Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are Americans Beginning to THINK?

Oh my Gob, are Americans actually beginning to think? Are we starting to pay attention to what the candidates are saying about the ISSUES? Can it be, instead of paying attention to trivia and incendiary verbiage, we are starting to really get nervous about the unbelievable financial issues facing our economy? Well a Nobel-Prize winning economist seems to think we may actually be getting serious about what is going on - check this out.


Jo-Mama said...

wow! Krugman wrote a great article. From his pen to the voting booth. I must say that since the economy shoe began to pinch enough for folks to start crying ouch, people are looking deeper into their senses for what has to happen to begin a fix. Let's hope our country gets back into a positive attitude and begins to believe in itself again.

California Girl said...

I agree w/jo-mama. It's ironic the economy is now the touchstone for everyone's misery and change of heart. Ironic only because the Republicans always say they are all about the economy but those in the know know they are all about themselves. One more week!