Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seth Speaks, Chapter 10

This series begins here, and runs consecutively through chapter nine. They can be found in April of this year.

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Chapter ten:

In sleep and dream states we are involved in the same dimensions that exist after we die and this state is a normal part of our lives. In fact, there is a continuity between our daily life and our sleeping life. Seth states that "You are the dreamer it sends on its way. Your daily experiences are the dreams that it dreams, so when you look at your dreaming self or consider it, you do so with a highly prejudiced eye, taking it for granted your "reality" is real, and its reality is illusion. Its reality is far more native to your being, however."

It is natural for us to be more focused in daily life than in our dreams, however. Our daily life is our challenge to grow and develop and to extend the limits of our consciousness. But the reality is that our dreams are also reality. In fact, when we dream we are flying - we are often actually flying.  Many of our experiences in the dream state are the exact ones we meet in death. We visit with family, friends, revisit the past, are met by guides, take instruction, perform meaningful work and solve problems. The difference is in physical life there is a lag between the conception of an idea and its physical construction, and this is not so in dream reality which is closer to what it is like after death. If you want to know more about how it will be after you are dead then pay more attention to your dream state. Seth says in many ways we are a fleshy projection of our dreaming selves. (Maybe that's why I am always thinner in my dreams?)

One of the things we learn in the dream state is how to construct our own physical reality day by day - just as we learn to construct our next incarnation in the death state. We set our goals in sleep, just as after death we set our goals for the next lifetime.

In physical life we see what we want to see. In other words, if you hate people and see evil in everyone then you will be unable to experience the goodness of people. You literally send telepathic messages to make sure that others dislike you, just as you project your dislike onto them. Your experience in this world is a direct result of your expectations. This is also true in the dream state and in after-death experiences. You meet whatever bugaboos that obsess you. You create thought forms. 

There are molecular structures in every inch of empty space but we have taught ourselves not to perceive them, just as there are other voices that we have conditioned ourselves not to hear. We use our inner senses in the dream state and these senses are not deceived by the images that we project into the 3-D world, in other words, our inner reality will not be alien to us when we die. In fact we are, in many ways, dead now. As dead as we will ever be. We will not be focused in the physical but we will retain our memories. After death we may find we want to change some things, tweak a response to something we are not happy with - all of which is possible because we can manipulate time and events. In fact, some choose this rather than reincarnating. Events can be changed and objects are not absolute. "If you want to know what death is like, then become aware of your own consciousness as it is divorced from physical activities."

Ghosts, or apparitions, are often as alert, or unalert to their situation as we are. They often portray the same compulsive-type behavior as someone who constantly washes their hands, returning time and again to the same place. The personality shows signs of being disturbed, or having a nightmare. The only difference is that the whole consciousness is not present, and they are mostly harmless. In fact, ghosts and apparitions are usually not aware of their effect on you - just as you are not aware of your effect on others that you appear to in worlds that would be very strange to you.

"(The combination of) thought, emotion, and desire creates form, possesses energy, (and) is made of energy.)"

We appear in astral form in places that are often more advanced than our own and we can be recognized because of our disorientation. We are not able to manipulate in quite the same way. Seth states that it is a combination of thought and emotion that creates form. Thought forms are all around us and we often dismiss temperature variations and stirrings of air as imagination. Dead friends and relatives do visit us and how long they have been gone has little to do with the visitation, much more important was the intensity of the relationship. We are often guided in the sleep state by strangers through various periods of our lives. The main objective of this chapter is to make the point that we are all very much familiar with the conditions we will meet after death.

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Brian Miller said...

i need to read this again and sit with it for a bit before i can really say anything intelligent...ha...

luksky said...

Well sumarzied. This was an interesting chapter to me because of how vividly I dream and easily recalled they are.

Nancy said...

Brian - Understood. :-)

luksky - The thing that I got from this chapter was that sleep and awake are two sides of the same coin, just as alive and dead are two sides of the same coin. It is a matter of where your energy is focused. Nice that you can remember vivid dreams - I rarely do. I loved the part about flying!

Cloudia said...

after a quest of decades,
and a near-death experience
I recognize the reality
discussed here as evident
(though not to me sitting here
in a body, the normal ways,
but my heart recognizes
the truths I have experienced.
Thank You

BTW- one of the powers of our blogging relationships
is precisely emotion &
thought free of a body!

Aloha, Friend
from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Nancy said...

Cloudia - Great point! You're right - blogging is about thoughts and emotions without a body. So it is creating!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love the book, love everything seth has to say. And summarizing the material isn't easy, Nancy. Kudos to you!