us. every person on this living planety, must be treated with dignity and respect. ta


terFind your sites quite interesting. Welcome you to view some of the sites I have created: and

South Africa is a great destination. We are building our community, our nation and community. Our past of apartheid hmust never be repeated anywhere in the world. learn from us. every person on this living planety, must be treated with dignity and respect. ta

Kate said...

I live in sub-urban American sprawl. I love my neighbors and feel that they love me. My neighborhood is safe and retro (feels like the 50's here) because of it. We sit on our front porch and wave and visit with friends who walk by. Kids roam from yard to yard, playing. It is easy to feel happy here, dispite the fact that my husband's job is in jeopardy and we have very little money.

We are not truly poor. We are wealthy with health, friendship, love, and happiness. Money could not improve upon those things.

I would like to see that sort of optimism reaffirmed world-wide!

Cynthia said...

Hi Lover of Life, I'm writing from Puerto Rico but what I would like to see over the entire world would be that as many people as possible experience a sense of connection to all beings everywhere, including people, animals and the environment. I think if we can feel our connection, we may be able to act in an honorable and loving manner towards all. See you asked a big question and you get this kind of an answer! <3

Expat From Hell said...

Dear Life: Love your stuff. I live in Dallas, but am wondering more and more if I can live anywhere now.

With Twitter and blogs, who cares where you live anymore?

Tulipa said...

Hi,I live in Brazil. I loved this blog.

m_AJ_ik said...

It small until you try to walk somewhere...

Jason said...

First off I want to say that I am enjoying your blog very much. Good work and congratulations.

I live in a western suburb of Chicago which is a very nice village of about 40K people. I find it a perfect place for my family.

I think many of your points were spot on target. I had read a piece earlier this morning that suggested the we are more fragmented now as a society due to technology. I wonder if the counter argument is more correct, that we have more community connections now due to technology. In any case, wishing everyone peace and happiness.

Anonymous said...

I live in Brazil,very good your blog

Anonymous said...

I live in West Virginia where today it is 76, sunny and people all over are mowing their ankle deep grass. We have a lot of unemployment here. So many of our chemical plants, Aluminum plants,small businesses, mom and pop businesses have closed or layed off a ton of workers, my son being one of them. He has been out of work since December. I am not in favor of this stimulus package and hate what is going on in our government. I wish for world peace and I am sad of all the hunger, the mistreatment of wemon in other countries, and I wish China had better control and regulations over the making of all their merchandise, toys in particular that they export to China. We have stopped buying articles made there.
This is my first time on your blog and I congradulate you on receiving the honor of "Blog of Note" - I'll be back to visit...debbie

Marieke said...

I live in Belgium. I think that our country is ok but there are a lot of bad things that happen here, we're not the only country but it seems that more and more people become crazy and go killing people they don't even know. In January a guy broke in a children daycare and stabbed little children. 2 children died. I feel sorry for the persons who have lost someone in that way. Losing your parent,child or any member of family, friend that way is horrible. I hope that it gets better soon. Who wouldn't like a world without murderers and criminals but only people who are kind to eachother. Sorry if my English isn't that clear!

Lover of Life said...

boy - My husband and I were discussing this subject just this morning. We have lived in a world where someone else's opinion becomes the "gospel". The media, the special interests behind the media - all forming opinions for us. Maybe things are starting to change just a little - note the newspapers that are closing down, instant replies to on-line news stories.

Bogey - great quote! I like Colin Powell. I want exactly what you want when it comes to government. I have been sending my fair share of e-mails to the Obama/Biden team.

Herrad - I totally agree with consumption being our way of self-soothing. Love is the only guide to true happiness. We need to change. And soon.

Rain - Thank you for letting us know what is going on in your part of the world. We hear of the English/French disparity, but had no idea it was so much of a problem. I would like to learn more.

Andrea - You totally deserve the award. I really like your blog. Nice to hear how pretty the East Coast sounds today!

mo - Yes! That has happened to me. Far far from home and you run into someone you know! It is indeed a small world.

Beautiful - Thank you - I will totally visit your blogs! You are absolutely right about treating each and every person with respect and dignity.

Kate - You are living the American Dream. Money does not make anyone happy. Love, friendship, companionship, stewardship - that's what makes happiness!

