Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter Six

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Chapter Six:

It is with the background in previous chapters that Seth felt it was time to actually touch on the subject of the book which is the eternal validity of the soul. The soul is not something that we have. It is something that we are. The soul is alive, responsive, curious, forming the flesh and world that we know, yet is in a constant state of becoming. It is always in a state of flux and learning that has more to do with subjective experience than time and space. There is a game going on where the egotistical conscious self pretends not to know what the whole self knows, and it is in this intense focus of physical reality that pretense is used until it feels ready to utilize the information in physical terms. Channels always exist between the various levels of the self, and the ego accepts important information and data from inner portions of the personality. There is constant communication between the soul and the ego in order to keep us up and running, so to speak.

First and foremost the soul is creative. The soul is not diminished, but expanded, through reincarnation. The soul is the most highly motivated, most highly energized, and most potent consciousness-unit in any universe. We cannot understand the degree into which it's energy is concentrated, and it carries within it the burden of all being. It must work out it's own identity and form it's own worlds, and within it are personality potentials beyond our comprehension.

We are one manifestation of our own soul.

It is not something that is waiting for us at death, nor is it something that we must save or redeem because it is something that we cannot lose. It will not suddenly change methods of perception, nor will it change characteristics after physical death. Our own personality, the portions of us that we deem most precious, most uniquely who we are, will also not be destroyed at death. It is a portion of the soul, yet only one portion. Our individuality continues to exist on some level. Our personality that is manifest now, and the personalities that we have been and will be, are manifestations of our soul. In fact, our soul possess all the wisdom, information, knowledge and experiences of all these other personalities, and we have access to this information, but only if we realize the true nature of our reality. These personalities exist independently within and are a part of the soul, and each of them are free to create and develop.

There are no closed systems in reality, yet in our physical system limits are perceived because we have decided to focus within a given "locale." But in actuality, the soul is a powerhouse of creativity that shoots out in all directions, receiving all experience directly. It is a traveler. 

Understanding the nature of the soul and how our thoughts and feelings form physical reality is very important because they give us clues that enable us to change our environment and circumstances in a beneficial way. (Remember whatever you are thinking that causes intense emotion draws the subordinates that begins the creation process..) We continually create our soul, just as our soul continually creates us.

The soul can be considered an electromagnetic energy field, of which we are a part. A field of concentrated action - a powerhouse of probabilities or probable actions seeking to be expressed - yet knows itself as an identity.

And if we are asked, "Who are you?" We should answer, "I am I."

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

"Whatever you are thinking draws the subordinates..." Sounds a lot like the power of attraction, doesn't it?

Nancy said...

T&R - It certainly does. Seth talks alot about "intensity of focus."