Friday, October 24, 2008

Lucy and Bedtime

Now that I am an empty-nester, one of the joys is going to bed when I feel like it. I watched my daughter struggle with putting her infant to bed when they visited last week. She wanted a few adult moments, before needing to head up herself, as he wakes early. I remember those years. Sleep was always something I just didn't get enough of. My youngest suffers from asthma, so she did not sleep all night for 10 years. The night was full of breath treatments and listening for coughing, not to mention she refused to sleep without ME. So after years of being tied to my children's schedules, from babies to teenagers out on Friday nights, my evenings are now my own. EXCEPT for my dog, Lucy. She believes bedtime is when it gets dark. She begins staring at me, then wagging her tail, then going upstairs to bed, only to return to start the process over again. She wants us to GO TO BED. She has replaced my children in her desire to have me where she wants me during bedtime. Amazing. She mostly gets her way. She is determined. She is following my husband's every step as I speak. It is 8:30 p.m.! (He just said, okay Luie, lets go.) See what I mean?


Jo-Mama said...

So Happy to see she her smiling face. Dogs are such creatures of habit, and they have trained us so well! I love her face. Has her tail healed yet?

Lover of Life said...

Yes! Finally tail is healed and actually growing back hair. Thanks for asking.