Cynthia - Loved your answer! So very true.

Expat - Absolutely you can live anywhere now. It's making a living that's the hard part. But even then, it's so easy for many jobs to operate far from "headquarters."

Tulipa - Thank you! What a pretty picture you have!

m_AJ_ik - LOL - No doubt!

Jason - Congrats on such a nice place for your family. It truly makes all the difference. For me, I feel more connected since I found blogging. Before, I felt less a part of things as I was a stay-at-home mother, and then an "empty nester". It's opened the world up to me, and I am so grateful.

Andre - Thank you!

Happy - Thank you for visiting from the lovely state of West Virginia! Ankle-deep grass sounds nice - we still have snow!

Kelly said...

Hello, Just found your blog on the blogs of note and have really enjoyed reading your posts and all the comments from others. It is amazing how small our world is becoming. I have been very fortunate to live a quiet simple life with loving family & friends. Right now it is a beautiful sunny day in Oregon. Time to start cleaning up our horses and go ride. I actually have a blog post on my personal blog that reflects my feeling that seems to be the common thread here about love and respect and happiness. I wish for happiness to all those who pass this way.
Congrats for being on blogs of note

Shawna said...

I am in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We thrive on our beautiful scenery here, that's how most people make a living. The tourists and visitors rule our economy.
It is definitely a small world. I can read blogs from all over the planet at the click of a mouse.
And I can travel to a foreign country (Mexico) and find my neighbors from down the street!

John T said...

First of all, we need to stop thinking about what others think about us, and start thinking about what God thinks about us!! Then we can come togeather and put God and prayer back in our schools, government, money and the pledge of allegiance. Then we can start to get the CHANGE America NEEDS.

Arcadia said...

totally agree with @Herrad

"The real message should be give and receive love."

Thank you!
Don't be a hypocrite
God of this city

Stray Cat said...

Hello from Oregon! Yes, lots of information and misinformation out there where "truth" is lying (ha ha) somewhere in between. My hope for all humans: Good shelter, clean water, toxic-free food, and good health stemming from healthy lifestyles. Fantastic blog!

CrazyCris said...

I'm writing from Alicante, on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. People are reeling from the economic crisis here as well, particularly those involved in real estate. In the past 10 years the (relatively) rural land around where I live has all been built up and prices just kept going up and up and up. Now you see incompleted buildings with no one working on them. Signs of appartments for rent or (mostly) for sale that never get taken down. My mom's salary used to more than cover their morgage, now with the increased rates it falls a couple hundred euros short. Food prices are up, gas is up...

And yet here you don't hear people complaining about it all that much, it's a vague problem "la crisis". People try to live their lives as usual, just reducing expenses here and their. Restaurants still get filled up on weekends, people just order house wine instead of the top Rioja, an skip on a coktail or dessert. People still went on vacation last summer, but opted for national travel, a lot of campsites, budget hotels or staying with friends.

And yes, the world is VERY small. I've lived through things proving it on many an occasion. In Jr High in Mexico I made friends with a girl whom we later discovered had been my best friend in kindergarten... in Saudi Arabia! When studying in Belgium I made friends with a girl who had gone to university in Paris and whose main group of friends there were all classmates of mine from Mexico... and to top it off her mother was a good friend of one of my high school bio teachers. And so on, and so forth.

I wish more people could travel and get the chance to live in countries different from their own. It would help open up so many people's eyes to how similar we all truly are when it comes down to the basics. And if people were better educated they'd realise how stupid and frivolous so many international conflicts are!

sigh! here's to a future of world peace!


Dr.Zamboni said...

i'm a blogger and all of you need to visit my blog!!

nafclayton said...
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Work From Home said...

Hi there!

... and you wonder why did they pick your blog as a blog of notice... ;-D

anyways, I currently live in the US (in sunny-Cali) but I'm originally European and I've only been living here for 7 years.

Funny thing is, I have never felt so disconnected from the world than here in the United States and I've been to lots of countries (it's very easy to travel back in Europe).

