Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ben's Story

My first foray into the world of NDE's (near death experiences) came through such researchers as Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Raymond Moody as early as the 1970's. Over the years there have been many books and many researchers who have all come to the same conclusion - we survive death with our "selves" intact. We are much more than we think we are - we are immortal beings - who have forgotten who we really are in order to do and learn what it is we came here to do and learn. After all, many of us would lose our courage to continue if we knew we were actually going home when we died.

And every once in a while someone comes back to tell their story and we are reminded, in our heart of hearts, that we have nothing to worry about.

Here is one young man's story - for all of you who may not have heard about him - he passed away a short time after making this U-Tube video. A big thank you to Trish MacGregor for sending me this link:

Rest in peace, Ben.

Thank you, Hilary!


Expat From Hell said...

I am just stunned. What a powerful story, and such a great non-verbal presentation by this young man. I need to learn more about this guy - thanks so much for putting this up, Nancy. Kind of takes the sting out of the post-Christmas blues....EFH

ellen abbott said...

I'm a believer, been reading and learning about this also since the 70s, not in the religions' concepts of god or heaven but in that we are immortal beings, part of the totality of what is 'god', the 'all that is', and in between our swan dives into incarnate reality we go home to be one with the one.

Nancy said...

Expat - I totally agree. Didn't he have a beautiful smile?

Ellen - That understanding changes everything, I think.

Brian Miller said...

saw this on yahoo news the other day...what a story he has...nice hit nancy

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I was just blown away when I saw this.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

It appears that because of his experiences, he was at ease and ready to go. That in itself is a blessing.

Linda Pendleton said...

I'd seen this earlier and had posted to FB. I'm sure this really brought his family comfort and peace.

And maybe a little of that for all of us. :-)

Gemel said...

Bless him, he is HOME now.
What a message he leaves for all humanity.

Cole said...

Pretty sensitive lately, but that just really got to me. Yes a beautiful smile indeed. I am sure that there is so much more to us than we know and that there is so much more for us to explore beyond this existence. I am relieved he felt peace and was comforted by his experiences. That in and of itself was a blessing that he had those moments which I only hope took some of the fear away for him. Thanks for posting this. It has been awhile since we "talked" I hope you and your family are doing well.

Hilary said...

Yes, I heard about him earlier today. What a beautiful guy... and powerful story.

Anonymous said...

my daughter showed this to me. I believe we survive our death, but my daughter, while moved by this video, was unconvinced. Her explanation is that the brain hallucinates as it dies. I do not believe that, but there is no convincing her. All I can think is that means she is here to stay for a long long time :-)

susan said...

The old quote I loved was 'We are spiritual beings having a human experience'. I've been interested in these matters for a long time but mostly peripherally as I believe we should live our lives as best we can right now. I know you feel that way too. However, there is one book I read last year with great interest that I would recommend because it is to a very large extent a scientific treatise that debunks most of the theories put forth by critics of NDE's. It's called 'Science and the Near Death Experience' by Chris Carter.

Happy New Year to you, my friend. May 2012 bring the deep spiritual changes we hope for and have seen the beginnings of in recent years.

leilani said...

very very powerful! Happy New Year my friend!

Reya Mellicker said...

I have no fear of dying, none. What I dread is what
Ears up to the passage beyond the veil. The life force is so powerful, we tend to hang on even though we're in pain.

L'Chaim, Nancy. Happy new year!

Deborah said...

I was very intrigued by Dr. Kubler-Ross's work when I first heard about her decades ago. I wonder if Ben had heard of her? The descriptions given by people who had been saved from death were so asronishingly similar that it makes it hard not to think there is something to it.
I could only think of Ben's parents as I watched him. What they have lost! But it must help in some way- a major way, I would think - to know that this is what he felt. Very sad, but very positive, too. Thanks for posting it, Nancy, and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

California Girl said...

I can't stop crying and I'm at work. My co worker is becoming alarmed. Incredible boy with the most beautiful smile. Yes.

Thank you and Happy New Year. It's good to remember what life is really about.

Nancy said...

Brian - It was on all the news - not a bad message to start the new year.

Trish - Thanks for passing it along.

Blissed - Truly. A blessing.

Linda - Exactly. Maybe a little of that for all of us.

Gemel - That's what I thought.

Cole - I think he totally lacked fear - and that is HUGE for an 18-year old. We need to catch up!

Hilary - He is a blessing for all of us.

Nancy - She is referring to some scientific studies that say all of the NDE's are brain chemistry. I think we all come to our own beliefs in our own way. It took my husband YEARS to finally begin to look at life as more than a biological anomaly.

Susan - Thank you! One more for my list. Happy New Year to you, too, and my hopes are for a much brighter future for humanity. Let it be so.

leilani - Happy New Year!

Reya - Yes, my fears as well. Maybe we will evolve to the point where we make a conscious choice. Happy new year to you, too!

Deborah - I watched a clip where they talked about just what you mentioned. They were very proud of Ben and all of his U-Tube postings. They must have taken great comfort in this last one. Hope you have a wonderful 2012, Deborah!

California - You have those two beautiful boys - I can see how this would affect you, dear friend. Yes, it brings it all home, doesn't it?

TexWisGirl said...

i had read about this young man and heard his story on the news, but until hilary included your post as a POTW, i had not actually watched his videos. thank you for sharing this message of hope and faith. :)

Nancy said...

TexWisGirl - It really is about hope and faith - if an 18-year old can have it, I guess I can, right?

Amanda said...

wow. as expat said, i am just stunned. what a deeply wise young man. may his soul rest in peace.

happy new year, nancy. wishing you all the blessings 2012 has to offer.

Out on the prairie said...

i was enveloped in a dreamland after hearing someone call for a crash cart. Thoughts drifted, but soon i was back in the realm of a ICU.