Wednesday, February 18, 2009

America's Inner Child

I think that the you-tube video of the woman pitching a fit (posted below) is how a lot of us feel. In our home we called it "The Elvis", and my older daughter had it down. How relaxing would it be if all of us could just pitch one! We could fall to the ground yelling and screaming and kicking our legs. We could shout at Bush and Cheney what total incompetent freaks they were, and then we could pound our fists on the ground and call all the bankers a-holes. We could head-butt, (like my 14-month-old grandson does), the regulators and the car executives that flew in their private jets to the congressional hearings. We could scream until the spittle flies at the executives at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, until they realized we mean business and that yes, that means no more $400,000 get-a-ways with taxpayer money! We could hit the SEC and the rating agencies right in the face, and kick the shins of Rummy. We could take a big stick to every person in Congress and the Senate that let all this happen right under their noses while they had their finger up them. Then we could, just maybe, relax. A good fit goes a long way, after all. (I feel better all ready.)


Reya Mellicker said...

Blogger ate my comment, which makes me want to throw a fit.

Basically what I said was that I agree with you 100%.

Why can't we cut each other some slack, allow ourselves to express some of what's going on? The price we pay for being civilized!

California Girl said...

Your thought for the day says it all. I wish I understood the economy better. I wish I could say I am behind the stimulus package. I don't know enough to be for or against. I have that sense of anger for Cheney, Rove & Rumsfeld. Bush is another story altogether. I alternate between thinking he's a doofus to believing his sense of entitlement allowed him to delegate everything to those three til it was too late. Either way, I sound apologetic for him and, believe me, that is not the case.

That woman in the airport is kind of a skewed example of how many of us feel much of the time but never let it out. I feel that way when I'm on hold.

I am angry with our systems that don't work, our advisors and politicians who lie and our overall ignorance of what is really going on, which is our own fault. I am full of frustration. I usually channel it at the politicians on tv or the idiots on the road. Blogging has given me an outlet although I don't blog to vent. I blog to be heard.

Rose said...

I know you have studied psych somewhere along your life's journey. I used to run retreats up in the mountains and every once in a while one of the participants would trust themselves and me enough to "let go". It is a very satisfying experience to just let everything out in a safe setting. I still to this day prefer the body therapies to CBT but the BBSE doesn't quite agree so I have had to tone it down a bit.
Every once in a while I still scream into a pillow or scream while driving on the freeway. I am sure I look like a ninny, but I feel better. I don't think I would do it at LAX though and it has been years since I have thrown a good tantrum....I am probably overdue for one.

Hilary said...

I'd be happy just to be sent to my room for a time out. ;)

Anonymous said...