Saturday, December 20, 2008

A different Christmas

This season is turning out to be a Christmas different from season's past. Our country is realizing that shopping till you drop is not working. Most of the people we know, including ourselves, are cutting back. One family is making each other's gifts, others are just not shopping as much. And while I agree with the changes, we need to change, the little traditions seem even more important. I have always tried to keep the little important traditions alive, in spite of my girl's declining interest in them. What was once an exciting day of decorating cookies with friends, is now me pushing them to show up, hoping for some enthusiasm. I have to admit, they usually have fun. 

The other little traditions; Christmas music starting December 1st, silly holiday movies, trimming the tree, Christmas Eve candlelight services, making cream puffs for friends, driving around looking at lights, have gone by the wayside this year. Our home will not even have the tree up until Christmas Eve. Finding the stereo for music has been impossible, and without a kitchen - forget entertaining, baking, or even having a home-cooked meal! Our daughter, son-in-law and grandson will stay home, where my daughter can continue to heal. I worry about my younger daughter getting caught in the storm due on Christmas day, when she will be flying in. The lights are not as plentiful this year, it seems. I think everyone is feeling a little blue. 

So an empty nest requires new traditions. I'm just not sure where to start. I guess the first thing would be to NOT remodel anywhere near the holidays. Maybe look for friends in the same boat next year, and start designing new ones. They need not be child-centered anymore. My girls will need to start their own. We will be together when we can, and I will look to them for the lead as to what they want their holidays to look like. What about your families? Are you changing, and if so, what are you doing to fill the holes once filled by excited little children?


Lindz said...

As you have heard, we are experiencing a similar Christmas funk in my family this year as well. It's so odd. The fake tree tipped it off and then the snow... something is lacking. If it ever stops snowing and ice-ing I plan on going to see Jen, sheez!

Faithful said...

Traditions may get skipped but can always get picked back up again when circumstances allow, just altered maybe to fit as your family changes and grows. I love adding new friends and (new)relatves to the mix along with their traditions that soon become mine. In the end, we all have a good and loving time. I just keep reminding myself about the true spirit of "Christ"mas and that energy always seems to come back to me.

California Girl said...

There are four members in my immediate family. We split into pairs this year and set a small budget and each pair shopped for the other. It was fun and we bought some really silly presents, like the BOD MAN set of fragrances he bought our 21 yr old. We had alot of laughs and we didn't spend alot of money. It was fun and I know we'll do it again next year.

Anonymous said...