Maybe it's that I didn't have the luck to meet the right people, but it also could be because of the overall mentality of this country (no offense). It feels like people are being showered with (and pressured into buying) all kind of materialistic stuff, taking the attention away from developing a soul. It's like an adult pacifier that the media forces into your mouth every time you try to cry out about something. ... but it might be just me looking at everything from a different (weird) point of view :-)


hi, fantantic to receive mail from you. you describe a perfect picture. life can be as beautiful if we allow it. we in south africa still have a long way to go in terms of development etc. i love my country and is committed to see it develop. we have national elections soon. proudly south african

Courtney said...

I live in a dry place called suburbia. If I could change anything in the world it would be education. I want my teachers to have a love for teaching again. To be inspired and inspire. I'd like them to acknowledge our potential as students and push us to be creative. Why do we stop incorperating fun into the curriculum? Just because we're not kindergarteners anymore doesn't mean we don't need to be stimulated and engaged? Ugh... I also think that humanity should realize that religion is a coping mechanism. I've been a strong catholic for a long time and cannot help but draw parallels between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and Energy, Earth, and Consciousness. The biggest question is where energy and consciousness come from. They are (so far) an enigmatic product of our existence. I have always been curious as to why my classmates scoff at ancient polytheism when they believe in a god themselves. And if they don't (which a lot of them probably don't in all actuality) then why are so many following a religion? I don't know... just frustrated I guess. :) HAve a good day.

Always a Southern Girl said...

Right now where I live it is really snowing hard and very cold for April. I can't believe it. But that is Chicago for you. I would like to see a world where we could all get along, no matter our race or religion. We can change the world one random act of kindness at a time.

jessicamariella said...

I live in Delran, NJ. I agree with many people here that we will have to try to change as individuals before we can make a change in the world. It's like, you cannot make someone else happy unless you are truly happy with yourself. I would like to see people less dependent on others for help. Not to talk badly about welfare (because it helps a lot of people), but so many people abuse the system simply because they are lazy, mkaing it hard for people who really need it to get it. I'd like to see people more accepting of other people's faults. People can be so cruel. I am kind and polite to everyone, whether you're my father, friend, CEO, janitor, or the man pumping my gas. I see a lot of people who are simply cruel and think they are better than certain people. I would like to see people be more open to helping people, rather than being so quickly to shut them out. Our economy is hurting so bad and many of my friends have lost their jobs and some are on the cutting block as I type right this minute. We really need to pull together and work as a team, rather than selfishly standing guard of our own built fortunes. I know it's cliche, but "united we stand, divided we fall"

Like your blog. You see things similar to the way I see some things :)

California Girl said...

I started to write the names of the bloggers I agreed with but it became too much. Suffice to say I am pretty much in agreement with the majority of them. I would like to see peace in our life time; real peace. No countries at war or involved in the production or escalation of war materials. Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, North Korea, Pakistan, Darfur, etc...

You hit a nerve with the question and elicited alot of good responses. As you know, I'm from northern New Hampshire.

Julie said...

There is only one thing I would like to change. That is for people to discipline their children better so that our school isn't filled with bratty evil little children who make the nice little children want to hurt themselves!

Alli said...

I live in Harrisonburg VA but come from Winchester VA. What I would most like to see change is peoples attitudes towards one another. Since coming to college I have noticed more racist and sexist remarks as well as those against homosexuals. It saddens me that people would discriminate this way. I think we have already started heading in the right direction, but it'd be great to never hear a remark about others being inferior based on something that is out of their control (and actually makes no difference).

Melfie said...

Hi, I live in Hertfordshire England which is around 40 miles to the north of London. I would like to see the eradication of racism in the groups that should know better - the well educated and well heeled lot. I have seen children be rude to others while their parents don't say a word. they are happy to be the haves and not the have nots.
Its Spring here and the flowers are out in bloom and its great for walking.
I am a positive person and almost everyday I speak to someone new.
There are a lot of pensioners where I live and they love to hear my children chat to them and I also like talking to them. Their view on the world is often ignored yet they have such loving and beautiful things today. On Saturday I met Jimmy Mac orginally from Ireland he mistook me for a Zimbabwean and showed me his garden. A more styish and chilled out pensioner you will not find. A friendship has been formed. Its that easy.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I found you when I was looking through blogs of note....I've never even known that tab existed before!
I live in was warm, but a little rainy today.
I would love to see some change (actually a LOT of change) in the medical research field. 1 in 3 people will have cancer and we are really no closer to finding a cure.
Other than that....I'm good here!
Love your blog~

Enes said...

technology has it's advantages and disadvantages...

