Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Difficult Childhoods

Lately I have been reading some blog posts that made me think about psychic energy and difficult childhoods. These particular bloggers, while humans searching for what matters along with the rest of us, also seem to be "tuned in" for a lack of a better phrase. Very sensitive to consciousness, energy, spirituality. Linda Pendelton did a post about psychic spies and remote viewing the other day. And one of the original participants in the CIA program, Joseph McMoneagle, commented that many of the psychic viewers were children of child abuse. Which of course makes sense. Children in dangerous situations need to use their instincts in order to survive, be it physically and/or mentally. These individuals, now grown, could be psychically "charged" in a way that makes them highly sensitive.

This sensitivity is good and bad for these individuals. The good is that they tune in first to all the changes going on in our world and often understand esoteric trains of thought very easily. The bad is that they are very sensitive to everything going on. They have fewer "filters." With the problems in the world, stresses at home and work, the tendency for depression and other anxiety disorders are more common.

Nde's, or near-death-experiences, often have participants returning to their bodies after resuscitation with stories of being told they have a mission to accomplish. That it wasn't their time, and no matter how hard their lives seem to be, they have not finished what they set out to do. Many return to lives spent passionately pursuing different lifestyles. Often seeing things very differently, than before the NDE.

Over the last several months I have watched some blogs go from the depths of despair, to people who seem to be much happier, and very connected to their lives in a fresh way. Much like the NDE experience, they are starting to lead very different lives. Their blogs are artistic, their voices sure and strong. They are talking about what excites them - and we are listening and following and learning in a synergistic manner.

So where am I going with this?

Well, I'm not sure. But I'm studying it. It may be what Trish MacGregor said in my comments section yesterday - we are a group of people who are meant to meet. The blogosphere is creating the venue. We are drawn to each other through intention. Whether to help each other through dark times, or to learn, or to be the first to celebrate good things that happen. To support each other. Maybe we are here to help each other "awaken" to a new way of seeing the world and all the characters in it. An NDE minus the dying part. Without all the pretense, without all the trappings of modern society, just us and the people we connect with.

What do you think?


lakeviewer said...

I'm intrigued by the concept; but, I'm also realistic. We hook on to those people who speak like us, think like us, make us feel connected. The market-blogsphere is wide, open to many, reflecting many points of view. I stop where I feel some connection. I can also change my mind with no consequences.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Hi Nancy. I never even thought of my anxiety having anything to do with my childhood. Someday I shall share more.

Meg Runs said...

Hmmm...while I do agree that we are meant to meet in order to support one another in some way, I do always wonder and am curious about how some people come and then go in such a short amount of time. This is particularly true on blogs...one might never know why you were exposed to the thoughts, support and encouragement from someone.

I also liked the comment above about being able to, "change my mind without consequences." I can simply choose not to read a blog and not feel quilty about rejecting someone or their feelings.

Very interesting, very seasonal.

bellybutton said...

I'm intrigued by the concept as well and believe that we, as a people who inhabit the planet, are on the verge of awareness to the 10th power, the sky is not the limit.
Listening to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams letters reveals an interesting spiritual connection that ended in life long brothers of the heart. One was pragmatic and an optimist but could fly too high, the other was more of a cynic and fed off the other, together they made history that is worth visiting because it prefaces or mirrors today.
Have a great day.
We are celebrating our anniversary in a grove.
Friends just became new uncles and have concern for the newest angel on earth, she is very tiny and needs prayers for strength. Her name is Princess Grace.


Leah J. Utas said...

It made me think of the saying about when the student is ready the teacher appears.
Our connections suggest we are ready to learn and to teach depending on what the other blogger needs.

Marlene said...

I wrote about this the other day in a comment to "under the rainbow" I believe communicating as we do thru this blog vehicle is simply Magical...it draws people form all walks of life together..enriching and sharing thoughts and ideas that only would be shared with only select close friends..now we open ourselves to the world..some people share thoughts here when they actually have problems connecting with people in thier real life..I call that magic..I also see it as a vehicle to the age of enlightenment the world is going thru..things are changing around the world because they need to change..and people are connecting because they feel that and feel an urge to express thier feelings..I find it amazing the HOw we become interested and actually find each other..what makes us 'click; onto that persons blog in the first place..I have a simple decorating blog...and without knowing now I am following blogs that have nothing to do about decorating more and more???

Nancy said...

lakeviewer - exactly - there has never been a forum like it - we are free to move about, giving and taking, and then free to move on.

Meeko - Anxiety is often related to childhood issues. The nice thing about blogs is you can share when you want to, or not. Either way, you are in control. In "real" life we don't often talk about things because they have long-term consequences.

