Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okay, I'm Back!

You may have wondered where I went - at least a few of you have wondered evidently. Well, I felt I was adding to the negativity, with my anger, regarding the politics of hate, I had been spending way too much time watching. So I erased my blog, and began writing a journal, feeling pretty good about not adding to the rhetoric. But, I guess some people actually read my dribble and - gasp - missed it. So I'm back, hoping to be more positive, but no less worried about our world. I hope all of you that asked what happened to me will also blog and let me know where you are, so I can read yours also. Until then - off to the debate!

1 comment:

California Girl said...

Yes. I wondered where you went. I thought perhaps Hawaii got into your head and you decided to "chill" as they say. Welcome back.