Hello, Good day!

I live in the Philippines, the world is suffering a Global Crisis, but here in our place, every day is like a crisis, so we are used to it.

But still, every one of us hopes for a better future.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Blog and here are some answers for you.
Right now I'm in Naples Florida - a very nice community, but very affluent and there seems to be a sense of "as long as I don't see it, it's not happening", while right around the corner the market has fallen apart and families are losing jobs, homes, and lives. Just my take on it.

Change - well thats a tall order - I would love to see some change in our own country to get the economy back on its feet. I know there were a lot of responsible parties, but enough throwing the blame around and lets get it back together.

That being said, we still live in an amazing country were you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it, don't give up and persist. To think is to create.

susan said...

Good Lord! Look what happened at your place. I can't think of a nicer person for lots of people to listen to.

It's a small blue ball and it's beautiful.

Willy Lopez said...

nice ,..check out this blog..

Richard David Price said...

Awesome Blog.

Anonymous said...

okay, so, nice, deep, truthful. I'm in Georgia, its late, dark. Supposed to be cold soon. I'm trying to find some interesting blogs and I found one. Thanks for sharing.

Vicki Lansen said...

Hi from Patagonia, Chile. Congratulations on the Blog of Note, most importantly for your blog of Note! Nice job. On my first week on the short slide from year 50+, my life here is interesting, difficult, challenging and wildly wonderful.


ACitizenOfThisWorld said...

Hi from Tehran,Iran. :D

first of all, Nice Blog! Definitely Following! :) I really like it that you chose this as the subject of your post right after becoming blog of note! really smart! I read all comments before mine and I totally enjoyed them. :)

Life is really chaotic here. People are confused and frustrated. They are struggling through a very stressful life on a daily basis, with undependable government, lack of real management in all systems and growing inflation.

Despite all that, the new [persian]year has just started and spring is in the air. Some are hopeful for the upcoming elections in Khordad(June).

I would like to see a radical change in our goverment, and a more reasonable relations between our nation and all other countries (including but not limited to US)that we have problems with.

On a global level, I really wish to see change in people's understanding and (as a result) tolerance towards other people who seem different.

If you feel like it, take a look at my blog. I sometimes write posts about different aspects of life here and the way I see things.

Ali said...

I totally agree with you dude.

nom de plume said...

Hi - I'm new to blogging (all of 2 days old). I had just finished posting my very first post when I came across your blog. I've spent some time going through your older posts and I must say you truly write from the heart. Somewhere, I believe that the problem has transcended development. We have achieved enough, however the achievement are restricted to certain places and people. I only wish the ones blessed would recognise their responsibility towards the ones not so lucky. Do stop by my blog when you have some time. I think despite our distances, we share some common thought and experiences

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic response! I live in a small Warwickshire village in England that's on top of a hill a few hundred feet above sea level and I wouldn't want to change that. I haven't been here long but cant see me leaving now - it is more friendly and authentic than where we were before. It is what I like to think of as an organic little community part of Gaia, and all that. What I would like is change in response to the things you hsve highlighted instead of denial and fear of change. This community needs to grow less narrow minded and blinkered, which I suppose is fairly typical of the UK. We're on a hill, like ancient hill forts from when the Romans invaded, but we can stop being defensive, I don't think we're going to be invaded again... Ignorance and fear make for narrow mindedness and when you can see all around, for miles and miles it is time to stop all that. I shall do what I can in return for safe haven and sanctuary, clean air and good soil!

Cricket Tragic said...

I'm in Sri Lanka, and I'd just want to see an end to insane corruption and peace in the country where everyone can live as equals.

As far as the world is concerned, I just want world peace so that we don't have to travel to a country and worry about whether I'd get bombed rather than enjoying the sights and sounds of the country!

life springs said...

I hail from India.I visited your blog by way of blog of note. Congratulations!!!
Right u are that blogging has made our world a very close-knit place. I would further believe it if you too visited my blog and posted your comment on any article that you read.
Take care

Linda Pendleton said...

