Monday, April 23, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter Four

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Chapter Four:

There were some very interesting thoughts to come from chapter four, not the least of which was the utilization of inner senses. However, in order to keep this post to a reasonable length I will focus on one aspect, which is reincarnation.

We can look at our present environment as an actor in a play. In this play we have designed the storyline, the sets, the props, the themes. Not only are we an actor in this play, but everyone else that is a part of it is also designing a storyline, sets, props and themes. We get so focused in our roles that we often forget we are the creators of the play itself. But more importantly - there are other plays going on simultaneously in which we also have a part. They also have their own sets, props, scenes and themes but take place in different periods of time. One play might be Life In The Fifteenth Century, or one might be Life In Roman Times.

It is very difficult for us to imagine being in two places at one time because we are looking through our third dimensional glasses. It's hard to understand multi dimensions, yet many physicists believe in the multiverse theory. Our particular play requires us to agree on certain assumptions - one of which is that time is linear. One moment follows another moment. Another assumption is that an objective world exists quite independently of our own creation and perception of it, that we are bound within physical bodies, and that we are limited by time and space. These various plays, complete with our agreed upon assumptions, are what we could call reincarnational lives, and they exist basically at one time.

Each of these plays have different problems to be solved and great advances have been made in certain periods. The actors may actually be working on minute portions of a larger problem that the play itself is designed to resolve. In these plays there is a basic 'free for all'. As long as we follow the agreed upon assumptions we are free to create spontaneously with no rehearsals. Not only that, but we all choose the time and place of every "life" in our reincarnational cycle. Progress has more to do with psychic and spiritual focus than time, with each play being different, therefore it is not correct that we bring baggage from other plays and "lifetimes."

These plays have purpose. We are learning through our own actions. We try out endless scenarios, behavior patterns, attitudes and poses, resulting in changes in ourselves and others. We are learning the art of actualization. And we seemingly do it with much joy and abandon. We're having fun! (This concept certainly gives a new view of adversity, doesn't it?) We are learning all the while. We are learning the art of co-creation, the responsibility of creation, and learning to handle the energy that is ourselves for creative purposes. There are some that appear within these plays fully aware. These "lead actors" see beyond the selves and settings they have created in order to lead others toward necessary realizations and development.

Seth goes on to say that we are not under a sentence of original sin, nor by childhood events, or past-life experience. Time is not closed, it is open. Our lives in our plays are happening at once but our consciousness forgets all this so when tragedy, adversity, or challenges appear in the scripts the conscious self looks for someone or something to blame. But the reality is that we choose and create our own settings, environments, parents and childhood incidents.

We wrote the script.

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luksky said...

You do an excellent job at summarizing. Some things I don't understand by reading the chapter become clear in your summary.

I'm wondering if we are on the same level of awareness in each "life" with just different story lines or if we are lets say...murderers/rapist in one life and sages/priests in another?????

Nancy said...

luksky - Thank you. I hope my summaries are correct, lol. I think anything is possible in the creation process. I think it is whatever we want to learn and experience. Maybe one life we want to see what it's like to be a murderer - or maybe we are a warrior. I have to guess we have "done it all."