Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Day!

We started right off at 5:30 a.m. with my grandson being delivered to our room, by his Mom, who was not feeling well. He was not happy about this, and it took my husband and myself and Railroad Earth (his favorite), to get him back to sleep for a few hours. Then breakfast, untouched, even though french toast, hash browns (his usual favorite), veggie sausage, and eggs were offered. We had forgotten that teething tends to lessen one's appetite. Then it was get dressed, with a squirming, head-butting (yes, he tries to head-butt whenever displeased), rolling, screaming and bucking fourteen-month old. From there it was long walk (happily), with Lucy and Gumma and Gumpa, while Mom rests. Many different epicurean offerings in between breakfast and dinner, absolutely none  accepted. Dinner was a different story. Surprisingly, he loved my chicken with cranberries cooked in marsala! He continued to eat a full half hour after we had finished! Who knew that all he needed was chicken with a sauce over brown rice, followed with an artichoke heart dribbled in "special sauce"? Then a few more wrestling matches for diaper changes, a bath in the sink, and more wrestling with lotion, diapering, jammies, and finally - a bottle. 

Babies are exhausting! What would we do without them???