Sunday, January 11, 2009


Conversation with electrican on Friday. A little background - we have waited for him to show up several times over the last couple of months. Excuses have included; truck breakdown, bad weather (house full of other workman same day), truck pulled over and truck impounded for some "bogus" infraction. He has never arrived with all the equipment he needs to do the job on any of the days (such as tall enough ladder to hang hallway light, dimmers, etc).

Phone call to electrician we will call S. at noon on Friday:

Me: Hi S., can you tell me when you are going to be here today? (We had been waiting for two days for S. to show up.)

S.: Umm, sometime next week?

Me: Huh? We have been waiting since yesterday for you to show up. You are not coming until next week???

S.: I have been waiting for T. (contractor) to let me know when the stone guys had been there to do what they need to do. (Remove some stone from fireplace shelving area so he can install outlets for stereo, etc.)

Me: But T. told me this morning that you would come up right after the stone guys, who have already been here and gone for three hours.

S.: Well, I haven't heard from him. I have to schedule you in. How about next week?

Me: How about Monday? I need a day, and hour of arrival.

S.: Weelllllll okay. But I am going to have to bump someone and work you in. You know I have 35 other jobs I am working on, but maybe I can just squeeze you in on Monday morning.

So what do you think? Will he arrive tomorrow with everything he needs to finish this job? By the way, the weather is perfect.


Lindz said...

This is uncannily reminiscent of many conversations I had with my mom when they were remodeling. 9 times out of 10, they showed up next week ;)

Barry said...

Sadly, there is not a chance he'll show up.

Too bad the housing market is so hot and electricians are in such demand.

Hey wait a minute, that was this time last year...

Faithful said...

I quess you have to treat them like little children.. you know take something way they really like and want... maybe their paycheck!!

Hilary said...

I'm guessing no... so. did he?

swaney3 said...

imiteI think in about 6 mos if you simply whisper electrician in your sleep you will have 3 of them having a bidding war on you lawn.

Anonymous said...

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