Friday, February 13, 2009


I just received a call from friends that they were happy to join us for dinner tomorrow night. That's wonderful. Wonderful, except my husband forgot to tell me he invited people for dinner. Oh well, time to drag out the cookbooks, and spiff things up a bit. We already determined they may have to spend the night if it keeps snowing. But then, that could be fun, too. Sleepover!


California Girl said...

I have nominated you for a Friends Award. This is a pay it forward type of award and was passed on to me by another blogger. Please refer to my Feb 14 post on
for more information.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jo said...

Tell us all about your dinner. What are you cooking?

Have tons and tons of fun!!!

meggie said...

Yes! How did the dinner go? I hope you all enjoyed it!

Rose said...

Exactly why I don't have a husband...well, one of the reasons. Poor communication.
The sleepover part sounds fun.
Tell us about dinner.

Sandi McBride said...

I had to laugh at this as it's always me who invite folk over and he doesn't have a clue till the bell rings and wonders aloud "now who could that be at this hour?"