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Seth Speaks, Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve - Reincarnational Relationships

Our reincarnational experiences are designed for us to expand our consciousness, ideas, perceptions and values. The idea is to break away from self-adopted restrictions. This depends entirely upon ourselves. Ideology that is dogmatic and rigid, especially about good and evil, will only keep us tethered to experiences and people with the same concerns. All events work toward creativity, whether we can perceive of this or not. If we hate, then we draw this to ourselves through lifetime after lifetime, engaging others that have the same qualities. Like attracts like.

Consciousness does expand, however, it will create. Therefore, if one does not take advantage of opportunities to learn in this life, then the next lifetime will mirror the very same issues. We are always setting the stage for the next lifetime in this lifetime through our thoughts and emotions. We can tell what kind of person we are by the people we are drawn to and who are drawn to us - through very basic inner similarities.

Families have subconscious purposes and we are born into our families for many reasons. These groups are set up ahead of time and often have various members playing different parts. The inner self is always aware of the plan and people with close emotional ties often stay together through many lifetimes, although not always. (This reminds me of a very lucid dream I had not long after my mother died. I was six years old and I had had a particularly difficult evening that resulted in my crying myself to sleep. I was literally inconsolable and panicked. In the dream, my mother was walking on the opposite side of the street. I ran over to her with a mixture of pure relief and incredible anger that she had left me. She leaned down and said something about a plan, that I was aware of said plan and that it was for a reason. This is all I can remember of what she said, but I woke up much calmer.)

What you love will be a part of your life in this lifetime and others, as will anything that you hate. No one forces you to experience any particular lifetime, it is formed by your own emotions and beliefs. A rigid concept of good and evil can only be avoided by having true compassion, and quite simply, if you believe in the concept of evil then you will find it manifested. Regardless of whether or not you hate life, you have obligations to others that were agreed upon before you were born and many of your current friends were close to you long before you met them in this life. The same goes for towns and villages as groups merge to try new experiments.

We are creating a crises in the ecology of our world in order to learn before we embark on journeys to other physical realities. As a species we have only been concerned with our own survival, without the conception of the great sacredness of all consciousness which includes all of nature. We have lost track of the great truth which is the value of the individual man and its dependence upon other species in the whole framework of reality. There are individuals being reborn at this time to help us understand by forcing the issue, forcing the crises, in order for us to change our ways. We will not be destroying the planet, the birds, the flowers, the grain or the animals - we will simply not be worthy of them, and they will destroy us. The outer is a reflection of the inner.

Abilities cannot be developed without changing sexes. Some prefer several lifetimes of a male before switching to female, and vice versa, but the reincarnational framework must involve both. You learn from being a mother and you learn from being a father. Both are needed for you to evolve. If in one lifetime you hated women - then the next lifetime you will probably be one. When we finally get to the point where we realize we are forming our own day-to-day experiences, we can begin to alter our own psychic and mental patterns. Our entire existence begins to change and there is an acceleration of spiritual growth.

The perfectly happy life may be a wonderful way to rest and relax, but it probably does little to develop the personality. The truly happy existence, however, would include spontaneous wisdom and spiritual joy. Nor does spiritual development always require illness or hardship. In fact, most illness is a result of ignorance and lazy mental habits. You also do not travel through various lives with the same cast of characters. Groups come together for certain purposes, separate, and may not come together again. Deep relationships will find a way to come together, while others will serve their purpose and drift away. Each generation has its own purpose - to perfect inner knowledge and to project it outward as faithfully as possible.

Examining your own life right now in a careful and thoughtful manner will illuminate the challenges you have set for yourself in this lifetime. While not easy, it is within the grasp of each individual. Releasing yourself from hatred, for example, will release yourself from hatred in relationships in the future. Reincarnation is a tool used by personalities, and the laws are adapted by the individual to suit themselves.

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This part of the Seth material, on reincarnation, remains highlighted in my head, always.I feel that Seth nailed it.

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You are doing a wonderful job summarizing the chapters. There are certain parts of the book that I didn't really understand until you summarized it. Thanks!!!

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I rather read the summary than the whole book. I understand it much better. Thanks Seth. You did a wonderful job.
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