Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Already Militerized Police

The Obama Administration and the Department of Justice have decided to "crack down" on our increasingly militarized police force. Unfortunately, that ship has already sailed. The military has been feeding even the most obscure police departments tons of deadly military equipment for years. To now say that they can only buy these war toys with their own money is laughable, especially since local police, state troopers, and DEA agents have been confiscating money, cars, property, etc., through the seized-asset program to the tune of billions of dollars.

In one instance, a highway patrolman confiscated a young man's $2,500 that his father had given him to start a business, because it might be "drug money." Other instances have brought attention to Nevada's cash grab. But it is not the only state doing this - 23 other states have laws allowing this to occur. Questionable search and seizure, overuse of stun guns, shooting unarmed black men in the back, militarized raids that kill and maim innocent babies, dogs, and anything else that gets in their way. This is not the America my forefathers fought and died for. This is fascism.

I wrote about this back in 2011. It is now 2015 and the Department of Justice is just now putting some restrictions on this issue? I say too little, too late. And by design.

I honestly do not blame Texas for being watchful and suspicious of the multi-state military exercise going down this summer and lasting over three months. Jade Helm 15 may not be anything more than what it says it is - military training for its elite. It may not be a conspiracy to acclimate American citizens to a military presence, but with everything else going on - can they blame us for being paranoid?

Obama signed into law in the NDAA of 2012 that anyone, anywhere in the world, can be taken right off the street, held without due process, indefinitely. He assured us this would not happen to us. It was just a precaution, not something he would ever use against us.

Yeah, right.

And before you start to blame one political party over another, realize that is also by design. Keep us occupied fighting and arguing with one another over things like same-sex marriage, abortion, liberal and conservative labels, food stamps and welfare, while they continue their work for the multi-national corporations. Just this week they authorized a foreign country to drill in the Arctic. We're supposed to be assured nothing untoward could happen in the wild Arctic similar to the BP oil spill that devasted the Gulf of Mexico. I say SHELL NO!

Republican or Democrat - just two sides of the same coin.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

No, they aren't two sides of the same coin. The only reason social program exist is because of democrats- repubs don't care about anyone except donors. They can't even answer a direct question about the Iraq war.

Politicians in both parties are corrupt, yes, but the parties are not 2 sides of the same coin. One party couldn't care less about you or me. The other party knows it's right to care, but can't quite muster the courage to do what LBJ did in a year: implement social security and medicare, the oh so scary socialist programs.

Nancy said...

Hi Trish! Sorry, but Obama and the Democrats are just as culpable. His administration opened up the Arctic just this week and Democrats held the House and Senate until just recently. Two sides of the same coin. Good cop/bad cop - we're the losers, and the hits just keep on 'coming...

ain't for city gals said...

I just finished reading The Future of Violence by Wittes & Blum. There will be no escaping it...we are the losers.

Nancy said...

ain't for city gals - I'm afraid so. It feels like a net has been thrown over America and it is systematically being taken apart. I'm sure other countries feel exactly the same way.