Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Blogs

In case you haven't noticed, I've added several new blogs that I am following. It is interesting to follow the experiences of people that I would never have the opportunity to meet, let alone know anything about. Blogging gives us the chance to peek into other lives, and get a better understanding of differences. Where else would I ever have the opportunity to follow the weight loss of a man from rural West Virginia? Or view the beautiful pictures from a woman in Canada? Or follow the beautiful writing of a man reliving meeting his wife of many years. It's really amazing, when you think about it. If we only had the opportunity to know people, on a personal basis, how much we would like them. When you look beyond the obvious differences, we really have more commonalities, than not. Blogging can keep us connected when we need it most, but only when we want it, never when we don't.

I have suggested blogging to one of the men that has been working on our remodel. He is lonely. Divorced for over a year. He's 47 and finding it difficult to connect. Blogging would be a way for him to not be alone, I think. Maybe he could even find someone to share his life with. I hope he is able to get a computer. I know it would benefit him.


swaney3 said...

Good Morning... Thank You For Checking out My Blog. I enjoyed your post.

Hilary said...

I agree. This an amazing community of vastly different but wonderful people and the connections are quite incredible.

Rose said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have also enjoyed reading your blog. I took on a bunch of new blogs to read a couple of weeks ago myself. Not just lot of wonderfully talented writers but also incredibly interesting people.