Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can honestly say I have not actually felt like screaming during this renovation until TODAY! We are at the tail end of stuff. It should be going smoothly and the finishing touches should put the shine on the massive amount of work that has been done so far. But instead of it being a "Ta Da!" moment, I feel like screaming and crying at the same time. I really need to get a grip, I know.

But the doors do not fit. My contractor has been left with additional responsibilities because his partner is gone for a week or so, and left him with all the problems he was dealing with - so he is not calling me back. In the meantime, the tile guy is taking the week off and is not available to seal the shower, or grout what he chose to not grout last week. My daughter is coming on Thursday and she doesn't have a door to her closet - and it is not pretty - not in the least. The stove does not fit the counter top - a full inch too tall. Now we are trying to cut holes in the hardwood floor to lower the stove. The guy at the hardwood shop forgot to reorder the trim my contractor had asked him to do two weeks ago. It goes on and on. Why can't people just plan ahead? Why can't they just do their job? If you run out of one kind of moulding - shouldn't you automatically reorder - especially when you are asked to? The only thing my contractor had to order was the doors and trim and moulding. I did everything else! What are we waiting for? Doors, trim and moulding. GHAAAAAA!

Since I am ranting ... is there any store that is stocking it's shelves? Throughout this holiday season, and before, I have had to order most of what I wanted. I think the retail stores are going to do themselves in, if they don't find a way to stock what they have for sale. It is just too easy to not go shopping, and just order everything over the internet. You get better service, too. Okay, end of rant.