Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Vacationing Politicians

I don't know about you, but I don't think our politicians have earned a vacation. I think they need to stay right where they are and work on fixing our health care system, or the myriad other issues begging their attention. There is plenty to occupy their time, and I for one, will not be voting for one single incumbent unless they quit bickering and get something accomplished. If they think by putting it off, that somehow we will forget just why they were sent to Washington, they have another think coming. I believe a little overtime is in order here.

Do you think they've earned a vacation?

P.S. I just found this petition that you can sign just by clicking:


The Senate just announced they'll take a month-long vacation before voting on health care reform. Unbelievable.

Republicans think that by demanding delays, they can kill reform--and too many conservative Democrats are playing into their hands.

But Americans can't afford to wait: while the Senate is on vacation, over 400,000 people could lose their health coverage.

I signed a petition urging Congress to vote on health care before leaving for August vacation. Can you join me at the link below?



JeannetteLS said...

No,I think they should stay there and keep working. Unfortunately, I am also a cynic and I really do not think they are particularly concerned about the voters or about the lack of any health care system. When it's the next election year, THEN they will pretend to care. gee. I guess I really am fed up, huh

Kay said...

oh, so true, although, I would have to say, it is something else to step away and come back with fresh minds and eyes....although, they take a LONG little break, huh? Must be nice :)

California Girl said...

Well, they are all so caught up in pleasing their monied PACs and constituents. I've heard some of the more credible talking heads say they do not see this thing get passed this year and the problem passing it next year will be a mid-term re-election.

lakeviewer said...

Definitely, they need to finish the job, and get it done. What if we take their health care away, and reduce their salaries, and threaten to foreclose their homes?

Linda Pendleton said...

You are right, Nancy. They need to do their job and do it for the benefit of all Americans. Their game playing is ridiculous.

Lorna said...


One's attitude about this depends on some political perspective, too.

Those of us who are opposed to ObamaCare did not want the bill pushed through before the vacation with its contents unknown to the people.

What we were hoping for, and what will happen now, is that our elected officials will have to go home and face the music.

People will (thank God!) have a chance to look at what is in the bill (I have a post of it in my blog) and question their elected officials.

Polls show that the majority of Americans disapprove of the bill, for a variety of good and sound reasons, but having the time to look it over will give them the ability to ask specific questions.

Chances are that the politicians do not now know and will not soon know the exact answers to those questions, or the ramifications of the issues.

The more time that drags by, the more time the American public will be able to see just how far this bill can seal our fate in so many ways.

Let them vote on the bill after the American people have been given a chance to see the frightening thing that this health plan really is.

The government now runs the auto industry, some banks, and with the health care industry it will be able to manage and control our lives with even greater precision and extent.


Southern California Woman

DJan said...

I don't know how I feel about it being passed as is. I am also upset that the lobbyists have taken negotiations with the pharmaceuticals off the table. There is really something wrong with the whole system, but the bad part is that there is nowhere on earth that gets it right. The countries that have great health care are taxed massively for it, and that would never fly here.

There must be some solution. Nancy, I am on the last chapter of "The Intention Experiment" and hope that I will be able to help through the power of MY intention, once I figure out what it should be.

Nancy said...

Thanks for all your comments - I just want them to stay at it until it is done. No more delays, no more passing the buck. Get it done! One way or the other....

DJ - Wow, you are way ahead of me on the book - I'm in the middle - my husband in the first third. I'm hoping it goes faster by the time you get to Part III.

Brian Miller said...

I think if they are taking a break, they need to identify clear points of dissention or discussion that would allow the break to be used in a productive manner as they mull these points. i think there is power in fresh perspectives, but if they don't have a plan going into the break, thats just what it will be.

Sylvia said...

In this moment, when the world is facing an unprecedented crisis, when it is urgent to review procedures, no. Not your politicians, nor anyone else's. Holiday? They could go and stay there forever, giving their place to someone more conscient, isn't it? (Sorry, I'm angry.)

Reya Mellicker said...

The truth is, even though Congress is not in session during August, they are all still working their asses off. They just aren't legislating.

The Congress people, but more importantly, the people who work for them, desperately need the breaks from legislating to catch up.

Though I, too, get very impatient with the process, because I live right here and know many congressional staff people very well, I can assure you that no one works harder than those people who work on the Hill. No one. Believe me.

ellen abbott said...

I'm sick of their self voted raises, their self voted pensions and their self voted vacations. If the rest of the country acted as they did where would we be? In fact, maybe every time they go on vacation we should too.

Just do the damn work!

Marlene said...

Hi Nancy, Well they better get thier act together.. we all will be needing more health care...Did you hear abou Monsanto and Milk??? check this site out!

gypsywoman said...

hey lady - thanks so much for making the petition available - not only did i click, i did a little narrative - like somebody who counts is gonna read it, but at least i know i did what i could do - again, thanks for putting it out there - have a wonderful day - jenean

Anonymous said...

I just signed it. I said, "I wish America could take a vacation from being so screwed up." Not very witty, but I think I got my point across.

I think it's awesome that you have so many followers so you can spread all of this information via blog. I regurgitate a lot of your information to friends and family soon after I read your blog.

Thank you Nancy!!!!