Saturday, May 29, 2010

Soul Groups

After yesterday's post, I thought I would do some research on soul groups. Whether or not you believe in such things, the thought of "soul groups" or groups of souls that come together is rather interesting to contemplate. This from Crystalinks:

Do you feel that there is a group of souls on the planet, that you are supposed to meet, and do some spiritual work with?

The group could be you, and one other person, or several people, who are all on your frequency. You sense each other's presence. They may be other aspects of your soul wanting to come together.

The Internet has been instrumental in bringing soul groups together.

But this feeling goes beyond the Internet. It is a feeling in your soul, you sense these people, often living in areas not near your home.

The people who share our journeys vary as we learn and move on.

If you feel that is time to meet them, and they too are in readiness, synchronicities will reunite you. You must feel this tugging in your soul.

Many people want to have metaphysical adventures, but they have no free time - work, school, family, or other obligations fill up their time. When you are ready, you will make time, and it will be amazing.

You need amazing in your life.

There is nothing more fun that meeting someone on the same speak the same language...often the written word is not needed. You realize that you are going through something together that will make you more aware when you are taking a voyage.

If you sense these souls....just relax your mind and body...clear your thoughts....see yourself as a beacon of light....send out a message...they will hear you.

They may come in to help with healing and clearing, or for something beyond.

You will recognize each other and move forward.

You never know who may show up.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Seth (Jane Roberts) wrote about group souls, although I can't recall in which book! Sutphen wrote about them too. Maybe that's what blogging is about!

Nancy said...

Trish & Rob - I'm thinking so!

ellen abbott said...

I think it was in Seth Speaks though I read several of their books. The concept was closer than running haphazardly into people you 'connect' with. More like a group of souls that reincarnate together in tight groups like family units where you may take turns playing all the roles in a family. Certainly there are people you just come across. I have met three or five, people who I immediately connect with, feel I already know, best friends on sight sort of thing. I've had that soul connection feeling with three first husband but the lesson I had to learn with him was important but unpleasant, the second was a man and though we have never been a couple we feel like we are/have been boyfriend/girlfriend and that's how we refer to each other as an 'ex' (took his wife and my current husband a long time to accept our connection without feeling jealous - his wife Kay and I are friends and she told me that she just had to eventually accept that on some level we needed each other but that it was not a threat to her) and we are still in contact today, and third was of course my husband now.

Linda Pendleton said...

Yes, I believe in soul families, and how people come back into our lives...and often we may recognize that.

This is an interesting book I read some time ago about past life regression and soul groups.

And then again, some we encounter are not part of that previous connection.

But then again....six degrees of separation...or less... LOL and the internet really does connect...LOL

Ruth said...

I hadn't heard about soul groups. Well maybe in reading about reincarnation, that often we find the same people to live with.

Star said...

Sounds reasonable to me. There is so much more energy in our thoughts and minds than we use at the moment. We are certainly drawn more to one type of person over another too, it seems.
Blessings, Star

DJan said...

I have blogging friends who mean as much to me as people I've known in the flesh for years. I can't explain it, but sometimes lately blogging friends even appear in my dreams. It's quite interesting! Good post, thought provoking.

Brian Miller said...

there are defintiely people that are 'destined' to intersect and touch each others lives, it may be for a season or it may be for life...

Friko said...

I am not sure that I fully understand what is meant by soul groups. There are people who are 'soul mates' and not necessarily lovers or couples; there are people with whom one has an instant rapport, with whom one shares a wavelength, or close intimacy.
I am not sure that I can believe that one feels that such people are waiting to connect without knowing that the other exists.

Von said...

Just for a second there I thought you meant Soul Groups but I see we're talking the same language.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i can totally connect with what you're saying here. many of my bloggin friends have become as close as those who have been physically in my life forever. there are some that i feel an instant "click" with.

several years ago, i was in our city hall taking care of some business and i saw a young couple. i had never met either of them before but i was totally drawn to them. i thought it odd but couldn't figure out why. i told ron about it and we both kind of tossed it around but then forgot about it.

a few weeks later, we were in church and in walks this couple! they were visiting for the first time. their littlest daughter, a toddler of about 2, walked right over to me and held up her arms for me to pick her up. her parents (after church) said she'd never, ever gone to strangers before and even had family members she would not let pick up. Nearly 20 years later, we're still friends.

kenju said...

Edgar Cayce mentioned many of the same things. I fully believe in groups incarnating together for common purposes.

d page said...