Hi, good post and interesting comments from all over the world. Blogs, websites, email, that we now have at our finger tips, does make the world smaller, and puts us in touch with so much information making it much easier to really "see" what is happening. We may depend now too much on our technology but it has made life easier, more informative, and interesting. Let’s face it, we must find it interesting or we wouldn’t be out here reading blogs. It is a sharing of information, of attitudes, of interests, ideas and emotions. And I really enjoy it; writing my own two blogs and reading other’s blogs. I often think blogging reinforces the idea of six degrees of separation. People of like mind are drawn together in a “sense of community.”

I happen to be not too far from you--down the hill you might say in California.

The change I want to see would be tolerance, respect, equality, end of wars, and improved economy for everyone everywhere. I happen to be optimistic even though things are tough right now. I believe we can influence what is happening world-wide by putting out positive thought and energy. It is also a good feeling to see our President and First Lady having an inspirational impact on people in other countries after the embarrassment of the last eight years. I am proud they represent me.

Anonymous said...

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Just_a_hippie said...

Ur awesum man!

Steve Williams said...

I'm from Central Pennsylvania. If I would could see something change it would be for people to slow down. Living at a frenetic pace is seductive and it is easy to believe you're really living. But more and more I think the habits or rushing, multi-tasking, endless interconnectivity and going faster and faster in the end robs us of life.

My wish. At least for myself if no one else.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Jun Bullan said...

Yes it's a small world indeed. But even without technology, we sometimes
meet people unexpectedly. Lesson here
is to be respectful and kind always. We'll meet people even those we don't like either on the street or online.

Marisa said...

I live in Finland, which is a very technical and heterogenous country to live in. By heterogenous, I mean that people are relatively similar to each other since there's not much cultural and religious diversity in Finland.

We are relatively open-minded, as a nation, but I don't think that many people actually appreciate diversity. Everything unfamiliar is weird and therefore bad.

I'd like to see our society develop in a way to make Finns less judgemental about people and different cultures. For the prejudices that are spread by the media to lessen.

Blogging has definitely helped in this sense but I think travelling would be an even more effective way to bring down preconceptions.

Natalie said...

Hello Darling! I am from Australia ~ God's country. We are doing o.k but the squeeze is on, houses for sale everywhere, Indigenous poverty and health issues, hospitals crashing, jails being privatised......
I still believe it is the lucky country. Come over! We would love to have you.xx♥

dEpz said...

d world under one umbrella.. dat is wat communication technology is about.. u can connect wid real ppl (as u said) as nvr bfore. yet i bliv tat 2 c dem up and close makes difference..our eyes r always d best camera and our ears r d best substitute is not ther 4 ther? and as someone said once "wat doesnot change is change itself.." change.. welcome or unwelcome is inevitable... and who doesnot wish for a world of equality and happiness...? and 4 tat.. change is a must!!

ArbesaDollari said...

wow it was great reading that

SandyaS said...

nice posts :-)

I live in India and must be cos of the heritage its peace that i would wish to see all around. Where people are happy and contended to wake up everyday, where morning news is not filled with blasts and political backfights, where everynight we look forward for that better mornings once again.

Is that possible?? ever?? :D

SandyaS said...

hey.. that post "In that moment" that was a nice one. gr8 thought! :-)

Jake Willis said...

Good blog, enjoyed it, I love anything thats makes me think.


Reya Mellicker said...

It's a pretty spring day in Washington DC. The birds are chirping, the air is soft. It's supposed to rain later today which is good - we need it.

I'm happy to watch the world evolve and change. What would I like to see change? By the time I name it, it will have already changed.

You are rocking this blog of note challenge. Awesome work!! Great post. Bravo!

Lisa said...

i just found you while strolling through the blogs of note- congratualtions on this achievement
blessed be, Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Things don't change much where I live and I used to think that was a bad thing. As I get older, I'm less likely to find so much fault in that.

Karen said...

If I could change something instantly, I would love to give to every American city the incredible public transportation system that exists in the Czech Republic. I moved here four months ago. You can not believe what a stress reliever and time saver it is not to drive a car (or mobile pollution device as one of my friends call it)? Could you deal with transportation costs of $25 a month and going home for lunch everyday in a city of over a million people? It rocks.

Lover of Life said...

Kelly - I love Oregon! I'll stop by soon to your blog.

Shawna - I have never been there but would love to visit.

