Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun Facts

We took our niece to lunch last week at the Hyatt, which has a beautiful restaurant right on the lake. Afterwards we took a walk out to their floating dock where they will open a bar when the weather warms up. What struck me was all of the beach equipment out, with absolutely no one on the beach. I have certainly been on the beaches when they are empty in the winter, but never when all the beach equipment is out. Anyway, I though you might enjoy some "fun facts" about Lake Tahoe. There is no doubt this place is very spiritual, and has great power.

  • Second deepest lake in the US at 1,645 feet deep
  • 22 miles long, 12 miles wide
  • Average surface elevation at 6,225 ft above sea level
  • Sun shines at Lake Tahoe 75% of the time
  • Lake level average snow fall 125 in. per year
  • Alpine ski areas receive 600 in. per year
  • Surface temp varies between 41-68 degrees; below 600-700 ft it stays at 39 degrees
  • If you poured out Lake Tahoe it would cover California 14 inches deep.
  • There is 39 trillion gallons of water in the lake, enough to supply every person in the US with five gallons of water per day for five years.
  • Evaporation of 330 million gallons of water per day - enough to supply a city the size of LA for five years.
  • It has 63 tributaries but only one outlet - Truckee River.
What about where you live? Do you have any fun facts to share?


luksky said...

Absolutely beautiful! I will have to put Lake Tahoe on my "List of places to see before I die". We live near beautiful Lake Travis...although right now thanks to our three year long drought our lake now has islands in it.

Eva Marie said...

Beautiful pictures!!

I live in a small rural community in south central Wisconsin; Juneau County. We have a county population just over 24,000 and for a former Chicagoan it took me some time to get use to it...heck I am still getting use to it, LOL!

I am told we are an outside recreational playground. We have a couple of beautiful lakes, and many camping spots. Plus then in the winter months hunters, and snow mobilers flock here.

There are many Amish farms, many ..MANY...dairy farms - cheese, anyone?

The rolling hills remind me of the terrain in Germany.

Linda Pendleton said...

Thanks for the facts on Tahoe. Most I knew but a couple things I did not. Haven't been there for quite some time. Beautfiul pictures.

Brian Miller said...

wonderful pics. makes me long to visit.

one of the beautiful local places we like to go is Black Water Creek. A wonderful path that follows the origial railroad, now paved over for the casual walker and their canines. for the more adventurous there are dusty paths down to the creek. Regularly you will see deer and assorted wildlife. A highlight for hte boys is at the 2 mile mark you travel the train tunnel through the mountain. At one end is an aweness garden with tributes to those who have passed from cancer. beautiful place.

my post this evening (8:30PM EST) will have a pic of the fountain int he awareness garden.

Jo said...

Omigosh, where you live is GORGEOUS!! Holy doodle! My father had visited Lake Tahoe many times and he loved it.

A fun fact about Vancouver? Vancouver is probably the only place in the world where it is possible to ski in the morning, play golf in the afternoon and go sailing in the evening, all in the same day -- and people often do it.

Marguerite said...

Oh, how I want to go to Lake Tahoe! A colleague of mine was married on Lake Tahoe, in winter, in a strapless gown, in the snow! Thanks for the beautiful pics and interesting facts about Lake Tahoe. I enjoyed this post immensely!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, and thanks for the fun facts about Lake Tahoe - I would love to go there someday.

Fun fact about my home: The summit of Mount Washington holds the record for the highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth - 231 mph. Fortunately I live at the base of the mountain, where the weather is a bit more forgiving.

PeacefulWmn9 said...

First, I love your thought of the day on lakes. Thoreau nailed it.

I live in Michigan, The Great Lakes State, so beaches and lakes are on of my favorite things in the world. My favorite of the Great Lakes is Lake Michigan, although they are all beautiful and put one in mind of the ocean rather than the typical lake.

Most are named after the Indian tribes that originally settled around them. One can remember their names using the acronym "homes." Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

I enjoyed your post!


CrazyCris said...

Damn, it's a pity I can't remember my one visit to Lake Tahoe! It was at the tail end of a very loooooong camping trip around the 4 Corners area in '91 so... memories kind of meld together. Is it far from Mono Lake? That one I definitely remember!

Fun facts about Alicante? Hmmm... we're crazy? Does that count? :p

The city's insignia includes the letters AL L A which represent the three names the city has had: Akra Leuka (from the greeks and phoenicians), Lucentum (Latin) and Alicante (Arab) which all basically mean "City of Light".

