Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicken Hawks

I wonder how many of the above Senators, all of which have announced their support of an attack on Iran, were ever in the military? It is so easy for these paper tigers to spend our blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention the innocent lives lost in such an act, when it's not their children fighting the battle, not their money paying for it, and not their lives on the line. (Our good Senator Lieberman had an educational deferment from the Vietnam War.)

They can't come together to fix anything, but they can come together to start another war. It's time to vote every single one of them out of office.


Brian Miller said...

oh will make them look like heroes...war is good for the life will turn around on the home front and they will focus on that...while bodies pile up

Nancy said...

Brian - You've got it exactly right. Only it's not their children's bodies. It's our children's bodies.

Montana Wildflower said...

They aren't talking about going to war with Iran, they are talking about what can be done to prevent it, namely striking their nuclear weapons programs and destroying those facilities.

When a country like Iran, has the concept of jihad written into their Constitution as a mandate of their citizens, then it behooves one to not wait around to be struck first by them. While I undoubtedly do not want to go to war with Iran, I also do not want them to strike Israel, as they have threatened numerous times to do.

I say this also as a military wife, whose husband served 20 years in the Air Force and three times in the middle east, as well as the step mother of one young man who just returned from the middle east in the Army, and another who served two tours in Afghanistan with the Navy, having been discharged last year.

We're well aware of what a nuclear capable Iran means.

susan said...

Laughing them out of office would be good too now that tarring and feathering is out of style.

Rob-bear said...

Maybe we should bring tarring and feathering back into style, Susan.

We gotta say "No" to warmongers in a way that they get the message. Glad you brought up the matter, Nancy.

Sigh! What's the next insanity someone's going to suggest?

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

They're all nuts.

Nancy said...

Montana - Thank you for your comment. My husband is also a vet, and I appreciate your family's sacrifice. I would feel better about this "resolution" if the WMD's in Iraq had turned out to be real - or if our statesman actually had skin in the game - namely a child on the line as you did.

Susan - I was actually wondering what it is going to take to remove these people from office.

Rob-bear - They have been saber-rattling for some time now. This is just the next step. They're getting us ready. And if Isreal strikes first - as far as I'm concerned - they're on their own - they should have given sanctions more time.

T&R - And we pay the price.

Cloudia said...


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Midlife Jobhunter said...

The neo guys scare me to death. Did so before the first two Iraq wars. Amazes me that while we leave Iraq in its mess due to no ability to leave it better, same in Afganistan, that anyone would consider moving on Iran. Not to mention a simple question of fund that project. I'm think we just don't need no stinking money when we go to war. At least the couple wars.

I rant. I know.

DJan said...

My sister is trying to keep her blood pressure under control so she's stopped reading the news. I think I might have to do the same, Nancy. I'll get my news secondhand from my blogging friends who have better arteries than I do. They are scaring me, those guys.

Nancy said...

Midlife - I have the feeling that they care not about whether or not there is money for war. The lobbyists for the military industrial complex are running this show.

DJan - Ditto. They are scaring me, too. I'm just amazed that the cannot come together with Obama and the Democrats for anything OTHER than war.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Nancy, you just hit the nail on the head: "The lobbyists for the military industrial complex are running the show." They totally ran Washington when Bush was there, but what we don't see is the degree to which they are STILL running the show. They need to generate a war somewhere to keep up those immense no-bid contracts.

Nancy said...

Blissed - Exactly.