John - Many in my family would agree with you.

Acadia - So true.

Stray - Again - I love Oregon and it's progressive thinking and attitudes.

Crazy - Sorry about problems there too - we also have those unfinished buildings - esp. in Las Vegas. You sound so well traveled - those experiences are invaluable.

nafclayton - I have heard from many how the East Coast is regarding competitive schooling. Not so much on the West Coast. I totally agree with the passion part.

Work - The US is so isolated from other countries physically. I have felt isolated and lonely moving so much over the last five years, as well. It's not easy making friends - especially as we get older as there are fewer opportunities. Blogging helps.

Beautiful - It sounds wonderful. I hope to visit one day.

Lover of Life said...

Courtney - You're a smart little bugger! :-)

Alway- I totally agree with you!

jessicamariella - Wonderful comments, and I'm with you all the way.

California - Hi! Yes, we are in agreement on most things.

Julie - Are you a teacher? :-)

Alli - I could not agree with you more!

Melfie - You and I are on the same page when it comes it elitism. I love your perspective - must come visit your blog.

Roy/Elizabeth - That tab is elusive - I just found it not long ago. I so agree with cancer research - and now some hospitals are closing their oncology units!

Enes - I'm so sorry you have even more crises where you live :-(

Kglomories - We just had friends move to Naples! I agree with the blame part - time to move on!

Susan -Hi - thank you!

Richard - thank you!

Cecilia Helena said...

I live in São Paulo, Brazil, I am Brazilian,
and here we are also suffering from the economic crisis that has shaken the world, unemployment, insecurity and everything .. and today the most desire is to provide the means for the dreams of my children are realized, do not speak English and I am using a translator so sorry if it is a bit meaningless a hug ..

bookworm53 said...

I live in a small town in Delaware about 15 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The way of life here is quiet and peaceful. People here are open, honest and friendly. Coming here 3 years ago from a large city it was very difficult to adjust at I hope to spend the rest of my days here. A small world all its own...very isolated from the turmoil of the universe.

Lady Lou said...
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Lady Lou said...

Hi Love of Life...I love it too! I am in Australia and have lived in UK for a number of years too but have returned to my beloved Australia. My view on life is to be as good person as you can and good things will happen. It seems that in the global world of life, negative things unite people eg 9/11 etc and little good is heard of especially in the media. I feel that the media want us to thrive on negativity in this modern world because that is what we keep seeing on the news etc...very sad. There are some things we will never be able to figure out. I teach my children to treat others the way you would have others treat you and see what happens. Being a nurse has made me see many things in life I normally would not have I suppose. When it comes to human nature 99% appreciate a kind act or a smile. Be good to your fellow man and good will come of it and don't give up, life is great.

mikethepikey said...

Hi this is Mike, an Irish man living in Thailand.

Life here is very different to the West.

People here live momentarily, and do not get so caught up in future worries. Life is lived with only a slight glance on what might happen in the future or what has happened in the past, giveing life here the appearance of superficiality to the conditioned western mind.
Thai's themselves see the western mindset as shallow as we are constantly caught up in a battle in our minds, fretting about this or that and instead of lving our life, end up living it through someone else's perception of ourselves.

People need to relax more in the west and stop taking liv\fe so seriouly for the sake of material gain.


My blog

Yes lately I have started to realise that we have a choice in life; either to be happy or not. This is not entirely dependant on what happens in external reality, but depends on how we percieve the world we live in.
For example we can be driving our car and someone cuts us up dangerously. Now, we have two options here. 1. We can start shouting and honking the horn, this getting ourselves into a state of mind that is not conducive to rational thought, or we can see it as just another part of the day, and therefore remdin calm. After all perhaps that person is in a rush for a good reason and we have all been in that position.
So I feel its all about taking a step back, recognising emotions when they arise and letting them flow. There is no point getting upset of trivial matters, likewise it is fruitless celebrating a happy thought too much as this will also ebb and flow and then we are back to where we started.

Life is easier if we can train ourselves to let emotion crash off us like a wave and then watch it flow back out to sea.

Simplicity is the way forward. Don't take life too seriously;it's only a game.


My blog:

sarah toa said...

