Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter Two

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Chapter Two:

Chapter two is a dense chapter in that I have highlighted most of the information. The Seth books are not an easy read, nor are they always easy to understand. In chapter two Seth talks about his own environment and what his purpose is at this time. If this post becomes too long I will divide it between two days.

He begins by saying his environment is quite different than ours and is just as "vivid, varied, and vital," yet varies in one aspect - it is more pleasurable. He does state that his idea of pleasure has actually changed since he was a physical being, yet his current existence offers more opportunities for creative achievement, which he finds pleasurable. It is the most challenging, however, and he has had many physical and nonphysical existences. This plane of existence will not be where we go when we die - in fact he uses humor when stating we have to die many times before we enter where he resides. He says that birth is much more of a shock than death. Sometimes when we die we don't realize, it but birth always comes with a shock of recognition. He reminds us not to fear death, that he has died many times, and it is not something to fear.

His home does not use permanent structures and it is not a city or town. They form whatever particular images they want to surround themselves, and it represents the manifestation of their development. Mental patterns create the environment, just as they do for us, yet we would find it lacking coherency as they use much creativity and abandon and each entity does his own thing. He states that his associates are not bothered by each other's environments because they indicate moods, feelings, and ideas.

He is a teacher and an educator. In that service, he travels to many other levels of existence in order to fulfill his duties, utilizing whatever works within those systems, including different aspects of his personalities. The male persona would not be used in an existence that does not have sex, for instance.

In the home environment he can take whatever shapes he chooses, and it varies with his thoughts. We also create our bodies with our thoughts, but we just don't realize it. Important chemical and electromagnetic changes take place with our thoughts and our conception of ourselves. This ability is manifest in any consciousness and a slowed down version would be our evolutionary history. He can take several forms at one time and says we can also do this. Our body can be lying in bed while our consciousness travels in dream form to far off places. Or we can create a "thought form" of ourselves, which is identical to us in every respect, and project it to another place.

They communicate telepathically, which he says is the basis for our language as well. Instead of mental words they see thermal and electromagnetic images that are much more meaningful than words. They also have emotion but lack the love, hate, or anger that we experience. Their emotions are much more free to experience because they are not afraid of being swept away by the feeling, nor do they feel threatened by the strong emotions of another. They have the ability to travel through emotions. (Which is something I have been working on.) Nor do they try to conceal emotions, since they know it is impossible to do so.

This post is getting too long so I will continue chapter two tomorrow.

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JeannetteLS said...

I have read all three posts now about this book. I am not rolling my eyes, but I do not know how I actually feel or what I believe about channeling. It then occurred to me that I can learn from all this, regardless of what I feel OR believe.

I look forward to reading your blog about all of this. I want you to know that PART of what keeps my mind and eyes open to what you are telling us about this book is that it comes from you. And I respect your wonderful mind and the soul that has always shone through.

So there. I'll be back to read the next installment!

Nancy said...

Jeannette - Thank you so much, that was a truly wonderful thing to say, and it means the world to me! I absolutely agree that we don't have to believe, nor should we believe, everything that we read or hear. However, sometimes one or two little nuggets of information stick with us only to connect with other little nuggets of information that serve to create a personal paradigm, or picture of reality, that is personal to the individual. I think that is what Seth Speaks is to me - a huge amount of information that makes more sense to me now - 25 years later - than it did to me when I first read it. I have many more dots now than I did back then.

sell my house said...

That book is awesome!That idea is great.