Meg - I like the freedom as well. I can share my feelings on family science, mixed with my spiritual beliefs. In real life, I rarely share these thoughts. Family science is an evolving field, and extremely complicated. Spirituality is very personal. Or I can just share a recipe - total freedom!

belly - very interesting about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Is Princess Grace a little baby?

Leah - you have a wonderful way of making the complicated very simple! Yes. I agree with what you said.

Marlene - Same for me. I am learning about so many things. I have found so many teachers.

Erika C. said...

I like this! And totally agree.

These connections happen for a reason. I like your observations of the shifts that happen, you are noticing down to up, in other people's blogs.

It is lovely when you can see the way the connection (through visiting and commenting on someone's site) helps someone who is struggling to have more hope. Also it helps when people can feel they are not alone in what they are thinking/ feeling.

dragonflydreamer said...

I am a survivor of a very abusive and violent childhood and I have worked very hard to overcome the anxiety and depression that followed me long after my life changed for the better. My grandmother always warned me to keep my depression and unpleasant life situations to myself or people wouldn't want to be my friend. I have begun to find true healing and so many amazingly resilient people through my blog. Your blog is always deep and thought provoking as well as a safe place for me to express myself.

Nancy said...

Ericka - I love to see people blossom!

Nancy said...

dragon - You seem to have come so far, and your writing is so wonderful. Your grandmother was right is some ways. I think people are changing, but many are very judgemental. In the blogging world, you just avoid them. Gravitate to people that are good for you.

Jeff D'Antonio said...

Well, as someone who is currently struggling with some pretty heavy stuff, I can tell you that the support of my blogospheric friends has been HUGE over this past week. I have learned so much about myself and about my spirituality from the people who have commented on my blog, and from reading the blogs of others.

Maybe something - or someone - drew me into this community knowing that somewhere along the way I would need that kind of support.

Butternut Squash said...

Hi Nancy,

I find it remarkable that you found my blog when I first sat down to write. I wonder what you saw that first captured your attention? I have really enjoyed your company and have continued to write my stories down in large part because of your encouragement. Thank you. I was in right place at the right time.

Nancy said...

Jeff - This synergy has worked for me as well. It came at just the right time. Coincidental? Somehow, I just don't think so.

Butternut - I was drawn to you first by the name of your blog, and then by you as a person. I love your unique perspective on the world, especially Nepal. And you are a wonderful storyteller as well. My kind of people. :-)

The Good Cook said...

Wonderfully thought provoking - your post as well as the marvelous comments.

Brian Miller said...

i like the thoughts here. i think blogs are a great viewer into the lives of others that we may never meat other wise, exposing us to things we never would have experienced. i can choose not to read, as much as someone can shoose not to read or comment but sometimes the words make a difference that is unbelievable.

Nancy said...

Good - Thanks!

Brian - I am always amazed how someone will leave a comment that strikes right to my heart, or was something that I needed to hear. Or, better yet, it will be a comment on someone else's blog, with the same effect. Amazing.

Reya Mellicker said...

What I know for sure is that I'm so happy I will get to meet you in real life in less than a month. Wooo hoooo!!

Psychic spies - it's not just the government doing this. I see people in my dreams who are not supposed to be there. Those of us who are psychically linked, but maybe not so conscious about it, "spy" on each other all the time.

Being psychic is good and bad, a blessing and a curse. Always.

Nancy said...

Reya - I know! I have it on my calendar to be available whenever you are that weekend!

Wow - pyschic spys? Do you think they mean to spy? Or is they just liked somehow?

Nancy said...

Reya - I meant "are linked", not "is linked"

Natalie said...

I have long held that theory, Nancy. I utterly believe it.Every word you say just resonates with my understanding of the world.Interesting though, I have a clear memory of when I was seven, my mum picked a flower out of the garden, and took it for a flower reading at a local spiritualist church. I told her that she would be disappointed because the lady would only talk about me.
When she got home, the reader had raved on about how psychic the little girl at home was. (me)
The abuse didn't really start until the following year.......So I was already developed by seven. Hmmm.
Love to you.xx♥

Nancy said...

Natalie - You may have had innate abilities. I am so sorry you had to deal with abuse as a child. :-(

eag said...

Very interesting idea.The internet and particularly blogs have been a wonderful way to form communities.People are usually drawn to those who have something to teach,something we need to learn.A supportive community is a wonderful thing, long may it thrive.
The original post ideas about the abilities of the abused is very useful food for thought.Anxiety,depression and self-esteem problems are usually linked to childhood.For an abused child to develop wide ranging coping strategies wouldn't be surprising and hopefully can be developed and encouraged along with healing and recovery.
'Good be with you'
PS for those of you who are adopted peopleor adopters you might like to see the blog eag-oncewasvon.blogspot

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You have given me much food for thought.... I am at the end of a long, long day and too tired to really think....maybe in my dreams.

