Thursday, October 20, 2011

The True Seat of Consciousness

(Alex Grey artwork)

I was recently asked -  what is going on in the world? What is happening to people that they seem so out of control and negative? Why are they so unhappy?

The question can be answered with one word - fear. People feel the changes happening in our world and without understanding what those changes might mean, they become fearful that it will mean loss. Loss of everything they have held dear - a way of life, job, house, car, money, security, health.

Their fear is not unfounded. Many people are facing loss. So how do we step outside of fear of loss? After all, everyone will experience it at some point.

I believe the only way to step back from fear is to learn to live from the heart, side stepping the mind - which is where fear lives, learning to live from the true seat of consciousness, which is the heart. (Remember - we grow out of a heart, not a brain.) This is not the sentimental heart in which we are familiar - soft, weak, reactive, feminine, sympathetic, needful. On the contrary, the heart of which I am speaking is empowered by the Creator. It is the vibrational point of equality, the original awareness - the place where individuality and Oneness occurs. It possesses uncommon intelligence, resilience, with the ability to flow and adapt. It is empowered, and is capable of unending compassion and love. This distinction is important.

So how do we access this heart?

First, we must have behavioral intelligence.

The first step is to have humility. Recognizing that we are no better or higher than any other human being. We were all created equal, and in that realization, everything changes.

Learn appreciation. Appreciation begins with recognizing the small things in life that make it full and abundant. That doesn't mean money or prestige, but appreciation of clean water, food, the air we breathe or the birds singing in the tree. It is the recognition of life itself. It is being mindful. Contentment with the mundane.

Practice compassion. Most of us are doing the best we can, although it doesn't always seem so. The best way to avoid being judgemental is to bless the person, place, or thing. It shifts the mind from negative to positive, and keeps you heart-centered.

Forgiveness and Understanding. Sometimes easier said than done. These two take practice. But when we learn to put ourselves in other people's shoes, we get a better understanding of where they may be coming from - which makes it easier to forgive.

And last but not least, we must be valiant in our efforts to do the right thing. Asking ourselves if it is the right thing to do - not always the easiest, or most gratifying, but the right thing can lead to the heart of a lion. Strong and fearless.

(Adapted from James the Wingmaker teachings. For more information go here.)


Kala said...

Nancy, you are my dose of good energy every time I visit:):) Thank you!

JC said...

I'm glad I stopped by today.

ellen abbott said...

contentment with the mundane. yes. to be content with life at it's most basic. I chose many many years ago not to live with fear and it has contributed mightily to my well being.

Brian Miller said...

very practical post...i think a huge part od that fear is the chnage itself...that is will change the way we are able to live in our world...we have become comfortable in a consumptive enviroment which is rapidsly changing...

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Hmm, very interesting. We learn/I learned in the working world to suppress what comes from the heart and to present everything from the perspective of the brain (a male brain, at that). I loved your post about the human heart preceding the brain. etc.

Jeff D'Antonio said...

Profound wisdom here. I try, with varying degrees of success, to always live my life from the heart.

But sometimes, in spite of my best efforts, my brain takes over anyway. And when it does, I need to go someplace and be alone and recenter myself to find my balance again.

Thanks for the reminder. Going for a walk in the woods now...

T said...

Beautifully put, Nancy. We all need these reminders to live from the heart. Like Jeff, a walk is now in order. Not into the woods, but into my back yard, lush now after days of rain.

Rob-bear said...

Fear it may well be. But, for me, also (growing out of compassion) anger at injustice.
I believe we cannot create a peaceful world unless we are peaceful people ourselves. But I think we need to sit with our sense of injustice for a while, and make peace with that, too!

DJan said...

I find myself experiencing joy much more than fear, and after looking at your list, I realize I can do better, just by following these steps to access my heart.

Nancy said...

Kala - Thank you.

JC - So am I :-)

Ellen - I strive to be that way.

Brian - Exactly.

Blissed -Out - Isn't that amazing? That we grow from a heart and not a brain? Science is actually producing results that show the heart is 5,000 times stronger, electromagnetically, than the brain.

Jeff - I have the same problem. We head for the mountains every weekend because I think nature helps us to rebalance.

T - I'll bet your backyard is beautiful.

Rob-bear - I feel great anger at the injustice, I just have to find a place to recharge - it is so draining. But it is also time to stand tall and make the changes we need to make for the next generations.

DJan - All of the time you spend in nature is a great way to live a life of joy and abundance. The real kind of abundance.

Erika C. said...

Wonderful! Thanks. I haven't been so active on my blog lately. Lots of other stuff going on. I love Alex Grey's art. That's who it is, right?


Nancy said...

Erika - I've had the same problem. Yes that is Alex Grey! I will put a website under the photo.

Frank's Corner said...

Thank you. Your post mended my spirit today.

susan said...

Very nicely said.