Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prison Nation

Now, here is something to chew on - the big Wall Street firm Corrections Corporation of America wants to privatize all of the prisons - offering cash-strapped states a one time pay out. The only caveat - prisons must remain 90% full. 

Corporate America became interested in privatizing prisons when the war on drugs was in full swing and we were incarcerating all of those nasty pot smokers. There is big money in the war on drugs - many a career is kept afloat on that boondoggle.

Lets see, bloggers are now abandoning their blogs in droves due to government monitoring - our email is fair game, there are cameras everywhere, but we're still the home of the free, right? I just love feeling safe.

They must be expecting another big jump in numbers, despite a recent dip in prison populations, as the letter to buy the prisons went out to all 48 states. Could that bill that Obama quietly signed over the holidays, giving the federal government the right to incarcerate Americans without a trial, have anything to do with it? No, of course not....not in America, where corporations are considered people.


Jayne Martin said...

I read an article not too long ago about the corporate money behind the "Three Strikes" law in California and other such get-tough-on-crime laws across the country and the resulting boom in numbers of prisoners in these corporate owned prisons. Will we ever learn?

Umā said...

Every day I learn more that disturbs me but I'm thankful the information is getting out. Slowly people are waking up. I hope it's not too late.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Corporate greed is everywhere, and we can't even keep up with all the ways it is fouling our nation. Thanks for another wakeup call.

Brian Miller said...

pretty crazy...and yeah on the monitoring as far as the blogs...a blogger i know was just hit with a lawsuit last week over pictures used....and that law is pretty scary...corporate america has a whole new meaning...

ellen abbott said...

we should be letting people out of prison. the US has the highest percentage of their population in prison. We should be ashamed but that's how we deal with our 'undesirables' and people of color to prevent them from having any power in this country.

leilani said...

So scary... just minbending!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Great post! Here in Florida, our awful governor is shoving thru a bill to privatize all prisons. Think of it: prison for profit.

Rob-bear said...

Here in Canada, we've got a Conservative government that wants to appear "tough on crime." More prisons. Maybe for profit, but that hasn't been discussed.

And our prime Minister's goal? Apparently, to criminalize poverty and homelessness.

Lots of insanity in our world.

But then, there's judge in Ontario who is fighting back. She ruled that minimum sentences are unconstitutional. In this particular case, she ruled that giving someone a three year sentence for taking a picture of himself with a gun, was "unfair, outrageous, abhorrent and intolerable." I think I could use those words to describe "prisons for profit."

Nancy said...

Jayne - Unbelievable. Will we ever wake up?

Uma - Me, too.

Blissed - You are so right. Is it because there is more of it? Or are we just now noticing?

Brian - They will use a few instances to completely monitor the Internet. Just like 9/11 and Homeland Security.

Ellen - What disturbs me is that there is actually a contractual agreement to keep prisons 90% full. Guess who will fill them?

leilani - We have to wake up to what is going on in this Nation before it's too late. And as much as I liked Obama - this new law he just signed to incarcerate without due process is really scary.

T&R - What kind of nation wants to keep their prisons 90% full? Seriously. What kind of nation?

Rob-bear - I do believe there is very good people that are fighting hard against this wave of ignorance and greed. Good for the judge in Ontario!

Henri Loves Paris... said...

It is interesting how corporate greed, banking, and government are all in bed together. At one time America functioned legitimately; but, sadly, I think those days are over. Everything now can be bought and paid for...corruption runs rampant. Many of these abuses are so blatantly contrary to the core foundations that served as the backbone of the country. Now to get into political office is a means to an end...the money train!
Yes, prisons are big business...btw, the Bush family are heavily invested in the prison business. Surprised?
Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Expat From Hell said...

Just saw a book on our prison situation called "The New Slavery". Indeed. I have a family member who is a former CCA manager - his stories are horrifying. And to think that our Democratic President has signed this NDAA into law. Wondering when they are going to check my library records.... Chilling post. EFH

susan said...

It really is a very troubling situation the world over. Once capitalism stops being able to usurp value in client nations it invariably starts to eat its own.