Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crop Circle Update

Coast to Coast did an interview with Colin Andrews, the man responsible for coining the term "crop circles" some 30 years ago. Mr. Andrews was an electrical engineer that worked for the government in the UK who just happened to glance off and notice some crop circles on his way to work one day. It ended up changing the course of his life.

You could tell through the course of the interview that it was difficult for him to wrap his mind around the possible implications of what they might be early on in his investigations. Most of the engineers I know are very linear in their thinking. But, he stuck with it and as the crop circles became more and more numerous and complicated he came to some astounding conclusions.

First of all, he believes only 20% of the circles can truly be considered a mystery. But of those 20% that can be proven to be made by something we do not yet understand, he and other researchers have discovered some extremely interesting details. For instance:

  • The crop formations seem to be advancing in complexity as our understanding of them increases. In other words, some of them are actually responding to focused prayer and/or mediation. It is as if they are communicating with us. He uses a personal example to prove this point. 
  • One crop formation actually refers to another date on the Mayan calendar that ends in 2033.
  • The designs themselves contain mathematical, astronomical, and things of a natural nature. 
  • These designs may actually be coming from "a higher mind" or God. Or they could be ET in scope. 
  • The date of 12/21/12 has a very rare astronomical alignment, which he discovered through a friend, (a former FBI anti-terrorist agent), who did not believe in crop circles being anything more than man made before doing a chart on this date. (Yes, this FBI agent also does astrology.) He fears there could be a nuclear incident between Iran and Israel.
  • There have been some unusual encounters with ET-type beings at some crop circles - including one with a police officer and three very tall beings that seemed to float and move in tandem. The police officer has continued to have very strange events occur since this encounter - one that included his wife.

Needless to say, I was fascinated. This man seems totally believable - mostly because he questions everything. One very curious incident happened in 1977. He said he was watching the news on television when the screen seemed to stop action and an odd voice hijacked the program for several minutes. The British network ITN has never been able to totally explain what happened next, mostly because it would have been very difficult to have been able to pull this off in 1977. It was recorded with much interference but the message seems timely. (Try to get past the cheesy introduction and music and just focus on the words - very strange!)


Brian Miller said...

fascinated as well...i know that there are those that fake them but def see deeper meaning in them as well...

DJan said...

Is that first picture a real crop circle? It's so incredibly beautiful, almost like a fractal. These are certainly spooky, but it made me feel a bit better to see a date PAST 2012 (as in 2033). Strange, indeed.

Nancy said...

Brian - They are very interesting, that's for sure.

DJan - Yes it is! It is beautiful, for sure. Colin Andrews believes, as do others, that the date of 12/21/12 is the end of an era, not of the earth. I think we have much to look forward to.

Linda Pendleton said...

Nancy, You may be interested in Lucy Pringle's website and work on crop circles. She is founding member of Centre for Crop Circle Studies. I love her photography of the Circles.

Whitney Lee said...

Fascinating. I would have to say that there's definite truth in this, even if it was somehow possible to fabricate this. I'm with DJan about it being comforting to see the 2033 date. I tend to believe that it is not a literal end. I guess we'll see...

Catherine said...

I am fascinated by this and all kinds of unexplained phenomena. It's arrogant to thikn we're the only intelligent beings in this whole wide universe.
Great reading, thank you!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Not sure how I missed this! Thanks for the post.

Megan Fleming said...

Hi! I'm a mom of gradeschoolers and a painter and woke in 2014 through Colin and Synthia Andrews' reintroducing me to crop circles in a "chance" book I found. Since then, I've fallen down the rabbithole and haven't surfaced. I was compelled to start a blog "" to process and educate others on my findings. I love that you are blogging and highlighting these phenomena.
I painted a canvas using the crop circle featured at the top of your blogpost; I am looking for the date it appeared. I belong to Crop Circle Connector and have access to all the archives but wondered if you happened to know the date offhand?
Thanks for adding your drop to the bucket.
All for the Light, Megan