Thursday, October 30, 2008

No more bull

I thought Campbell Brown did a stunning review of one of the most revolting political ad campaigns out there. We Americans, that stand for freedom from religious persecution, are appalled at the unabashed dirty fighting of the far-right religious fanatics that have captured the Republican Party. For many of us, the belief in God, and the right to believe in our OWN way, and not their fanatical witch-hunting, hate mongering fear-producing way, have had enough. Thank you, Campbell, and shame on you, Elizabeth Dole. Your type of politicking is on it's way out. There is a whole contingent of moderate folks in this country that are sick of your type of ad campaigns. You use lies and innuendos to incite fear and hatred. You are as much a dinosaur as John McCain.


Jo-Mama said...

I too, have followed Campbell Brown's truth or fiction spots and have been very proud of her honest assessments of various statements made by all candidates. That she is married to a big time republican makes it even more impressive that she has noted "tripe" when tripe is served up as prime rib. Liddy "Honey Lips" Dole has totally lost it. She is such a disappointment and is ending her career on a note that discredits her entire political campaign. Isn't it a shame she will be best remembered for witxh hunt politics and Bob's viagra. What a shame. Good for Campbell Brown. She has grown in esteem in my book as a journalist over this campaign by leaps and bounds.

Anonymous said...

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