Friday, April 20, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter Three

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Chapter Three:

I've decided that these posts are too long. I think I'm going to have to pick one or two ideas and develop them for you, leaving the summarizing of the chapters out of the equation. This material is simply too dense and complex to reduce to a blog post. So with that in mind, let's look at our reality as Seth sees it:

Let's begin with us. When we are born we are not a blank slate. On the contrary, we enter this world with a data bank full of information. Our very first day on the planet has us with built-in skills and abilities, not directly linked to genetics as we have supposed. Seth likens us to magnificent, divinely inspired, computers that can program it's own existences and lifetimes. This "computer" can not only program itself, it's programs can spring into consciousness and in turn create realities that may have been undreamed of by the computer itself.

Each of these personalities comes with a built-in idea of the reality in which it will operate - literally tailored to meet very specialized environments. It has full freedom within that particular "program." When we are born we are already conditioned to perceive reality in a particular manner. Our idea of the soul is limited by our three-dimensional concepts. The soul however, is not consciousness. Instead, the soul uses consciousness much as we use our eyes. Therefore, consciousness is a tool, so to speak. A way that the soul experiences different states of being.

Physical reality is one form (Seth's emphasis) that reality takes. Three-dimensional reality is an invaluable place of training and our personality as we know it will persevere after death, but it is only a part of our identity. Seth uses the analogy of our childhood being a part of us, yet it is not us. Physical reality is an illusion with purpose and meaning. The mind creates and forms matter, just as it creates and forms our bodies. The inner self literally sends out tentacles of psychic energy that coalesces into form. When we do this en masse it creates a shared creative process, i.e., our world. (Science has actually caught up with this concept - check out the experiments related to photons that are waves until they are focused upon at which point they then become particles, better known as the Double Slit Experiment.)

He says three-dimensional objects are formed much as the images we see on a television screen, and that if we are not tuned into that particular frequency, we will not perceive the physical objects at all! We unconsciously act as transformers turning sophisticated electromagnetic units into objects. We are inside a "matter-concentrated system." (I think this goes back to the theory that empty space is not empty at all - instead it is a data field of possibilities.)

I think I will leave off at this point, although this chapter had so much more information that I wish I could write about.

I hope I don't hear you snoring out there! :-)

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ellen abbott said...

I'm enjoying your reviews or synopses of the chapters. Sort of a quick review for me.

luksky said...

You are right Nancy. This stuff is super complex and although it's easy to absorb I would find it very hard to express on paper. You do such a wonderful job of summarizing it. This stuff is mind blowing and I would think that it would take someone truly ready for the knowledge to comprehend it all.

kate i said...

I'm enjoying your reviews Nancy. They're making me want to go out and buy back my much thumbed through copy of Seth Speaks that ended up at the used book store during our last move!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

My seth books take up shelves in our library. It's always great to see the material discussed. You're doing a great job with this material, Nancy.

susan said...

I read the Seth material so long ago I've certainly forgotten the details so it's interesting to see you've been writing these chapter reviews. Did you ever read about the first Polynesians to be discovered by white people? I'm not sure if it was one of Capt. Cook's voyages (pretty likely) but although the islanders saw the sailors when they came ashore they were unable to see the ships because they'd never seen anything like them before.

Nancy said...

Ellen - Glad you're enjoying this!

luksky - I agree. You're either a Searcher or you're not.

kati i - It is worth a review. I understand this book more now than I did years ago.

T&R - Thanks. I also have quite a library, but this is the only one I've read so far. I thought I should read it again to get the framework for the other books.

Susan - Yes, I had heard that. I think that is what he is talking about with vibration. If you are not turned into it - you can't see it!