Marguerite said...

As usual, Nancy, you are right on! If you read 20 blogs a day, and comment on each one, then every person who reads each one of these blogs, reads your comment, then this becomes hundreds, maybe thousands of people that you are communicating with, on a daily basis. And all of these people are from anywhere in the world! That's a lot of incredible connections!! I love it!

Bogey said...

I believe that there are times that we process things during seasonal changes. Something inside triggers an event that may cause us to go back in time and reflect on some unpleasant event in our lives. Of course, we could wallow in our own misery, or, we can purge it into the blogosphere and let it go it's course. I do believe people who have had some form of trauma in their lives when younger, develop very sensitive "skin". They become acutely aware of others who have suffered similar type issues and can read the pain and turmoil better. At least this has been my experience.

Great post Nancy.

Linda Pendleton said...

Nancy, yes, remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle' comment makes a lot of sense. For some the early abuse would also put the child into a disassociative state, a state of creative safety, and also they may become more sensitive to everything around them. A few sensitives I personally know did suffer early abuse; physical or mental, or fear of it.

Many empaths learn to "protect" themselves from negative energy of world events or even of those people around them who are too draining. I've heard mediums James Van Praagh and John Edward speak or write of that.

I believe once a psychic person becomes aware of the negative aspects they could face, then they strive to become centered within themselves, and in doing that type of work/healing the ego has to be set aside as much as humanly possible.

As for blogging, I think we are drawn to people of like mind, and the connections may be not only healing, but informative, inspirational, and entertaining. Or sometimes it may challenge us.

For me personally as an author, blogging gives me an additional creative outlet to share my ideas and thoughts with others, and when those ideas heal, inspire, entertain, as my books may do, there is the same beautiful heartfelt warmth that comes back to me. I love it.

None of us are alone, and we all go through our ups and downs of our journeys. Words have power, and blogging gives us the opportunity to create and share.

And thanks for the mention of my remote viewing article :-)

Hilary said...

I know that I've never been as open to possibilities, accepting of beliefs and conscious of adopting change as I have been since enjoying these connections. There is so much to be shared and so much to take in. I'm very grateful for this venue.

Joanna said...

I am still learning about this amazing vehicle of blogs. Since I've started exploring it a few months ago I've stumbled into a community of thinkers, seekers and doers that have opened doors for me. Perhaps I stumbled or of perhaps I was somehow guided--who knows? What I find is that some writings resonate with me for a while and then I find others. Your blog is very thought provoking.

Nancy said...

eag - Who knew that we would all be "bloggers" - if you asked me if I would like to blog two years ago, I would have laughed. Glad you have found a positive experience as well.

Kathy - LOL! You need light subjects during your busy time!

Marguerite - I know! It still astounds me. The implications of all those connections boggles the mind.

Bogey - You make an interesting observation - seasonal changes.

Linda - You always have such interesting blog posts. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information.

Hilary - You give so much with your blog. Your life perspective is so gentle and warm. Love it.

Joanna - Thank you. Welcome.

Phoebe Miriah Kirby said...

Once again I will bring up "Indigo Children." :)

As a child, I went through my own hell and I do agree with you about high sensitivity. I feel like I can comment on this without wearing my crown of thorns.

I am highly sensitive and I think it had a lot to do with the things I was exposed to as a child. I think the exposure was brought to its peak when I was 17 and I experienced death for the first time. I smelled it, dreamed it, lived in in. After that my life changed and I was recreated.

The blogs that we pick and choose to follow is a reflection of who we are and what we are interested in. I think everything happens for a reason and finding the blogs I read applies.

I'm glad I found yours!

Nancy said...

Phoebe - I'm so intrigued by the notion of Indigo Children. Did you ever write about this "death for the first time?" (I'm glad I found yours, too!)

Kay said...

I think that although we all go through 'trying' times, we eventually need to find a way to 'get out' of the 'frump' we, as humans, can not remain down and find 'comfort' that will hopefully 'heal' our wounds-- writing, reading, empathy and knowing we are not alone, is where bloggin could be therapeautic, but we also can find in that in our daily existence; hence, why all of us are here still today, because we all find a way to 'manage'

Very thought provoking blog

Nancy said...

Well, I am a child abuse survivor and I am ultra sensitive. I almost died twice in 2003, but I didnt have an NDE. However, I HAVE had out of body experiences since childhood.

I have pinned down when it happens, and what happens before hand so I can stop it (it sort of scares me). If I could stop it and never have another one, I would.

