Monday, January 12, 2009

Electrician, Part II

Okay, so I was actually shocked to see my electrician, plus three workers, show up first thing this morning!! They did ALL the work. There were only two little problems - one of the under-counter lights has a bulb that doesn't seem to work, and one more little issue. One of the swing-arm lamps that they hardwired into the wall was missing a "cap nut" that leaves it listing. I know the electrician could see it listing, and obviously knew he was missing the cap-nut. But I think he thought if I didn't notice it - well he wasn't going to draw my attention to it. (This is one of the workers - not the electrical contractor.) I'm a little disappointed in his decision to not tell me. I know he just wanted to get done and get out. But don't you think if you damaged something, that you would own it? Or am I expecting too much? 

I have noticed this happen more than once in this long process over the last three months. Workers doing the absolute minimum, unless you draw their attention to it, or actually breaking items, and not saying anything about it. I didn't expect to have zero damage. That is unrealistic when you tear your house to bits. However, several items that were really dear to me were broken. Not one time did anyone tell me, or apologize. I just found them. One was a little picture one of my daughters had given me, and another was a clothes hook that had a little green-striped glass knob. I found this hook on vacation, in a little shop on the California coast. I won't find another one like it, I know. 

The most shocking instance occurred when one of the workers spit on my floor. He was one of those guys that spits all the time, and he just didn't think about where he was. The flooring was down to the bare wood, it wasn't like it was on new carpet, or anything. I immediately told the person in charge to let him know that spitting in my house would not be tolerated. He said he got a mosquito caught in his mouth. A mosquito at 6,500 ft., in December. Yep, I buy that one, don't you? (My contractor was totally shocked at this!)

I have to say that the majority of people in my home were very considerate, and did an incredible job. The supervisor of the job was terrific. He cleaned up his mess every day, he didn't allow the younger workers to have loud music, and he was very solicitous of both my husband, and myself. So, I don't want to appear ungrateful. Out of three months, and untold number of workers, there were only a few instances. But I do find it interesting that some people will get away with whatever they can. They will do only what is absolutely required, and nothing more. They will break things, and not mention them. Maybe my husband is right - cream always rises to the top. Sooner or later, these individuals are left behind, while others move on. At least that is what we tell our children.


david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia. I came here from Hilary's blog.

That was simply electrifying!

swaney3 said...

Contractors can be very frustrating. Hang in there :)

Rose said...

I think of myself as a pretty tolerant and patient person but three months of contractors would drive me out of my ever loving mind. You have certainly been more than gracious about the mishaps. I am 100% sure I would flip out if I saw someone spit in my house - torn up or not. I doubt I would have made it to the contractor I would have ripped into the spitter. What is wrong with people? That is just nasty. Common sense just says no spitting in house. I might even have made sign and hung it in a very conspicuous space....NO SPITTING

Sandi McBride said...

You just can't find good help anymore...I've often thought I wish I had the time (and the talent) to do everything I want done because I live by the old standard, if you want it done right, do it yourself...great post and I hope that all the rest of the work goes smoothly. Congratulations on the Post of the Day mention from David...

Anonymous said...

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