Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living Fearlessly

Easier said than done. We are supposed to fear everything these days. The latest fear to hit our house is the vitamin scare. My husband, never a vitamin proponent, thinks I should fear my vitamins. After all, there is a new study somewhere that says vitamins may cause cancer. Well, I think fearing vitamins causing cancer, actually causes the cancer. Instead, I tell him, the pharmaceutical companies actually want to get a bill passed that would outlaw over-the-counter vitamins and require that we have to go to a doctor and get a Rx for our vitamins. Who do you suppose wins with that scenario?

We are being inundated with fear porn. I can't think of anything I'm just supposed to enjoy. So I'm consciously trying to shift my awareness to enjoying absolutely everything I can. If it's an icy cold Maker's Mark Manhattan served at our favorite restaurant, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it! I know I'm not supposed to drink colored spirits, they're supposed to be bad for you, but I'm choosing instead to focus on what it is I like about that perfectly prepared luxury.

So when I came across this interview, I knew I was getting reinforcement that I'm heading in the right direction. It's time to live fearlessly. As Steve Jobs reminded us in his speech at Stanford University - "you have nothing to lose - you're already naked."


Bruce Coltin said...

Nancy, I'm with you on the vitamins, the Makers Mark, and the attitude toward life. Interesting interview. I have that there are lots of Anitas out there.

leilani said...


leilani said...


Grandmother said...

Watch what you let into your mind. If it's a choice between the fear mongers and Wayne Dyer, I know who I'm listening to. Enjoy your manhattan and I'll hoist my Tanquery gin and tonic to you.

Nancy said...

Bruce - She certainly had an interesting experience! Fear may actually manifest itself through disease. What a concept.

leilani - You live that way every day!

Nancy said...

Grandmother - Cheers!

Teboy said...

I once had same thot.

luksky said...

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said.."There is nothing to fear but fear itself." pass that Manhattan this way. ;)

Linda Pendleton said...

Nancy, I had posted and commented on FB about this vitamin issue and how "they" are trying to put fear in us, so they can do away with over-the-counter supplements. And who wins, the pharmaceutical giants, as vitamins/supplements must be a billion dollar business. And who loses, all of us every time choice is taken from us.

Anita: What an incredible and inspirational NDE and healing! Her comments follow so much what I write about with the spiritual psychology of spirit guide, Dr. James Martin Peebles--the illusion of separation, fear, universal connection, and creating our reality, etc. I look forward to reading her book. Thanks for sharing this! I want to add it to my World of Spirit Blog.

Fear does as much harm as stress and we're exposed to it constantly via media, politicians. I believe you've touched on that some time ago in your past blogs. I know I have. :-)

Nancy said...

Teboy - It makes sense, actually. Fear releases all kinds of flight or fight responses.

luksky - Cheers! :-)

Linda - When do you suppose we are going to get to the point where it doesn't work anymore? I have a feeling people are starting to wake up.

Elisabeth said...

I heard about that report too Nancy and wondered about its veracity. Scare mongering is a practice that goes on endlessly. we seem to be looking for things to frighten us. So for me, as for you it's a treat to be reminded of the need to live without too much fear. Thanks.

Whitney Lee said...

I agree with this post completely. I think they tell us everything causes cancer. If that's the case, why feel guilty about enjoying what gives us pleasure (in moderation, of course). I think the guilt is worse for us than the drink or the chocolate or whatever.

ellen abbott said...

I couldn't agree more.

T said...

Read the seth books. This is right up seth's alley.This vitamin issue is another fake red flag be afraid thing. Good post, Nancy.
- Trish

Von said...

We only pee them out anyway, the vitamins that is.I'm all for good, real untravelled food and indulgences like a good chocolate brownie sometimes.Makes you feel far better than any vitamins.And by the way I just had a battery of tests and my heart, lungs and arteries are sound.

Rob-bear said...

Anything we like is illegal, immoral, fattening, or otherwise dangerous to our health. That's the message we get. That may be true (emphasis in MAY), but I'm not going to let it rule my life.
If I could, I'd join you in the mmmanhattan, and we would restore the world to sanity.
If only.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I am with you a hundred percent! Fear is the name of the game nowadays.

I've been trying to understand what's behind it but, so far, I cannot get it. For twelve years now (since I moved to this country), the only things we watch on TV are related to "dooms day", "natural disasters", "cancer related" and the famous: "It is not a question of IF, but WHEN". I've had it!! Enough is enough!

I remember hearing from my mom, way back when, about the movies and magazines (and books) of the times after II WW. She used to tell me how uplifting and positive everything was. To the point of being corny, but the purpose was to rebuild people's confidence, as they rebuilt the world.

What is it they are trying to accomplish now? Push us down as far/low as they can? The world sure needs a bit of rebuilding right now, wouldn't you think?

The first thing I asked my husband, when this subject (vitamins) came on TV was: Is the Farmaceutical Industry the one that produce these vitamins that we have at home? The ones we buy at the Naturalist food/vitamin store? Nope?

... There you go! Fear and money...

Cheers to you, Nancy!

JeannetteLS said...

Well, starting with Bruce and moving on through, your commenters have said it all.

And I, for one, click the channel and turn the page when someone's telling me how bad every single thing I do or do NOT do means I'm gonna die.

Well. I'm gonna die some time or other, and I really do not care to hear about it or think about it. I would rather think about living to be at least 103--and that's if I die YOUNG.

And it the pharmaceuticals win their Rx bill for vitamins, I will never take another. Not that I take many, but as a shut in, some have value.

Mostly, though, I get the "IF you would just take walks, that would cover everything." I have a fear of NOT walking, since I can't walk for more than 100 yards, and that's on a good day.

It's all about making us fear our own mortality. Thank you for this post. I better stop before I totally go on a rant! Common sense. What a concept.

Nancy said...

Elisabeth - It's not easy, but I think it's necessary in order to live our best lives.

Whitney - I totally agree with you.

Ellen - I think life is meant to be enjoyed.

T - I love the Seth books. I even ordered the first one to read again. Sometimes we need suspend our disbelief of the source, if the message rings true.

Von - Good news, Von!

Rob-bear - We have to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves, but after that we need to enjoy our lives. It's all about the Now, I think.

Negerigeletschtempoit - I think people who are in fear are easier to control. We tend to abdicate our common sense to others that we feel know more than we do - except that knowledge seems to be a moving target.

Jeannette - I do think you are on to something with getting us to fear our own mortality. We all die sometime and in some way, but a goal of life is to enjoy sensation. That is something we give up when we leave this world - but my own belief system does not believe we cease to exist. If we live in constant fear and guilt over enjoying sensation, I think we miss the point of living.

Marlene said...

I do feel its the "Fear" that
kills you in the end...I am
going for enjoying everything to the fullest and concentrate on what makes me feel good.

Nancy said...

Marlene - I'm working on the same thing. You're only here for a short while - why not focus on what brings you joy and happiness?

Barbara Shallue said...

Love your attitude! And love Steve Jobs advice.

Amanda said...

oh wow. fear porn. you hit the nail on the head, nancy. soooo true. i'm sick and tired of all this fearmongering - fearing vitamins now.. really?