Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We are now in the final race to the December 22nd (when the kids arrive for Christmas) deadline. It is really going to be close! What is amazing to me is the lack of specialized tradesmen available in this economy. Aren't they supposed to be begging for the opportunity to finish the fireplace with stone? Oh yeah, THAT guy is available, but can't do the stone until the WOOD guy puts in the shelves, mantle, and hearth - and he is not available until next week. The TILE guy is available for the kitchen back splash, but he can't do that until the GRANITE guy puts down the granite and he can't do that for TWO WEEKS. Now, may I remind you, dear readers, it is now the third of December? We are talking three weeks until Christmas! In that time they still need to do the above, AND the hardwood floor, AND lay the carpet, AND do the finish painting, AND cut, stain and place doors and other woodwork!  In the meantime, we had to order specialized cabinets for a portion of our kitchen because of a soffett that is not quite plumb - (please Gob, come in on the December 15th truck.) Oh, and I need to be ready for Christmas between the 20th when the carpet is laid and the 22nd when they arrive. Insert nail biting here. 

I think the worse part is just sitting and waiting for these guys. I want to be doing something, but I am stuck in the bedroom. There is nothing I can do to help. Ghaaaaaaa


Jen said...

Take a Xanex? : )


California Girl said...

Sounds like a whopping project. We renovated our present home when we moved in 10 yrs ago. Took six months. We lived in one bedroom & used the kitchen. The rest was a "don't go there" mess of plasterboard dust, concrete dust, wood dust, a wall hanger who swore at the boys constantly while he chain smoked, an electrician who cut out in the midst of re-wiring our home because he had a "bigger job in a 20,000 sq ft home". He never even collected his money! Ah yes, the joys of renovation.