Thanks for bringing this idea to the blogosphere! The whole structure of Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism is centered around a group of souls -- Padmasmabhava and his 25 students-- that have been incarnating together since the 800's AD. They share a "mind stream".
Even before I was introduced to these teachings, I have had encounters in dreams and "real life" that seem to indicate soul group dynamics.

Cloudia said...

VERY true, I've found...

Aloha from Waikiki, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Marguerite said...

I have always believed in soul groups and that we're always attracted to certain people or groups of people, who we need, in order to raise our level of consciousness and balance our karma. Interesting post!

Marlene said...

I believe .. that we are drawn to people with our same energy frequency..and the blog world , certainly would follow in that same way..I have definately been drawn to certain thier blog and just feel a certain connection to how they think and feel thru thier my everyday life..I KNOW certain people in it have been with me many many lives before..of that I am certian.

Anonymous said...

i dont know if soul groups exist but it is an interesting idea. I hope they do exist.

The Good Cook said...


I believe! I also believe that people (souls) come into our lives at different times. Some are meant to stay forever, some just for a specific need or lesson.

American Indians have always believed in soul mates. I do too. I believe that one soul can split into two and these two halves are destined to meet on earth to reunite. I believe that is how I met my husband, we were of one soul, split, and destined to meet and reunite.

Does that sound corny or what? I don't know how else to explain our oneness.. we have always had the same thoughts, same words, same feelings about things, right from our first meeting. And we have always felt like we always "knew" each other...

At the very least this is an interesting topic and deserves further exploration.

Nancy said...

Ellen - Very interesting. I wonder who the man friend is to you on a "soul" level. Nice that his wife can accept this relationship. Not all women would.

Linda - Thanks for the link. We are reconnecting with friends that we had when we younger, lost track of while we were raising children, and are now coming back together. I wonder - did we learn certain lessons with these people when we were young and are now going to go through different ones with the same cast of characters?

Ruth - It does make you wonder.

Star - I think that is very true. I find I have very little tolerance for certain people right now. Anyone that watches a lot of Fox News, for instance. :-)

DJan - You seem to have drawn to yourself a nice group of blogging friends. I feel the same way about mine. Some have come and gone, but there seems to be a core that grows stronger.

Brian - It makes it more tolerable when we know that it's okay for certain people to move out of our lives when we look at it that way.

Friko - I don't know, but it's interesting to contemplate.

Von - Were you thinking singing groups? LOL

Teresa - That's fascinating! Wow. And they're still in your life? I would say that is a definite soul group experience.

kenju - He did talk about soul groups. I've also read about this phenomenon in some of the books on past-life regression.

d page - Very interesting! I'll bet this group of 25 are very in-tuned after all this time together!

Cloudia - You think so too?

Marguerite - I think my next post may be about that.

Marlene - I have felt the same thing in the blog world. I also had an experience with one of my daughter's boyfriends in high school. I could swear I knew him! I was instantly attracted to him on a very loving level (not sexual!) but I don't know if it was because on some level I knew he was going to die, or because I knew him from a soul group. He died in a car accident that same year.

Nancy - It's interesting to contemplate. It raises a host of other questions, however. I think I'll do another post on this.

Good Cook - No, it doesn't sound corny. I think you found your soul mate. I wonder if we have more than one?

Amy said...

Nancy, Here I am catching up again - I've never heard this term, but I agree with you, I hope they exist. I think one needs to be open for that kind of connection. I've been blessed with a handful of true, true friends during my life, and, of course, my husband, my soul mate.

And I have to say, you certainly have a fantastic group of readers who comment. The comments on this post were very, very interesting. Thank you for this thought provoker!

Anonymous said...

Wow...a great blog. I've been drawn to people over the years, some have lasted, some moved on, I've moved on...but it's the sort of 'I've known you forever' friendship...not having to get-to-know-you because I already do. There are some bloggers that I've felt that connection early on.
I haven't read the book but think it would be interesting.

Emom said...

I absolutely believe that we are destined to see "each other" when the time is right and the lesson is ready....smiles.

Nancy said...

Amy - Thanks, I think they're pretty wonderful myself!

Bear's Mom - I agree. I met someone last night that I felt that way about. Like an old friend, although we had never met.

Emom - It explains so much...

Natalie said...

Well, you know i think there definitely is! It excites me and comforts me at the same time.♥

Nancy said...

Natalie - Me too.


absolutely, i think blogging is a part of the connection of soul groups -

and who of us has not met at least one person with whom there is that instant familiar "soul" connection - and some of us, many such connections -

great post, nancy!

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about soul groups on crystalinks. I do believe it to be true, but I haven't applied it in my life quite yet.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I believe.