Plus I have some prophetic dreams (I dreamed about what happened to a famous child who dissapeared in Aruba, it made me cry in my sleep)

I like to read blogs of open minded people simply because I myself am a little strange and it takes an open minded person to like me.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Love your post. Through blogging I have found my voice, both in the written sense and in the verbal. Both in blogging world and out in the real one. I love the connections possible with people who live on the other side of the world.. and on the same side.
And the support too, when posting about something sad. Truly good.

Sarah Lulu said...

Yes I agree with you ....
and I believe intention does and can bring us together ...

I'm feeling very fortunate and like I have a fresh start...

Pam said...

Blogging allows me to dabble and sample, people and their ideas. Some I visit briefly and some I return to daily. If I was forced to make all my acquaintances from my small town, there would be very few people to nourish my passions.

DJan said...

Well, what a wealth of comments here! I find at least a dozen new bloggers to explore. This is how it grows: my blogosphere just expanded with this one post.

Nancy, I wanted to respond to your comment asking me about The Intention Experiment. I found it intriguing, and especially appreciated learning how tuned in plants are to us, and finding more evidence that thoughts alone can influence the world. But I also found a fair amount of hype on the website -- I think it's a function of becoming too popular and mainstream and losing a certain element of inspiration.

I am also pondering some of the commenters' new (to me) ideas.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Your post always enlighten me. I share your pardigm and I believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, the reason might be as simple as hearing two little words, "Great Job". Those two words may encourage someone to be uplifted and aspire to grow creatively, spiritually, mentally. You just never know. I agree with the quote about the teacher will appear when the student is ready. I believe we are all students of life, we are all just learning at various levels at different times. But I do think our purpose here on earth is to always be improving and aspiring to a higher level of awareness. Our job is to continue to push ourselves so that we can be all that God wants us to be. It's already in us. We are capable, we just need to believe that.

Nancy said...

Kay - Yes, I think we all have our trials - part of being human. Finding a way to transcend our issues is unique to each individual. For me, very few of my "real world" friends understand my view of the world. So I rarely talk to them about my spiritual beliefs - which is what I use to deal with problems. I have more people online that understand those concepts than I do in "real life."

Nancy - Wow - Did you write about all of these experiences? I, too, need someone open minded to understand me.

Ladybird - Ditto!

Sarah - A fresh start in a fresh new house - are you all settled in that charming little cottage?

Pam - I find the same thing in my world. Few think like I do, and find my ideas "odd". (Except for my professors in college, who all liked my mix of spirituality and human development. I think they all harbored similar ideals.)

DJ - Yep, it's how it grows. As for the book - I should finish today. I'm in agreement, however, so far I have liked the research on the plants the best.

Jarie - You and I are on the same wavelength. A kind word is so powerful!

Gemel said...

Nancy that was a fabulous post, I agree with you, and never thought that I would be one to think that blogging had the ability to bring so many souls together......

As I go through so many changes in my life, Blossom's passing, the end of my marriage, searching for birth mother, and more importantly starting a new life alone, your words reached into the sadness of my heart and soul. Having been a sexually abused child I know what you talk about first hand, we are different to others in as much as we had to employ ways to avoid the pain that surrounded us, leaving our body/mind was my way of coping, it is in fact still is......

Nancy said...

Gemel - "eag" posted a blog regarding finding a birth parent, did you notice?

I am so sorry for what you have had to go through over the last year. I hope this next year is easier.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

We're helping usher in the new paradigm.

livenomad said...

Looking at the bigger picture, I feel that the people we are connected with are for a reason. There is a purpose, the reaon for which we must seek. I believe we are here for a reason, and things fall into place, like meeting the right people for this to happen. Just my little quirky view on the world. :P

Lori ann said...

my goodness this is a big discussion, i have just now finished reading all the comments as well as your post Nancy.

you have a gift that makes it easy for people to open up and share, even for something as sensitive as a difficult childhood. to me anything that helps another is a good and worthy cause. blogging can do that as well as showing us that we are really much more alike than we are different.

i hope you get at least as much out of blogging as you give!

Singnals3 said...

this is a big discussion, i have just now finished reading all the comments

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Nancy said...

Nancy i just now realized you had written back to me (I'm Nancy too and the commentary can be confusing, LOL)

I have a blog called Strange Dreams that I have kept for a few years when I decided I might need to write some stuff down and then see if things happen. I forget sometimes to record things though.
I havent written anything formally about this, though I'm sure I will one day.



what an absolutely dynamic post AND dialogue, nancy! i'm so sorry i missed it's inception which apparently came during the time part of my little family was here from louisiana and i was taken with them - in any event, of course, the comments of all the others resonate as well with me - i know that there are no coincidences nor accidents - and that we each touch the lives of others for whatever reason in whatever way[s] - and here we all are -
peace -