Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Exactly Are Orbs?

I have noticed the subject of Orbs popping up with more frequency. What are Orbs? Are they living creatures? Are they people without bodies? Are they energy-sucking aliens? Are they angels? Or is there a more pedestrian explanation?

Orbs can be multi-colored or white, and show up especially well with digital photography using a flash. Some think they are merely dust particles, or water droplets. Some think they are an energy signature or craft of a high-frequency being. Some people believe they are ghosts. 

I'm not sure what to believe.

There is plenty of literature on the subject. In the film "Orbs: The Veil Is Lifting" on Gaiam TV, several guests shared their insight into the phenomenon. One theory that resonates with me is that we are multi-dimensional beings that have been in a trance-state that has us believing we are the center of the Universe. We are uneducated about other realms and other dimensions. We know very little about consciousness. Our ideas about the paranormal are shaped by Hollywood, not in-depth scientific study. All this may change, by the way, with the money and research being pumped into the field of transhumanism 'ala Google's Ray Kurzweil, and his seemingly unlimited resources. Not to mention the Obama Administration's $3 billion foray into mapping the brain. This research is bound to spill into the topic of consciousness.  

Carlos Castaneda, when queried about inorganic beings:

"They are possessors of consciousness but not possessors of an organism," Castaneda responded. "Why should awareness be the exclusive possession of organisms?"

He talked of "flyers" feeding on mankind's awareness, reducing the sheen on our luminous eggs (a membrane surrounding us from the moment of birth, once thick, but much thinner as it is nibbled upon until there is only a mix of self-absorbed ego and mania.) 

Orbs show up throughout history in paintings and frescoes. They are often depicted with halos or as cherubs. It was suggested the wings were added because the orbs were flying. One photographer found that after taking hundreds of pictures of orbs, some of her pictures became mists that seemed to consist of millions of individual orbs. She believes this to be inter-dimensional art. Many have mandala-like designs, some have "faces", or look as though beings are inside of them. 

The Orb that seems to be haunting Nasa's Hall of Fame Museum is interesting:

Very large multi-colored orbs have been reported by pilots, including President Obama's.

Whatever they are, they seem to be very curious and comfortable around humans!


luksky said...

The very first time I ever saw an orb was several years ago on a picture of my daughter.

My husband had uploaded the picture as wallpaper on our computer or otherwise it was not very visible.

I was sitting at the computer late one night after everyone had gone to bed. I was just sort of staring at the picture of her on the screen and relaxing my mind before logging on when I noticed what looked like a tiny face staring back at me.

It freaked me out really bad because it was a circle with a very distinct face right beside her face on the picture. You would have never really noticed on the picture itself but with it being enlarged as the wallpaper on my screen it was quite visible.

This led me to the research of what that "face" was on my daughter's picture and found a good bit of information on orbs...some believable information, others not.

I still don't know what that "orb" is on my daughter's picture..maybe just an image that popped out as a face to me.

Either way, as I went back looking through my old pictures there were several pictures of my daughter with orbs in them and the orbs were only in pictures of my daughter, which I found odd.

Nancy said...

lusky - That is fascinating! Wow - one with a face! Always around your daughter is very interesting. I wonder if they are guardian angels? But then, what about the "mists" full of them? This is a very weird and interesting subject, and they are everywhere these days. You almost can't read any of the esoteric websites without talk of orbs -big ones and little ones.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Hmm. Something new to wonder about. The video reminds me of playing with a laser light to entertain my cat. Maybe somebody in another dimension is doing the same with us. :)

Nancy said...

Nancy - I don't know what they could be, but they sure are weird.