Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Near Death Experiences Are No Longer Woo Woo

For many of my readers over the years the near death experience is something that they take for granted. They may have done their own research, or maybe it was a knowing that was passed down through generations or through their religious training. But for many, it has always been in the realm of woo woo. Not to be taken seriously. Certainly not something that one could absolutely count on. But things are changing. We have a wealth of new information that may very soon dispel the notion that there is nothing after death.

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Long, who was a recent guest on Coast to Coast. Dr. Long, in his spare time from being an oncology radiologist, has been researching the Near Death Experience and cataloging over 4,000 cases from all over the world. His site uses 20 different languages, and he has very generously posted all of the information on his website. Like researchers before him, such as Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Ian Stevenson, and even Emanuel Swedenborg, he has come to believe that there is no longer any doubt that life, in some sense, continues after death. In fact, the evidence has never been stronger.

It doesn't matter where you live, NDEs are all very much the same. A typical one would begin with the life-threatening event. They then leave their body and travel through a dark tunnel emerging into bright (unearthly) light which often has surreal colors. (Many of the colors do not have earthly names.) They often see people, buildings, and feel totally pain-free. Sometimes the people are loved ones that are joyous to see them, and they feel intense feelings of love and connection. They may then have a life review, free of judgement, at which point they may have a one-on-one with a higher being that discusses in detail what the goals and objectives were for that lifetime. Did you fulfill your life purpose? Did you work through the issues you intended?

Almost everyone returns with the knowledge that the number one goal is learning to love. That life is purposeful. We're here to learn humility, compassion, and that our life is a gift. People who came back from suicide attempts did not do it again, realizing that was not the answer.

I will go into more detail, including some of the not-so-nice near death experiences in one of the chapters of my book, but if you're wondering - play nice - it's the best way to avoid one of those that are frightening. Fear, hate, anger, jealousy, are all emotions to avoid.
  • 58% received mystical experience about the importance of LOVE
  • 24% considered themselves compassionate before their experience - 74% after
  • Some came back with psychic abilities.
  • Some had increased levels of EQ (emotional intelligence) and were able to intuit non-verbal cues better than before.
  • None were afraid to die again.
I think it is time to take this information out of the woo woo and realize we now have so much scientific evidence that points to an afterlife. Wouldn't it change everything if we realized that each individual on earth is dearly loved? One not more important than another? Each on their own path, often playing a part for others to learn by - even the bad guys?


luksky said...

Not long ago a read a book about a woman who had a near death experience. It was a very intriguing read and one I would like to recommend to you. The book is DYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani

Nancy said...

Luksky - thank you for the recommendation. I had heard of this book but had no idea it was about an NDE.

Bruce Coltin said...

Seeing you and your curious mind after all this time...What a pleasant surprise!

Nancy said...

Bruce - Nice to see you as well!