LOL, stop by my blog, I'm handing out awards and you're it! ;o)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

My brother lived at Lake Tahoe for about two years...loved is simply gorgeous!!! You are blessed indeed!!!! Wonderful photographs...make me feel like I'm there with you...Thanks for the "postcards!" This is a lovely post! ~Janine XO

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. The beauty chokes me up, really. LOL, that first photo is a nice REFLECTION by the way (hint hint photo club), ha ha.

Here are some fun facts about Orford, Quebec.
- 75% of the residents are retired or weekenders
- the peak of Mount Orford is a 2800 foot climb, which I do many times each summer
- the men in Orford are too proud to wear headnets when the black flies come out (this is based on my observations, the ladies all wear the nets)
- the air smells green here

Bogey said...

Great fun facts and pics. I love walking along the beach especially when it is empty. The Serenity just surrounds you.

I live in an area where there is a heavy Mennonite influence. It is always fascinating to me how the majority of them live very basic, simple and religious lives. They either travel in horse and buggy or simply walk. However there is an increase in a New Order lifestyle. I'm just not sure how much they differ.

Unknown said...

Wow, the water is so clear and pure! I do remember visiting in the summer on a camping trip and diving right into the water and just freezing to death! The water was so gorgeous and sooooo chilly! However, the air was warm so it was a great experience. You are so blessed! Thanks for sharing!

Lillian Robinson said...

My town is named Xenia, meaning 'devil wind'. Not nearly as FUN...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Lake Tahoe is majestic to say the least. I went there in my early 20's and being from south Georgia where the terrain is flat and swampy I was awestruck.

Now I live in the middle of nowhere in the great state of misery (Missouri). We live close to a state park that boasts a cave, but looks more like an overhanging of rock formation to me. A very muddy river runs along the lower edge of this park. It is not very wide, but must be somewhat deep as there is a boat launch there. Nearby is a little German city, Hermann with lots of vineyards and wineries. It is very quaint and is nestled alongside the Missouri River. Octoberfest is a big deal here. They celebrate their sausage as well as their wine and beer. There are quite a few antique shops scattered around this area as well. But, by far, the main attraction is MY campground :)!

The word verification is 'nonse' ... could that be short for nonsense?

critterlover said...

I love the fun facts! Thanks for sharing them.

Lake Tahoe is my favorite place in the world. If I were rich, I'd be living there. Mmmm, mmm.

As it is, I'm lucky it's only about a 2 hour drive for me, so I do get to get up there to visit when I loooong for the truest touch of mother nature.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I have never been to Lake Tahoe but it looks and sounds like a perfect place for this water loving soul.

Living in the middle of nowhere...literally..there really are no facts that jump out to tell. can look in any direction and see towering wind farms. A group form Spain just completed one with over 120 wind turbines. At night, each bears a red light...kind of interesting to see.

Hope your Sunday was perfect!

lolit said...

what a wonderful place, i wish i can go there too someday!

Leave a Legacy said...

Beautiful! I love looking out over water. There's something so serene about it. We live in a small town in West. Pa. and our home is on a small but beautiful lake called Treasure Lake. We're in the Allegheny Mountains and Forest. We also have many Amish communities around us. I just wrote a post on this last week. Visit my site and take a look at the pictures. Their lifestyle amazes me.

Natalie said...

Oh, LOL! That just speaks to me! It reminds me of Volcanic lakes we have in Queensland, but I think yours is far superior.
How utterly beautiful, lucky,lucky you.xx♥

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I live near a lake but I really dont know much about it, but I enjoyed reading your fun facts! Great pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right. It's soooooooooooooooooooo spiritual and beautiful.

Unknown said...

it looks divine- so relaxing, refreshing x

Adiya said...

WOW! Nothing to share here...yet.
How come absolutely no one is on the beach? Weird.

Nancy said...

Thanks everyone for all your fun facts and tid bits about where you live. I'm off to visit you now!

Anonymous said...

I live in San Antonio, TX. I wish we were near something so beautiful as this!
We have the Comal River. It's not much to some people, but it's everything to us. We snorkel, tube, swim, and play in this water weekly. It's so much fun!

Those pictures are great, btw.

Hilary said...

It looks like a wonderful, inviting body of water. I absolutely love that first photo of the tree's shadow.

gulfjulie said...

I live on the wonderful Gulf Coast. It is beautiful, so beautiful in fact that we attract EVERYONE, including some horrible Hurricanes (Erin, Opal, Ivan, ect).

Thank you for sharing your pics, I always associate Tahoe with snow.

Now on my list of places to see!

Unknown said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Now on my list of places to go. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.