I live in Albany, Western Australia and work on a fishing boat and study history. I would like to see people of the world look more critically at the messages they receive thru media etc, to find some truth beneath it all ... a bit like yourself, rejecting the 'cloaked' emails. I like that! Oh - and congratulations Blogger of Note!

Deboshree said...

What you said is true but many of us in India don't even have a computer to enter this lovely world.But I have and I would like to say that I live in a city which is which absolutely calm unlike Assam and a few others.
As for change, poverty and illiteracy are prevalent in large numbers here and I would like to make a difference in society.I have been educated and have learnt with time that true education means a lot more than just school education.I want to be the change and help the children and you know what....No one can stop me from doing just that.

Pisoi said...

I'm in Sweden and it's ok, I can't complain..For me (I hope) my values remains the same whereever I live. The change? I want to see people leave after the motto: your life it's now and will not last forever and it's the only one you get. I want to see people create happy moments with less money, to increase thei hunger after materil things...Many people do something else instead of loving and carring as we will live for 500 years. Rush into love now...

Pisoi said...

decrease instead of increase ...

critterlover said...

Wow, great post and so many great comments.

I live in Northern California and it's lovely here now. Weather wise anyway.

The economic climate is what it is everywhere, slowing, friends and family are being laid off. Housing market is falling, falling, falling. It is a little scary out there, but I do think it will generate change. It has to. We can't continue on our current path and expect a better world.

I agree with Lover of Life certainly that we must change individually before we can expect to see change on the grand scale.

Good point Herrad makes, consume consume consume. that's most definitely the message we receive, are bombarded with daily. Sad really. We should be more concerned with growing our own and for others, with being more connected to the planet we live on and the community we live in.

I would like to see communities change, become more self sufficient so that world travel and importing is not a necessity, but a luxury. I would love to see us be able to get what we need locally on a daily basis.

I would love to see factory farming come to an end and put to use the grains used to feed cows to feed the hungry all over.

I would love to see acceptance and peace in the world. Religion for good rather than for control. Acceptance of all walks of life.

There's so much more to these questions, but you have lots of great answers here.

Thanks for your blog!

flowrgirl1 said...

I'm from Michigan but live in NC currently. MI is struggling badly as we all know. The auto industry has collapsed and has cause thousands to lose their lively hoods. Not just the people who worked directly for the auto makers but everyone else too. It's all connected in thousands of ways so it has affected everyone in some way. MI is my favorite place. It is beautiful and has so much to offer. Lakes, forests and skilled workers are easy to find. I hope that it gets better here soon.

I feel that the world is large and small at the same time. Can I communicate to someone on the other side, absolutely, but it will take me years before I ever get there.

Love your blog!

snow said...

Hello I just found your blog from the 'blog of notes'. I'm a Chinese girl and currently I live in Beijing ,but i really wanna move to another city and stay for a while I have a chance ,cos i've spent whole life in Beijing .

So what changes I would like to see most..? Maybe making the world a better place for all the beings.

And I like your blog ! Feel warm to see your words.

elke said...

comment of the day is dangerous! Do you really believe that people that are homeless now in italy did think of an earthquake ? how cruel and naive

CrazyThought said...

Truthfully I would like to see more encouragements being installed in the hearts of those afraid to make a difference. I find it odd at how often those very people afraid to stand up are generally the ones who have brilliant ideas that could very well change mankind. I say the media needs to work on good news more as apposed to bad news. bad news strikes us all emotionally and makes us depressed often making us feel like there is no way to fix it while good news brings a since of rejoicing to our hearts and makes us want to celebrate, and gives that comforting feeling that everything is going to be Ok.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if all the news given to us is infect a scare tactic in order to herd us all like cattle in the direction “They” Whoever they are wants us to go in.
I’m not much for conspiracy but, I can’t help but, think that. And I can’t help but, smell something fishy.


halewijn verlinden said...

Hi scince i'm new on the blogging thing.i ' dlike to introduce myself with a remark.When you starded i heard you talking about politics.
It's all about power. Like the intrests from the bank shift towards the state. Shamfully power ain't kapitalism annylonger or less.
Like formal theories that kapitalsm could orginase it own social behavior pattern. thing worsen.
i'll be happy to have you on my blog b cause 'bussiness is slow'

halewijn verlinden

Anonymous said...

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