Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Favorite

We live in a cold climate in the winter. Not as cold as last winter (Minnesota), but cold. However, our down comforters are just too darn warm. My daughter, during her last visit, complained of how hot hers was even with her window cracked. We, also, are not comfortable with the down comforter and our window is wide open. (We love the sound of the stream right outside.) Not to mention, we would simply go up in a poof of smoke without it's cooling effect. Certainly I would, during one of those wonderful hot flashes. Which brings me to a new favorite find. The Simply Shabby Chic Blanket, found many places, and at a reasonable price, is just what the Dr. ordered! The first one I bought was for our bed at our daughter's in Portland, Or. I loved how soft it was and it was perfect with just a cotton bedspread. So I ordered two for our beds here in Tahoe. Last night was the first good night's sleep I have had. It has two layers of super soft material and is very warm - but not too warm. We slept with our summer quilt and just this blanket - me with just the blanket - and my husband with both. Our window was wide open and - voila - comfortable sleep at last.

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Faithful said...

We love sleeping with our windows open late into the fall, but now we turn the furnace totally off at night! So, Oscar and I sleep under many blankets.. one is a micro fleece, (yummy) Mike sleeps under his down and Tom pretty much has to thaw out in the his room doesn't get much warmer than 45o! Tom and I found downs to be too hot, too, even with no heat on! Can't figure why the bird is still alive..Are pryakeet? feathers made of Down? hehe